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Minecraft (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:£17.10+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 16 December 2014
My review will start after this small disclaimer:

-Unlike the PC version, where you can walk literally for hours, and the world is almost never-ending, this console version isn't! The world is not that big, you could run from one end to the other in about 15 minutes, where you then come across invisible walls! :( Because of this miniature biomes are usually squeezed into one map, taking away the feeling of a huge world. If you have never played the PC version, then this probably won't bother you, you'll probably think that the world is huge. Bear this in mind before buying.

My Review:

Minecraft is a game limited only by what you can imagine. It's like being in one giant Lego set of never-ending bricks. It's basically about doing whatever you want. The game has no linear campaign, no kind of story, or even any mandatory objectives, yet it is still very enjoyable. The only problem with having no story is that after a while you begin to realize that the game doesn't really go anywhere, you just build things.
So it looks simple, but underneath it's quite complex.

If you feel like a challenge, you can play in survival mode, where you'll have to build a hut [monsters come out at night] find food, build weapons etc.
Or if you're the creative type, you can play creative mode to build a big castle, a large house, a skyscraper, or anything else you fancy.
Children will love this game, and quite a lot of adults will too. You can play splitscreen with 2-4 people on one console [HDTV required], or up to about 10 people online.

I'd definitely recommend this game, it will kill hours of spare time!
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on 10 February 2016
What can I say about this classical game? Don't buy it if you still want to enjoy your kids company or play other games or talk about something else but Minecraft. Because once you will buy this you will loose your child to Xbox. All other games you own can be sold or given away. Your child will only talk about Minecraft and wheneever he won't be playing it, he will be watching other people play it on YouTube. God saves us all. But seriously, it's a very very good game. My son got it when he was 5, he is nearly 7 now and not a day goes by without Minecraft.
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on 26 May 2016
If you have never played Minecraft, imagine it as computerized Lego. I first saw my son playing it and after having a go I could hardly stop playing it. Essentially a building game, you can break (mine) square blocks of different types (e.g. dirt, cobblestone, coal ore, iron ore, gold etc) collect other items (wood, food from animals/grass etc) and use all to make (craft) other items you can then use to survive (at night come monsters (zombies, creepers, skeletons, spiders amongst others). Some resources are plentiful, others are rare so you have to go looking, meantime working out how to get food, keep safe from the monsters and discovering new places. There is also a creative mode where all resources are unlimited with no dangers so you can craft what you want.
You can also link up with friends online to share worlds and resources.
Highly, highly addictive game, with virtually unlimited play.
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on 2 March 2017
My kids (both under 10) really enjoy this game. I have to join in to help them when they dig themselves into a hole but they'll get the hang on it soon enough. The rest of the game they've been able to enjoy from the moment they started playing and they're learning as they go. They enjoy taking turns and it hasn't made them anti-social by any means like a lot of parents fear.
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on 9 July 2014
I've given this 4 stars 'cos my son (9) loves it, and plays Minecraft as much as we'll let him. I can't say I share his appreciation of this game, as it seems to take forever to make anything, but that said, it's not designed for a middle-aged man, rather for the children. They love it, and are very often to be found happily playing together. That about says it all, really. They are happy, they're not fighting or arguing over it, and as long as it's not their sole point of play, that's fine.
(They still have to do their homework FIRST, and get outside and play with something that bounces or glides, and not just flippin' pixels).......

Forgive my rantings, I was a kid in the sixties, and played - rain or shine - with a football, and bikes, and friends. (And, I'm sorry to say, would probably have been in awe of this, too).
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on 1 October 2015
This games has given both my daughters endless hours of fun...as younger children they liked to mostly play in the "building mode" but as they are getting older they are venturing into the challenge of the live game. This game is colourful, innocent and keeps their brains active by working out building challenges and helping expand their creativity. We have had this game a few years now and I don't see my daughters getting tired of it any time soon. It has the same appeal and building challanges of Lego building blocks but all contained in a video game..
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on 14 November 2014
I would have given 5 stars if it was explained a bit more clearly that this game is not suitable for use on my Xbox1 it was bought as a birthday present for my boy so it goes without saying that he was a bit disappointed. As it happens we are going to get him an Xbox 360 for Christmas so it will get used then. I think that Microsoft should be a bit clearer on this matter and perhaps it would be a good idea to print this point in clear view on the front cover of their games or maybe make their new consoles retro compatible so that it will be possible to play any Xbox games on them. It would get my vote and my cash. I would be a definite loyal Microsoft customer for years to come.
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on 10 June 2016
Really not happy! Bought this for my son but the disc was damaged and unusable. Have a very disappointed little boy! Avoid Revival Books Lmtd like the plague!!
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on 31 May 2014
Me and my 8 year daughter spend many happy hours building things on minecraft, to be honest we put it in build mode and don't really play the actual game. But what you have here for youngsters is an unlimited amount of Lego bricks that costs a fraction of the amount. Best of all you are not going to stand on them or break your vac sucking them up!

I know the game has a much more social element to it, but my daughter will have to wait for that for now its the best digital lego set around and well worth its cost for that alone.
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on 4 February 2016
This arrived fast and well packaged, This game is great if you dont wish to see your children! My son and daughter would spend hours playing this if they were allowed, they are continually informing me of something else that they have built or blown up, I personally dont understand it but they both love it and get lots of enjoyment out of it. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fairly educational game for children.
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