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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change

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on 22 March 2017
Brilliant I'm so addicted
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on 1 July 2014
To whom it may concern

I bought this for my 25 year old girlfriend as a present. She loves it. Too much. When I get home from work, she's playing the Sims. When I sit down to watch our favourite tv show together, she's on the Sims instead. When we have our evening meal, she'll eat it later, she's playing the Sims. When it's time for bed because we've work in the morning, guess where she is, that's right EA, she's playing the Sims.
Apparently buying her this game made me, and I quote 'The best boyfriend in the world'. It has also made me obsolete. Tut tut EA. You've ruined things.

Edit : The World Cup is on. EA, I love you. Whenever I want to watch football, I CAN, she's too busy playing the Sims!

Edit of the Edit: We're out. She's still on the Sims. Hate you EA.

(In a nutshell, it's a good game!)
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on 26 April 2015
Island Paradise comes with some beautiful landscaping and resorts, but it's also choc-full of bugs that lag and crash the game. There's many routing errors due to the way the world's been designed,. Some of the houses cause issues either down to being on lots that don't connect properly to the roads, roads that don't connect to each other properly, cramped living conditions (especially in house boats), or have arches in front of doors that prevent sims from visiting. There's times you'll see sims swimming inside their homes or boats sailing on the land and collections of sims stuck on beaches stomping and waving.

Mermaids appear on a low by chance basis each time you take a dive underwater, and once you find one you'll end up with half your town developing mermaid syndrome. There are 4 vagrant mermaids in Island Paradise but they're missing their tail outfits and leg scales until they age up (mermaids that started out as normal sims however do display tails and scales.) Mermaids don't autonomously use baths and showers, they only autonomously use all-in-one bathrooms so their major problem is dying from drying out. They also go for meals rather than eating kelp and since meals are only fractionally satisfying to mermaids they spend almost all their time eating yoghurts and cereal.

Being reset when scuba diving is a frustrating issue. This can be caused by exploring a cave for the first time or attempting to communicate with a vagrant mermaid that isn't displaying their special outfit. These annoying glitches result in your character being teleported to the nearest beach with the 2hr depressurising status preventing you from scuba diving until that time has passed.

While there have been many discussions on ways to resolve the major problems with this expansion pack there's been nothing official to fix it. Players have to rely on mods to replace the world, remove problematic homes, replace mermaid outfits for vagrant mermaids, and regular use of resetsim, but this doesn't resolve all issues that many have given up on the world that comes with this expansion and created their own resort town out of the base game towns.
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on 20 February 2014
Great addition to sims 3, brings new furniture with a water/ seaside theme. Brings house boats and islands to explore with snorkeling, wind surfing and water skiing. Has new jobs, and professions. Enables you to build resorts.
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on 22 August 2013
Travelling by boat to lots of little islands is lovely and makes this expansion pack different to any others and really opens out the sims world. Scuba diving also works really well and is pretty fun. Haven't tried the lifeguard career yet but looking forward to it. Your sim can now own several different residential lots and switch between them, and can also move to a new world. They can also own holiday resorts.
Overall, fantastic.
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on 16 September 2014
This is not S.Eldridge, it's his daughter.

Island Paradise is a amazing, fun expansion pack to the sims 3.As soon as I installed it, I made my sims . They were all Island Paradise themed. Island Paradise comes with a lovely town full of wonder and admiration, interest and magic. It's my favourite town.

This expansion pack is one of my favourites.
It includes:
Job as a lifeguard[you actually do it like ambitions]
lots of clothes and hairstyles
uncharted islands
5 star resorts[you can stay at them or build your own]
scuba diving[you actually see below the top of the ocean]
a new town
pool bars
water slides

I do recommend this expansion to anyone.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 March 2015
The island paradise expansion pack advertises that you can take your sims to an island paradise to enjoy that holiday life, this game is misleading as your sims don't actually leave to go to a resort for a holiday, as they did in 'the sims on holiday'. It's important to understand that if you have established neighbourhoods and want those sims to go to a resort you have to either build one within a current neighbourhood or you permanently move a family to the new island paradise neighbourhood...but doing this will sever all relationships with your current neighbourhood, completely resetting your sim family in a new place. And you can only take one household to the new neighbourhood.

The resorts can still be built in existing neighbourhoods, but it's a bit disappointing as I really wanted my sims to go on holiday, and I thought it was going to be just like the world adventures expansion pack, adding a new holiday resort destination. Sims staying at a resort can still enjoy checking into a hotel and the new pool bar where sims can be in the pool and get a drink at the bar is still a great feature and the new water slides have some great funny moments for sims, but the fact that a sims home is never far away really takes away the fun out of having the resort, and you can only really enjoy the island experience in the new neighbourhood.

The new neighbourhood has areas where sims can learn the scuba diving skill. There are certain areas in the ocean where sims can dive underwater and explore an area. These new lots are only in the new neighbourhood and they can't just be transferred to the sea in Sunset Valley for example, the sea there isn't deep enough and you have to do a lot of complicated building with cheats: I did once see a tutorial on the sims 3 community forums about how to create diving lots in existing neighbourhoods...this was very complicated though and again a disappointment if you like playing with your current neighbourhood.

The diving lots have a lot to explore and certain lots can't be accessed until a sim has a high enough scuba diving skill level. There are also areas in the new neighbourhood that have yet to be found, islands that have a fog over them until your sim visits them by exploring in boats. This again is only a feature of the new neighbourhood and established sims like Gobias Koffi for example can only do this if they move permanently to the new neighbourhood.

This brings us to boats. I think it's one of the best new features. There's two types of boats: the first is a type of transport just like a bike or car that helps sims get across water faster than swimming. The second are house boats. Your sims can live on a house boat as long as it is assigned to a port. A port acts like a current house lot and then your sim can pick what type of shape they want the house boat to be. Once you have the shape you can build a house boat. It's just like building a house, there's limited space but you can have multiple floors and the best thing is watching the boat sway in the water. Your sim can also drive the boat around in the sea.
I tried constructing a port and house boat in sunset valley but ran into problems with the height of the land under the water. It stopped the house boat from being able to go anywhere, and because you can't really do much terrain movement adjusting like you could in the sims 2 unless on a lot it meant that yet another fun feature of the game became useless and unplayable in Sunset Valley and my other existing neighbourhoods.

The last new feature in this expansion is the life guard career. Sims go to work every day at the beach, and sims in current neighbourhoods can do this too. The career is like the professions in the ambitions expansion pack, you have to follow your sim to work and watch them. But I found a problem with my guy in Sunset Valley...nothing ever happened. It seems that the only time something actually happens is in the new neighbourhood. The game allowed him to become a lifeguard at the beach in Sunset Valley, but that was it, he just stood there or wandered around with nothing to do. Maybe something will still happen when his level in the job is high enough, but I'm not holding my breath. This again feels like a rushed part of the game that EA didn't think about before releasing it.

There are many great things to do and explore in the new island neighbourhood and I rate this game as 4-5 out of 5 for those new features, but the fact that most of the new stuff can't be used in existing neighbourhoods (or at least not without some very tricky and time wasting building and working with cheats) I rate this item much lower because of this.

EA clearly rushed out this expansion pack without thinking how current sim games would work. The only way for a loved character to really visit the resort island is to move there, and I have all my sims just where I want them.

This game does seem to lag a bit, but the more expansions you have the more likely this is to happen. I'd still recommend this game to people who want to explore these features, but beware if you really like playing some existing neighbourhoods, your sims there WILL be disappointed.

And just to add, I did install on vista and you do need the code that comes with the game but you DON'T need any online activation, and it seemed to install just fine, just takes a bit of time.
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on 23 May 2015
Amazon did great! It is exactly what I ordered and it came in just one day. However, this game in particular is shoddy, glitchy, and incomplete. It isn't playable unless you edit the town be deleting several poorly designed houses that cause the game to freeze every 5 seconds or so for a very long time. If you are going to buy this game, make sure you look at some forums to figure out how to make this game run correctly. EA hasn't sent out any patches for this poor expansion.
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on 10 April 2015
If you have island paradise and other expansion packs you can Guarantee this will freeze like hell on you. Mine constantly glitches because it's a big expansion pack, my computer is fast running with a terabyte of memory so no it's not my computer. Good game for the few times I've attempted to play it. First game i made I spent hours making a beautiful resort for it to glitch freeze and I had to turn my computer off. If you plan on just playing this though you should be fine.
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on 16 September 2015
There are so many great things about this expansion pack, and it's so much different to other expansion packs featured in the sims series. Sims get to own their own resort and it's really fun to customise your own. The scuba diving is really fun as long as you don't come into contact with sharks! The neighbourhood that comes with this expansion pack is okay, I wouldn't say that it is brilliant however as the people don't seem as linked to their stories as other towns are. I know that Sims 3 isn't really known for the stories that come with it like Sims 2, but this neighbourhood story was slightly disappointing to me. Unfortunately the neighbourhood is also quite slow, this might be because of the travelling in water aspect which is used pretty much daily by the sims since there are multiple islands. A good thing though is that you can have resorts in other neighbourhoods, which I was quite happy with. Overall this is a good expansion pack and I would reccommend, but there are a few minor problems that are unlikely to be sorted by EA now.
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