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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Includes Real Tone cable|Change
Price:£69.96+ £3.49 shipping

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on 9 October 2015
I used to play guitar in the past. When I heard about Rocksmith, I could not resist the desire to give it a try. This is a new version, as the original Rocksmith was released some time ago. I gave a try and I absolutely love it! It is very well designed for everyone from a beginner to a experienced guitarist. There is an option to play custom songs, which you can buy or download from internet as there is a big community out there. We can play not only 'proper' songs but also have fun playing arcade-styled mini games, teaching scales and many more!

Great piece of software not only for the ones who want to learn to play guitar, but also for those, who already can play!.
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on 9 March 2017
Great for learning guitar. Has lots of songs and you can download more.
Best thing is you can plug in your guitar & headphones and disturb no one
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on 22 November 2013
I was surprised to see so many negative reviews here - for me, Rocksmith 2014 has been nothing short of excellent. And a hoot to boot.

Having enjoyed Guitar Hero back in the day, I bought the original Rocksmith and thought it was a fun game. However, Rocksmith 2014 is a completely different experience.

It's not just a game and can really teach you to play guitar - or bass.

Before this, I've been learning with Guitar Pro tab. I find Rocksmith 2014 more intuitive. I especially like the ability to slow/repeat a section of the song (riff repeater), which was the feature I missed most in the original Rocksmith.

What's neat about RS2014 is there is so much going on to hold your interest. If you're finding a particular section hard, once you're tired of practising you can always have a break and try one of the lessons. The lessons cover everything from holding the guitar to advanced technique. Each one is broken down into easy sections and you're shown a clear video of an experienced player which you then copy. If you find a section hard, it picks up on this and adapts the example to give you an easier version the first few times you take that lesson. I feel it's really helped my technique.

You can also play one of the mini arcade games - to help you to learn fretting, or slides, say. Or you can just have a random jam up and down a scale in "Session mode".

In short, it's a brilliant teacher. I bought it originally on the Xbox, and then liked it so much I bought it again on Steam to use on a Macbook Air (my kids tend to hog the Xbox). No problems at all for me with the Steam version - despite all the negative reviews. I have a pretty hefty network connection, so maybe that helps. It does seem to thrash the Mac CPU quite a bit - the fans go all the time, but I have no problems with the Steam or Uplay servers.

The multiplayer has potential too. My little girl is learning lead guitar, and we've had a couple of shots playing together on the Xbox together, her lead with me on bass, which is really neat.

I've bought several of the extra songs and really enjoyed learning simpler versions of songs I'd never be able to tackle any other way. For example, I still have no hope of playing the full score of "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers (aka "Top Gear" theme) but I can just about take on the "Medium" version of the song. That already sounds pretty passable. It's fun and gets me that bit closer to learning the piece in full.

I've been using Rocksmith 2014 for about 2 weeks now, and can really see an improvement in my playing.

Mores the point, I'm loving it.
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on 25 November 2013
Yes, this game really can take you from an absolute beginner, and lead you to become... well, I don't know; it depends how much time and practice you put in. A magic pill it ain't, but if you're dedicated and to the time, you can end up pretty blooming good.

For beginners, there are a number of nice easy songs to get your teeth into. Before you know it, you can get 100% on Blitzkrieg Bop! Even seasoned guitarists and bassists will find something to challenge them, on-disc or via DLC, with songs such as Satch Boogie and The Trooper.

There's no manual as such, so following the lessons is a must for anyone who's new to the interface. Want to know what those empty boxes are? Do the lessons. A note with a cross through it? There's a lesson on that. Or visit the official forums, where there are a load of helpful people.

For anyone who has played Rocksmith Classic, this is mostly an improvement. Some of the changes are pleasing (the faster menus, for example), but others feel like a loss or a step backwards. Choosing which arrangement to play is different, and the replays after finishing a gone entirely. Riff repeater has been greatly improved, but even so has some annoying limitations (such as not being able to select a specific section; sometimes you have to play through 16 bars of stuff you know, just to get to the 2 bars that are tripping you up).

Score Attack is arcadey down to the 8-bit styled sound effects (you can turn them down), and has echoes of things like Guitar Hero. It can be frustrating due to its "three strikes and you fail" mechanic, but mostly it's good fun. Having high score tables offers a carrot for the achievers, but it's a shame they're not cross-platform.

There's a good range of music, although some genres seem over-represented (e.g. indie rock, metal), while others under-represented (e.g. blues, punk, reggae). OK, it's called ROCKsmith, so perhaps they've consciously decided that blues or country don't belong in the game, but hopefully a wider range of styles will emerge via DLC.

Personally, I mostly play bass, and I can honestly say I've improved through playing this game. The session mode actually feels like I'm being creative, and being told I've hit every note on certain songs feels great. One thing I would say, however, is that the game doesn't really seem like it's burning to song into my memory. Even with "master mode" (in which the notes start to disappear as you consistently play them correctly), I find that once I'm away from the PC, I fail to recall what should be played. If I just put a song on YouTube and try to play along with my bass or guitar and amp, things tend to go awry. Maybe that's just because I haven't played the songs enough times, and I'm a newbie (50 hours played on RS2014, 150 on RSC).

Overall though, this game is great! Don't expect miracles; you'll still have to put in some effort, but it makes spending that time fun.
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on 25 October 2013
I was a massive fan of the original Rocksmith even though it was admittedly a flawed piece of software. Annoyingly the biggest gripe many people had with RS1 was the lag which in all cases was down to the hardware you used to display the video or play the audio, nothing to do with the game at all.

Anyway, now we have RS2.0!

Well, the thing that annoyed me most about RS1 was the interface, it sucked, hard. The new interface is silky like Del Boys pyjamas. Its super fast to navigate the track list and really easy to find your way around the different modes. There are many many new ways to sort the track list which really does make a huge difference.

The new arcade games are really polished this time, they are also very much geared to actually making you learn something rather than just get a high score. For instance, the star wars inspired shoot em up shows you the name of the chord and then slowly fills in the colours of the chord in a small hint display, if you already know that chord you can shoot much faster so it pays to actually learn what the chords are called. Works really well!

Session mode is pure witchcraft, its amazing. Set up a pre loaded band and start hitting notes that are shown on the screen in any random order and somehow you are making a noise that could be described as musical (well, musicalish). Time will tell how flexible this tool is, not sure how many different ways of playing there are and how much it really follows you but we shall see!

Multiplayer has some new modes, the usual play a song is there along with some head to head challenge stuff.

Also in single and multiplayer is non-stop play. You can set a time and select a tracklist, or leave it totally up to the game and then just play. Its great, it just keeps throwing song after song at you with just a pause in between.

Now a less positive note. Due to the game now supporting a much larger selection of tunings you will find yourself tuning A LOT. Its not as intrusive as the first game was but I highly recommend that the guitar you play this game with has a fixed bridge and not a floating bridge like a Floyd Rose. Lucky for me I have a few guitars and can leave them in different tunings but if you are just starting out its REALLY important you get a fixed bridge. Having all these different tunings supported is not really negative at all as it will allow many more bands to be supported with their weird tunings, yes, I'm looking at you Biffy Clyro.

The in game tuner does a half decent job of getting your guitar in tune, its better than the RS1 tuner by a long way but I still feel it doesn't do as good a job as a proper chromatic tuner. No idea why this is, but I do get better percentages when I tune with my Snark tuner than the game tuner.

Please don't listen to any review that marks this game down because they didn't like the track list. That is entirely a personal taste opinion that should have no bearing on if you get the game or not. If the songs really are the worst you ever heard (they are not!) then there are 200 odd tracks to choose from on DLC at just under £3 each with more being added every week. Before you take the plunge on DLC, I recommend checking out what they look like with someone else playing them on Youtube, it gives you a much better understanding of the song if you can watch and hear someone else playing it.

If you are in any way thinking you might like to learn guitar but are too shy or cant afford a guitar teacher then buy this game now, I always wanted to learn guitar and now in my 40's having played Rocksmith for the last 2 years I can confidently say I can play guitar. I'm no legend, yet, but I can pick up a guitar and have a stab at most songs put in front of me. I have always owned at least one guitar since I was a small child, never managed to learn any other way but Rocksmith gave me something I always wanted and now I play guitar for at least an hour a day and its not a chore. I'm rocking along with the Foo's or hammering out Get Free by The Vines, strumming along with The Cure. I have a new appreciation of music that I didn't have before learning guitar too. My only regret is that I was born 25 years too early, if I had Rocksmith when I was a lad who knows how good I could have got!! Also I have now increased my guitar collection to 9!

If you have read this far you must be interested in the game, if you are then just buy it, you will never regret it (well, maybe when your fingers start bleeding)....
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on 18 November 2013
I've tried a few times to start up with guitar. I can strum a few chords and pick a few scales. This has really inspired me to get stuck in learning for real. It's very well laid out, sounds good, and the way it builds up the difficulty over time is really well thought out. I don't love the layout (flip it vertically and enable colour blind mode is better for me - goes to show how much they've thought about it). I have needed to refer to some free tab a few times to help me get a lick into my head. It's a tall mountain to climb, but I'm having fun in the foothills! One note - I've tried variously plugging into my TV and my cinema amp, and so far on everything except the computer's built-in speakers there's far too much latency. I've had to plug some old desktop speakers directly into my computer's headphone jack. That's not the software's fault, more the state of modern home cinema/tv equipment with all their processing, but I thought it worth mentioning.
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on 10 February 2016
I brought this as it stated that I can make anyone play the guitar in 60 days how wrong was the advert totally misleading ive had this since November 2015 and so far learnt one note and all because everytime I plug it in the software has a terrible bug that obviously hasn't been fixed since launch and that's I get a terrible crackling sound when its playing ive had my guitar checked and its working fine and my pc is fine also which leads to the game softwear,lead,and going through the most unreliable company ever steam if this game was through uplay I'm sure it would would of worked all the time fine but no its launched through terrible steam and as this has annoyed me ive now boycotted buying any more steam games now for the next 5 years.and I will be sending this product back and asking for a refund then get someone to teach me as its bound to be faster than this rubbish.this wasn't thought through it was pushed out to the general pubic without a proper testing.so same applys to uplay games also a 5 year boycott.only nice thing about it was the item arrived on time that's it.so 2 stars sorry if you had fixed the problem it would of been 5 blame steam for the slow fixing times.
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on 27 February 2014
Having learned bass & guitar the hard way over many years, i can honestly say that this is the most motivating, user friendly and successful way to learn. For the cost of a couple of lessons with a tutor, you are getting dozens of original songs (addmitedly some of them are truly dreadful fillers which you'd really be embarassed to play) which you can simplify AND slow down to aid the learning process, loads of lessons with content suitable for starting from scratch, as my kids are doing, to more advanced stuff to expand your horizons (walking bass, love it!!) plus the session mode which allows you to jam with a range of bands, making you focus on scales and modes. AND all of this for lead, rhythm and bass guitars.
Jeez, i wish i'd had this when i was a kid.
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on 14 December 2013
There's lots of debate about whether Rocksmith actually teaches you to play the guitar. Well I am the most unmusical person you will ever meet and had almost no experience of guitars and this game has helped me at least have the motivation and confidence to give it a go. I have made a lot of progress and made a solid start on learning how to play. I don't think I could have done that learning from a book or even from lessons and normal practice.

The game itself is pretty solid quality and the UI is pretty clever and intuitive. The automatic levelling up works really well and pushes you. The lessons are clear and work well. The skill games are also fun and provide a clever way to practice key skills. But overall it's fun to play along with songs that you like and never thought you'd learn on your own. You also discover that you like playing things that you didn't think you would due to a reasonable level of variety in the play list.

My only slight niggle is the cost of DLC. I think £2.99 is a bit much for a single song and there is more scope for bundling or subscription models to make DLC purchase more cost effective. I doubt that's Ubisoft's fault though. More likely down to content owners over pricing their content to Ubi. That said there's plenty in the base game to keep you going for 100+ hours.

Give it a go.
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on 21 November 2013
This game is a revelation to me. Its an excellent way to either learn guitar or brush up. I've played both the bass and guitar parts for a number of the songs now. The way the game automatically increases the difficulty as your playing improves is great and really drives you on to improve. The riff repeater tool is a great way to get to grips with tougher parts but the controls are a little confusing and not really intuitive.

The range of songs is great, something of everyone with more to download online from a good range of artists.

I can see that this game will keep me occupied for ages and has definitely rekindled my interest in picking up the guitar.
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