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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 5 September 2013
I have played the Diablo games from the start. I had the first Diablo on both PC and Playstation, Diablo 2 on the PC. Fantastic games and I even met my husband playing Diablo over Battlenet, when the clan Heavens Angels and Dojo were about. (I still have both these games installed and still play them) But enough about that.

I have read the 1 star and 2 star reviews written by people who have not even played the console version of Diablo 3. PC fanboys for you. But I do feel the need, as someone who is playing the console version, to write a review as those who played Diablo 3 on the PC did have reason to not like it. I hope for them that Blizzard will sort it out but I do ask not to judge the console version because of the bad experience of the PC.

The console version does not have the auction house. To balance this the loot drops are better then the pc version and the game can be played offline. You can set your online experience to have friends drop in or to have anyone drop in and play with you. You can also invite others. Sadly there is no text chat function so communication has to be done via headset.

Graphics: They are not the best pristine graphics of the likes of Gears or War, Battlefield etc but they are nice, pretty and fit the game context nicely. Think of games like Torchlight and Sacred 2. Personally, graphics mean nothing to me with a game but I thought I would mention them for those of you where they do matter.

Gameplay: If you do not like dungeon crawlers or games that are equally about the looting as well as the story then you will not like this. Some will find it repetitive but again a lot games are like that if you are not looking to play properly. COD for example can be repetitive if all you are going to do is camp in every game. This is the same. Press A all the time and it does the job BUT use the other buttons that have your skills and it will become interesting. If you like hack n slash then there is a real good chance you will like this. It is addictive, fun, maps change, random quests change and it is a laugh to play with friends.

Story: This I cannot say much on because I have not completed yet but so far it is a good story and I think any true Diablo fan will enjoy it.

Feel: This has brought back a lot of memories. Act 1 has you going a little into the Old Cathedral, which brought the first Diablo back. You go to a Desert area etc that has you thinking about Diablo 2. The music is both old and new, bring back those warm fuzzy feelings that you had when you played Diablo for the very first time.

Overall, if you give this game a chance, you will enjoy it :)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 September 2013
I fondly recall playing Diablo and Diablo II upon their release many years ago, and so was eagerly awaiting this latest instalment in the series. I'm glad to say that the game succeeds due to its faithful adherence to the style of the series - sadly the game fails for the exact same reasons...

Diablo III has a distinctive feel of yesteryear. Its pretty and smooth and massive in scale with a huge range of enemies, abilities, weapons and armour, but its essentially similar to the other games in the series and pretty much every other hack n slash game out there.

There is a decent number of character types to choose from (Barbarian, Demon hunter, Wizard, Monk and witch Doctor), and you get to choose the gender of your character.

As is a stapel of the genre, each character has numerous slots where they can equip weapons and armour (headwear, shoulders, gloves, chest, legs, boots, wrists, necklace, rings, off hand weapon and main hand weapon) and equipment is graded using a colour-coded system very similar to that seen in Borderlands where the colour of the item dictates its power. Items may come with buffs such as additional damage, special damage type, attribute increase etc.

The amount of equipment availible is impressive with literally dozens of weapon and armour items and almost infinate variations on each item type depending upon which boosts they provide. The stype of weapons and equipment availible to each character are restricted by their class - the Demon Hunter for example cannot equip melee weapons.

Each character also has numerous abilities or powers availible to them which can be allocated to the various buttons on the control pad. You will start with only one power but additional powers will be unlocked as you gain experience (any one from a choice of four powers can be attributed to each button) and each power can also unlock a variety of boosts (such as increasing its duration, power, penetration etc). Powers fall into the same broad catagories they always do in this genre, such as long range attack, area effect, or the ability to provide armour or a boost to your character.

Throughout your journeys you can recruit a number of different followers to assist you with each follower offering a variety of abilities or boosts and able to be equipped with weapons and items of their own.

There is also the facility to forge your own equipment from componants purchased from shops or obtained from weapons you have broken down, but for the most part I found this facility superfluous as the equipment i found or had availible for purchase was more than up to the task meaning I saw little point in wasting time trying to forge my own in a system that is as much trial and error as anything and will produce a load of stuff you cant use before it produces you something thats actually practical.

Graphically the game is smooth and attractive without ever breaking new ground, although I should add that the animations and cut scenes between chapters are beautiful. The sound meanwhile is distinctively Diablo, with many of the sound effects (such as that made when books are opened or coins collected) reminiscant of the earlier games. There isnt anything stand-out about the in game graphics or sound though and nothing that will blow you away or impress you to any real extent.

The story is pretty bog standard all in all, consisting of the usual world-threatening menace that can only be prevented by trawling various dungeons, villages, castles and fields for lost artifacts whilst fending off hordes of stupid low level beasts with the occasional sub-boss or big-boss who can only be defeated by identifying the set pattern they will repeatedly use to attack you and countering it effectively.

In short its a very, very repetitive game - and the truth of the matter is that its best enjoyed in short instalments due to the fact that its so repetitive and so massive that it can quickly become tedious, and playing as the same character type for any real length of time also leads to bordom and dissatisfaction with that character and creates an itch to start the game again with a different one.

In addition, whilst the game has a great deal of nostalgic value for fans of the series or the genre in general, its a very light-RPG experience that in this world of Skyrim and its massive amount of detail and endless options is difficult to view as anything other than superficial.

So overall its an entertaining, brainless pick-up-and-play piece of gaming thats charming inoffensiv and simple, but not dreadfully exciting, impressive, revolutionary or attention grabbing.

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on 5 September 2013
Being a huge fan of video games, I have played games on PC, Wii, Xbox etc... So I was a little concerned when I read a review stating that the PC version was better, as well as people stating that the game was boring I was worried, as I was really excited to be playing a game from one of my favorite developers (Blizzard), finally on a console, which meant that I could play with many of my friends that do not have a decent gaming PC. I would also like to state I have never played a Diablo game before so I cannot argue for or against the comments that this is/isn't different from the previous installments.

I am happy that despite my concerns the game is fun. Its very fun actually. It for some reason brings back memories of my playing Runescape from a very young age, the collection of loot and the feeling that you're progressively improving gives me a sense of satisfaction that you don't get from everyday shooters. Diablo 3 does this very well, giving you random drops, as well as unlocking new abilities with leveling, something I have struggled to find implemented so well in a game since Skyrim. It also offers the chance to play with friends either over xbox live or on the same console. So this has solved a huge issue of finding a fun coop game (that hasn't already been completed). It shares similarities to Warcraft in terms of choosing you character type and being able to set him to what you would prefer as you progress through the game. The overall target for me personally was being a great character. Which is fun.

However this game does have that flaw (like so many of this type of game can do) where you go into a large area to do a quest and have to wipe out the same set of enemies over and over. This is not fun as after 10 minutes of killing the same type of 'undead' (A species found early in Diablo) you kind of get bored and just want the quest to end. Especially when you have to kill hundreds to progress to the next level.

Despite this Diablo 3 is a brilliant game, that I can see myself playing for a long long time. For a game that I nearly didn't buy (with the upcoming release of Fifa 14, GTA 5, Batman Arkham origins and Outlast, I am happy I did so.

To summarize:
+Great Graphics both in and out of cutscenes
+Great feeling when leveling up and finding goodies from defeated enemies
+Works well on the console
+Super fun CO-OP
-Can be repetitive

This game is great, one of the best I have played in 2013, and for any hack and slash fans or even RPG fans (as it contains RPG elements) I would highly recommend this game. It is a wonderful insight to how good games made for PC can be and is a fantastic addition to my collection of games. =
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on 15 September 2013
I own Diablo on both the xbox 360 and the PC. I decided to give the xbox 360 version a shot after I quit the PC version a few months ago because I had finally had enough with the state of affairs on the game. I have a paragon 100 level 60 barbarian on the PC that was once in the top 100 player rankings for DPS, before the gutwrenching release of the legendary items patch.

Honestly it feels like us PC players have been the beta testers and feedback developers for what is one of the best games I have ever played in my life - Diablo 3 on the console.

I had been an avid player of Diablo 1 and 2 when I was younger - I remember farming belial until I fell asleep at my computer, and the hours of fun I had.

Diablo 3 on the PC was not that. Full of bugs, glitches, exploits, gold farmers, THE AUCTION HOUSE, and lets not forget the famous non-offline mode.

On the xbox, all of these issues have finally been resolved. I can finally play offline in peace if I wish to, and I actually feel as if im achieving something by farming acts, as the drops are no longer a pile of garbage that are next to unusable unless I farm for 20 hours a day. I have picked up a wonderful set of gear on my new barbarian and am currently sitting at paragon level 16, and I have space to improve, but it's actually a challenge to fight mobs now- rid is the terrible magic power levels that made no difference if you were on 10 or 5 regarding what dropped, all that changed was how long it took to kill mobs. Now if you change the magic level, the AI responds to this and provides even more of a challenge.

I can honestly say that finally blizzard have got this game right, but that has come from the eternal suffering of us on the PC, the true beta testers.

However, I am grateful. I finally can enjoy Diablo 3 as it was meant to be played, and I no longer will always be disappointed when someone mentions it or I see it in the shops. I won't be reminded of the terrible times I had during the PC game anymore, as I am in love with the console version.

Perhaps it's a sign that the PC is in fact ageing, and consoles are the way forward.

Hell, I can even dupe items and use a character editor if I want to now - because blizzard has finally allowed for character transfers.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to play Diablo, be you old timers from the PC, or new gamers alike. You will all enjoy and love this polished up marvel that has been created. The graphics are wonderful, I can see they have been touched up nicely, the gameplay is smooth and consistent and overall it's just a great, addictive gameplay experience.
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on 8 February 2014
I bought this for hubby - an avid gamer - for Christmas. He absolutely loves it, expect it crashes on Act III which has pretty much made it unplayable. We've looked on a few Xbox forums and it's a very common problem, You'd think Blizzard would have sorted out a patch by now, but maybe they don't care now they'd made lots of money.
Such a shame because, if it did work properly, it would be one of the best games in hubby's collection.
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on 3 September 2013
I've watched with jealousy as all the PC guys n gals have been playing this for the past year..well its finally here, on console and it's...Amazing!!! the graphics are gorgeous, sound design is top notch and the gameplay is fun and addictive...its nice that the Devs actually did a good port as well as adding all the updates and patches from the PC version with a few extra tweaks like the evade/roll and updated inventory system making it easier for us console guys..with five intersting character classes and the story taking 15-20hrs with each character + paragon levels, extra difficulty's, loot hunting (farming) this game is well worth a look. Also Reaper Of Souls an expansion pack including a new character the 'Paladin' and quest line will be released next year for all 3/4* platforms.

*Game is currently being developed for the Playstation 4
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on 9 August 2015
Splendid co-op experience, silky smooth framerate, good sound, lots to read and listen, many gameplay hours, progressively unlocked difficulty levels and relatively charismatic characters.

This is the first Diablo I play; knew nothing about it, and I was clearly missing out on this.
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on 24 November 2013
I enjoyed playing through the first two games back in the day and this latest incarnation proved no exception. It follows the same path as the previous games, the world of Sanctuary is threatened by evil and it's up to a hero to save the day. The story follows a familiar path and while it has a few twists along the way it's nothing special.

However the cutscenes used to tell the story are fantastic, they are lovingly rendered and the animation is superb. Like the story the game itself treads old ground and that works for me as the previous games were such fun to play.

It's an action RPG, which means you fight monsters and complete quests earning experience as you go. Experience means you level up and your character gets stronger. Collecting loot is also important, providing new weapons and equipment, or goods to sell to buy the same.

Level design isn't anything new, you enter a variety of lands and dungeons and kill pretty much everything you find. So the game isn't anything new, so why is it so much fun? It does a great job of making your character feel powerful. At the start of a new act you tread carefully, you're barely stronger than the monsters and if you get surrounded then it's respawn time.

But once you've levelled up and gained new weapons and armour you start to wade through the enemies and it feels satisfying. The process is repeated with each area, but with new monsters, it doesn't require much thought, but that doesn't matter.

the game is highly polished resulting in a solid experience, it's good fun all the way. If you enjoy running around and hitting things (in a game naturally!) then this is highly recommended.
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on 9 January 2014
Wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this game on the Xbox 360, I was a big fan of it on the PC back when it first came out and squandered countless hours of my life playing it through on various difficulties, deciding which hot keys potions and scrolls and abilities should be assigned to etc.

However I think this is a success - the game play is smooth on the Xbox 360, and due to the somewhat simplified abilities, character leveling and targeting system it works with a game pad. You can even select an option to assign any skill to any unlocked button, which is great.

If you play coop on the same machine, you share a screen. This can lead to a bit of confusion where you think you are character x, meanwhile your character y is at the bottom of the screen trying to walk through a wall - however it's mainly a case of getting used to it.

If you play over the web with your friends, it's very easy to set up a Xbox party and invite them to play your campaign or for you to join someone elses.

The character classes, although not customisable in appearance beyond male/female are very interesting and give a great twist to an oft revisited set of classes. Each one has its strength and weaknesses and there are a good mix of skills on each character to keep things interesting.

The campaign itself is linear in nature - yet Blizzard have managed to give the game a high replay-ability through limiting how high you can level up certain NPC in the first run through and what equipment you will find and so on. I personally haven't completed the main campaign yet as I am playing it through with friends first - but have every intention of playing it through on higher difficulties in due course.
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on 9 May 2016
Excellent Co-op experience, Lots to read. The game play is fluid and fast. The boss fights are chaotic and fun, the combat abilities are fun, and super addictive! Highly recommended!

Go purchase!

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