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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Commander In Chief Edition|Change
Price:£2.99+ £3.99 shipping

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on 15 March 2017
Nice game, good graphics interesting story
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on 1 August 2017
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on 3 October 2014
grate game funny too, love it.
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on 11 September 2013
To whomever it may concern,

Saints Row IV is astonishing, brilliant and mindbogglingly addictive.

I've personally been busy with school for the past two years and haven't had much time to play a video game properly (without having to worry about time or responsibilities and banging out a 12 hour marathon). Last week everything fell into place in such a way that I had a whole day to spend doing anything I wished. Long story short on my day off i'm sitting in my friends gaming room, a couple beers and a whole selection of games we'd bought but not had the chance to play properly. Naturally the collectors edition of Saints Row IV drew our attention the most, and sooner than not we found ourselves booting up the system and installing the updates. This was at approximately 4pm, come 4am we had not left that room except for pizza and bathroom breaks.

Now here's why. Saints Row IV is one of the most easy going user friendly games I've played in a long time. The swiftness at which it transitions from mission to mission, cinematic to game play, dialogue to action is simply admirable. The fact there are no long period waiting screens contributes to this fact greatly, unlike other rpg games like Skyrim which forces you to sit through a wait screen every-time you cross a main map section, saints row IV only gives you a single load screen then the rest is one long ride. The graphics and game engine used aren't the highest around or detailed but this gives the game stronger points than it does weak. For example, after playing for 12 hours straight we did not finish the game or come anywhere close. not something I can say for many of the generic FPS and most games out on the market at the moment. Before i played Saint Row IV I believed the days of long, challenging and intriguing games where gone and to be replaced by, fast, high graphic "easy" games.

Here's the truly fun part. Superpowers, explosions, cars, women in ridiculous outfits, ridiculous guns, aliens and humour. Humour is what in my opinion makes this game so great, it's a game that doesn't take itself too seriously yet it isn't a half assed approach to making a game. By humour I mean, a gun called Murica that consists of a huge star spangled gun that fires missiles flamethrowers bullets and also includes an alternate firing mode which I couldn't get my head round. By humour i mean your main character can be a woman which the biggest breasts you can imagine, silver skin and the voice of Morgan Freeman. as i mentioned earlier this does not make it any less of a serious game but simply a game more connected with its audience. Me friend and I commented on several occasions how we felt this was If we had gotten together with the rest of our buddies and created a game it would be Saints Row IV. Its made by gamers for gamers, the developers haven't invested in showing off the great graphics they can produce or how competitive the multiplayer is, instead they focused on answering questions like "How cam we make this game more outrageous, why shouldn't the main character be able to jump 12 stories high and glide around whilst firing ice beams?.

This game promises great features such as superpowers and such. many times have i played a game which the box fills me with empty promises that I will be able to do great amazing things but forgets to tell me that they're only possible at the end of the game when they are not of much use to me. No this game lets you use powers from day 1, sure not all of them and not to their full potential but enough to get you hooked. The difficulties in this game are where they should be, in defeating BOSSES or completing time missions, not in actually trying to unlock or "buy" things that should be elementary.


This game is a must buy for anyone. Especially people who may be a bit fed up all the seriousness of the mainstream games. Saints Row IV stands on its own and it stands proud. I haven't focused much on the technicalities of the game but that's for the player to discover. As for the story line if your a saints row series fan then I cannot say much for I haven't been following but for anyone who wants a game that will actually make you feel good about spending countless hours on and that will make you constantly want to back for more then Saints Row IV is for you.

P.S: Let's say its a more outrageous, fun and entertaining GTA.
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on 5 October 2013
It's the same map as the last game not much new added could of been so much more good supers that's what saved this one I think this title could of been apart of saints3 as a DLC I wouldn't call it number 4
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on 7 November 2013
So, it's a comedic, free-roaming game based on gang warfare but with aliens instead of rival gangs. Also, you're highly and continuosly customizable avatar, who is the President of the United States of America, has super powers including Super Speed, Super Strength, Telekinesis, Energy projection, Super Jumping and much more. Missions are highly varied and many are unique in their style. Orbs scattered around the city that improve your super-powers are very fun to collect. The soundtrack is corny, but in that ironically corny style that comes all the way back around to become awesome.
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on 6 September 2013
I enjoyed the game but like others have said, I felt like I was playing a dlc. The superpowers are awesome but there is no need for vehicles and the story was a little stupid tbh. I enjoyed some of the new activities but I feel that Saint's Row is a lot better when it goes back to it's roots I.e. a little less fun/whacky (SR & SR2). When I got the game I was able to download the Commander in Chief Pack but the Code for the online play did not work, the game was sealed but I am unable to play online as the code is either valid or already redeemed? Disappointing.
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on 8 September 2013
Having just finished The Third I decided to give this a try, and it was not a mistake. It's got the same tongue in cheek humour as the previous game with all the craziness and OTT-Ness combined. But in some places it is nowhere near as good as its predecessor.

Contrary to other reviews I have had no issues with bugs or freezing.
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on 18 November 2015
Its not the old Saints Row anymore. Of course it has the exact same city, graphics and other stuff from Saints Row 3. But gameplay is very different. Its ridiculous. Its fun. This game has so many references to other games and movies (Mass Effect, Mafia, Matrix, Metal Gear series, Hitman series, Mortal Kombat and many other stuff, you will find yourself). Music lists are pretty good and i love that you can listen to radio even out of a vehicle (just imagine he has headphones). Game also has good customiztion options. Overall game is pretty fun to play, i even laughted in moments (which i do very, VERY rarely playing a game).
And dont compare this game to older Saints Row series. Just Dont.
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on 5 September 2013
After pre-ordering Saints Row: The Third and then finding out how much of a disappointment that game was, I was reluctant to pre-order Saint's Row IV without getting the "word" about it from other people first. After it getting some good reviews i decided what the hell and jumped on board.

Very glad i did, what an improvement this game is over its predecessor. The writing has been stepped up, more stuff to do, far better story (even if it is far-fetched). I'm one of those fans who loved SR2 and was really annoyed when they decided to go whacky with SR3. I was expecting the same annoyance with SR4 but nah, for some reason i just embraced it. I really did enjoy the ride.
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