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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 2014
It's rare that I fall so in love with a game as I have with 3D World. Nintendo have proven once again that they make some of the most fun games on the market, and with that I'll get on with this review!


A 3D platformer in the vein of 3D Land on the 3DS, Mario 3D World is much closer in spirit to the New Super Mario Bros. series than to something like Mario 64. All of the levels are timed, and are fairly linear in structure with interesting and inventive platforming puzzles and challenges. Like other Mario games there are also a bevy of collectable items - in this case, Green Stars and Stamps. This is where much of the real challenge lies in the game - especially in the later levels, when the Stars can get really tricky! Nintendo get a lot of criticism for making games too easy these days but that certainly isn't the case in the later stages of 3D World.

Each world is very unique and imaginative - having a different theme and different gameplay elements associated with it. As such, there is a huge amount of variety which keeps the game fresh even into all of the secret extra Worlds.


3D World is beautiful on every level - it's pin-sharp, bright, colourful, and it runs at a smooth, silky 60fps. As I said before, each world has a distinct and unique visual theme and all of them have obviously been crafted with great care and attention. This is as good as Wii U graphics currently get. There's a clean look to everything and it makes the game look very polished.

Story and Presentation:

If I'm going to make any criticisms, then they'll be here. The story is as barebones as they come, but you're unlikely to be buying it for that anyway so that criticism would be unfair. One minor nitpick is that on the World Map, you move quite slowly. But I'm struggling here. And on the plus side, the load times in this game are basically nonexistent.


The soundtrack is delightful - very whimsical and easy on the ears. There isn't much more to say, really. Everything fits perfectly and is beautifully orchestrated, to boot.


If I sound like I was gushing, then I apologize. 3D World really is a fantastic game, and you're doing your Wii U a disservice by not owning it!
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on 29 November 2013
I went for the so called 'Limited edition' game offered. Would have got it here but for £3 extra you couldn't go wrong, this game is a gem, and GOTY in my eyes, that's someone who has played The Last of Us, if you have a Wii U, you HAVE to get this, perfect game for Xmas.
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on 7 December 2013
New Super Mario Bros. = NSMB

Many people have hailed this game as the greatest Mario game since Mario 64. Whilst I think they might be exaggerating somewhat, the game does give you that level of 'excitement' that you may have come to expect from premium Mario games. Here's a brief summary of the game's highs and lows:

0) What makes it different?

Probably the cat power-up enabling you to climb walls and reach those hard to get places.

1) Its in 3-D.

Its hard to imagine any modern Mario game still existing in the 2nd dimension, although NSMB has given some temporary fun until this game's release. Being in 3D is nothing new though, don't forget that Mario sunshine on the gamecube was also in 3D (equally as good as Mario 64 IMO) as well as the Mario 3D Land on the DS, not to mention the successful super Mario galaxies on the Wii.

2) Innovative level design

The designers never fail to surprise me with their creativity. Some of the level designs are pure genius and non repetitive. Every level is different and all the worlds have their own theme which brings the game to life. However, I have also found some courses which are very basic, short and unchallenging...but thankfully they are few.

3) Great music scores

Its quite clever how they change the music as you progress through as level. For example, on some levels, as you approach the end the music starts to enter the last phrase and becomes accented as you reach the exit for a dramatic end. A small point to make, I admit, but its just something that made me smile.

4) Multiplayer fun

Probably one of the selling points for the game. Whilst it is great fun to play four players on the same screen and share the adventure, it also becomes harder to play as too many players creates chaos. You will find that you will bump and push each other off a lot which can be frustrating. This was equally as frustrating for NSMB. Making the players pass through each other would have made things easier. Still, it was great fun.

5) Lastability and depth

The game offers players an incentive to revisit levels by hiding stars and stamps on each course. However, some courses are just so easy and basic that you might not find much of a challenge until you reach world 7. I have to say that whilst the courses are well designed I didn't really feel that they were 'deep' enough. Exploration seems limited and therefore makes the game slightly more linear than say, Mario galaxy, but many might disagree with me.

6) use of the wii u gamepad

The quick answer here is that the game doesn't really seem to utilise the gamepad in any special way (or at least I haven't found a use) - unlike NSMB.

7) online features

This can be fun if you're into this sort of stuff. The stamps you collect can be used to help post illustrations online for others to see and comment, expressing your frustration about a particular course, giving pointers towards the location of hidden stars/stamps or, if you're like me, just post random nonsense.

final thought....

Its taken 1st place in game rankings for wii u and rightly so if you were to compare it against other titles currently available on this console, but I would say that its not quite the standard of super Mario galaxy (although not that far behind).
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on 1 January 2015
Wow, just wow. I put off getting this, then i crumbled and bought it. Ive been playing Bayonetta (which is amazing) and building my Wii U games library up again in the process with Nintendo games as ive now played all the Third party games. Decided to test drive this game on New Years day and its great, not childish as I read in another review, just plain old simply great looking game, very colorful and user friendly. The game-play is great and you can collect green stars and stamps which adds to the replay factor. It is not an easy game either, it challenges you. Just great, this is why in my opinion Nintendo and the Wii U is the Number 1 next gen console.
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on 29 November 2013
Let's cut to the chase...this game is brilliant.

Over the years, the major Mario titles have always drawn me in and in a few cases I've purchased hardware just to play Mario and Zelda.

Don't compare this with the Galaxy games, treat it as another wonderfully executed platformer from Nintendo. You'll be on this for hours, the multi-player is much better than how it was with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and more accessible for players not as experienced as you.

It's very colourful and sounds great. I've been playing it with the pro controller as opposed to a Wii remote, I'm more accustomed to using a stick now instead of a d-pad (especially for 3D)

If you own a Wii U then I highly recommend this, you won't be disappointed. Slowly but surely, Nintendo are dragging themselves back up and if you don't get an opportunity to get on a PS4 or Xbox One this winter, worry not as this will suffice.

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on 6 July 2016
I bought this for my Children as a christmas pressent 2015. The children still play on this game and I can honestly say its AWESOME! Let me give you a bit of background on us and the game so you can see if it is for you. Firstly, we love, i mean LOVE, Super Mario. We bought a new wii U just so we could play this new Mario game as they had stopped making games for our old Wii. The child I bought it for is 5 years old. We completed it a couple of months ago. We really really enjoyed it, loved it and I can honestly say that it is such a nice bonding experience playing this and collecting everything and completing it with my children. My 5 year old got to grips with the controls almost instantly. We love the new Wii U pad too and it works really well with the 3D world and you can even use it on multi player (unlike other games). My 3 year old can even play this game and he is fantastic. I even love this game too. Yes, it is an "easier" mario to play, for example, it is a lot easier than the Mario Galaxy, which at times is pretty tricky even for me. There are levels that are really hard and take some skill but like anything the children learn the skills required. We even have my sons friends visit and they always ask to play "Cat Mario"! The graphics and the colours on this game are unreal. I didnt even know my tv was capable of displaying those colours and effects! It isnt completely true that playing video frys your brain. Because of playing this game my child could read 3 digit numbers at a really early age (ahead of his class mates) and he learned to count to 100 very early. We are very into collecting everything and this is how learning the numbers came about. It has also helped teach my young children how to share and how to work as a team to accomplish what it is you desire. They have learned that you need other people to be successful. I know thats pretty deep for a review of a video game isnt it but its true! It has brought us closer together as a family unit when we complete really hard levels and we all enjoy dancing around the room when we accomplish what we set out to achieve! It really feels great to collect those 3 stars that you just couldnt get!!! haha. I also loved how you can have four players and the players can actually sit in their "bubbles" if they like and pop themselves out of the bubbles. In our house this really helped to keep the game flowing and keep everyone happy. I'm sure you can imagine what its like when you have to play with a 2 year old and a three year old! The 2 year old wants to be the princess and she wants to feel like she is playing and she can with this game. We also loved the levels where just the mushroom man plays and cant jump etc. This was a really new idea and a fab touch. I would wholeheartedly recommend this game to any family especially those who love Mario as much as we do!
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on 29 November 2013
In a videogame world over-populated with realistic shooter and adventure games,it's very refreshing to see a game with the magic of Super Mario 3D land still being made,Nintendo like Disney still seem to tap into the timeless ideas of fun and entertainment.

The game is just pure fun to play and the control is as precise as ever,the quality control at Nintendo pretty much ensures a bug/glitch free experience,more game companies should take note an play test their titles more thoroughly.The multi-player experience is a new venture for Mario 3D titles and Nintendo get it spot-on,the frantic races make for some top notch entertainment and I did not expect to enjoy this aspect of the game as much as I did.

The visuals are just jaw dropping at times and it's just so good to see Mario and friends in 1080p and running at a silky smooth 60fps,lighting and water effects deserve special mention.

Accessibility is another key element to this title,Nintendo have made a wise decision to make this their first 3D Mario game for the Wii U,every control option has be catered for and the game is pretty much played with only two button presses throughout,this will make the game very easy to just pick up and play for both new and experienced gamers.

Overall this game is just pretty much perfection and the best game on the Wii U by a mile.
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on 26 March 2016
Mario is back and this is fantastic.
The amount of levels in this game is astounding and the time it takes to fully complete the game makes it way worth the money.
The graphics are fantastic and the game play is very much like Mario 64.
The new cat suit is a great addition and lets you explore levels like never before. You can play the entire game with up to four people and each character has their own special moves for instance Luigi can jump higher and peach can float a little way when jumping.
The game is suitable for all ages but for experienced Mario fans this can get really challenging trying to collect everything and unlock all the secret worlds. The very last level is up there with one of the hardest mario levels of all time and you have to beat it five times once with each character to fully finish the game.
I loved this game and really hoped for a sequel but have heard nothing as of yet.
This has to be in my top three of best games for the WII U and highly recommend it.
If you have ever loved playing Mario before you are guaranteed to enjoy this and I urge you to buy it
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 1 December 2015
If you are thinking about buying a Wii U and you want to but the best possible game to go with it then this is for you. Super Mario 3d World is absolutely superb.
I have been playing Mario games since the 1980s and I am familiar with the various evolutions and releases of Super Mario over the years. This one is simply the best of them all. In my opinion the only Nintendo game that can beat it is Zelda Ocarina of Time. It really is that good.
I bought the game for my four year old great grandson (at least that’s my excuse!). He is too young to play it himself yet but he loves to watch me play it. He sometimes has a go himself and is getting more and more confident with it. I think it is important to be aware that this game is so cleverly designed and has such visual impact that it has real appeal to children who are too young to actually play it. In that sense it is a good ‘starter game’ for younger players and this extends its appeal right across the spectrum from beginners to mature gamers.
The graphics are a delight to behold. The 3D effect is amazing and quite startling in places. The characters and backgrounds are all beautifully defined in clear and sharp detail. The gameplay is fantastic. The character movements are very realistic and the overall display balance and definition are superb. The design and definition are so good it is easy to forget you are looking at a computer generated screen and you imagine yourself as part of it. It is that good. The game designers and developers have obviously given a phenomenal amount of attention to fine detail and this is obvious as soon as you start the game. The same attention to fine detail is evident from the first scenes to the last.
The 3D is undoubtedly the big selling point. The older Mario Donkey Kong etc. games are all great but are traditionally very much 2D oriented. This one is different. The characters and scenes are fully 3D so you can move in and out of the main line of play if you see what I mean. You get a real feeling of depth and distance that is not typical of many of the previous evolutions for the game. Once you have played it you will see what I mean and will appreciate the difference!
The game design and 'degree of difficulty' are both excellent. It has all the Nintendo pedigree hallmarks; always entertaining and enjoyable and never boring or frustrating. The degree of difficulty is just right so that it is guaranteed to be challenging and entertaining and once you start on it you will find yourself fully engrossed and always keen to come back for more.
The player options are typical Super Mario. You can play as one of four characters (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad). Each player has different capabilities and specialities so your choice of character affects the way the game plays. You can play in single player or multi player mode as you prefer. The characters are involved in a series of adventures as they traverse a series of timed levels including boss levels. Along the way there are stars and other things to collect. As in older evolutions of Super Mario collecting stars becomes more difficult as you progress. Some of the later challenges are very difficult and they will hold your attention for a long time. For example some of the 'Captain Toad' puzzles are absolutely fantastic! They are very cleverly designed and will test the ability of even the most experienced Mario addict to the very limit!
The progression of scenes is great and you find yourself really drawn into the gameplay and can’t wait to see what happens next! It is very addictive and has real staying power.
There are a number of interesting new twists such as the ‘cat function’ that allows the character to climb up vertical walls and run on all fours etc. Most of the moves are either old favourites or are based on old favourites and you can learn most of them very quickly. As with older evolutions perfecting the range of moves is it is very much down to practice.
You can play the game using the Wii U controller pad or controller pro (hand-held) as you prefer. I prefer the controller pro as, in my opinion, it allows more precise control.
Overall I think this is an absolutely superb game and I thoroughly recommend it. Do watch out for price though. I paid about £35 for it on Amazon Prime just before Christmas 2015. I liked it so much I bought a second copy as a gift from my grand daughter on Amazon on 09 January 2016 for £22. The day before on 08 January 2016 it had been on sale for £50! My advice is take your time and keep an eye on prices. You could easily save yourself a good bit of money just by hanging on a few days and watching Amazon prices carefully.
If you are only going to buy one Wii U game just now make sure it is this one. You will not get a better game for your money.
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VINE VOICEon 27 February 2015
Unlike the wii-mote controlled Super Mario Galaxy this feels like a more traditional style with the Wii U gamepad. It's got all the great innovations, humour, challenges and design we've come to expect and feels like retro-Mario with a modern look. The level designs are just brilliant with each world and levels there-in offering unique challenges. Each level is timed, and unlike older Mario games the timer really does force you to get a move on. It encourages you to replay levels as it's hard on a lot of levels to collect all three stars and stamps. Thankfully the game doesn't punish you if you get a 'game over' by forcing you to start all over again, from experience of early Mario's this could have been a little too frustrating. Co-op is great and can be a real challenge working togther on some of the faster levels, with all four players it's a real laugh.

Mario games always have a lot to live up to in terms of music. The bar is set very high. Thankfully Super Mario 3D World achieves that greatness with some excellent original songs and remixes of classic Mario music. You will be humming them long after you've stopped playing.

Super Mario 3D World offers everything you've come to expect. It's faithful to it's roots but modernises to give new and old audiences plenty to cheer about. The addition of the cat suits are just as fun as when they introduced the racoon flying suit in Super Mario 3. In fact having the 'cat-power' is crucial to complete some levels. The game is certainly a console-seller.
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