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on 31 August 2013
We bought this machine to replace our broken family washing machine. We have a small kitchen, and a low budget, so this seemed like a good option. It does an amazing job, but has a few down points (see below); most notably it needing to be drained through an extension hose through the back door.

Good Points:
- Capacity equal to a standard washing machine (plenty enough for our needs as a small family)
- Gets laundry cleaner than previous fully automatics we've owned
- Spinner gets laundry very dry very fast
- Whole wash cycle takes less than 30 minutes
- Takes up half the space of a normal, automatic washing machine
- Uses less water and electric than a normal, automatic washing machine
- Cheaper to buy than a normal, automatic washing machine
- Arrived before the earliest estimated delivery date
- Contrary to earlier reviews of TecTake semi-automatic washing machines, its controls are labeled in English
- Comes with a UK plug adaptor
- Instructions are easy enough to follow
- Has two wash modes, although we've only ever used Normal
- Quite lightweight and portable

Bad Points:
- It has to be drained from the bottom of the machine and it has no electric pump, so what it drains into must be LOWER than the machine. We're guessing German households have drains in the floor somewhere. When we first got the machine, we stood it on the kitchen worktop near the sink, but this involved standing on a chair to operate it, with one of us passing buckets of water up to the other(!) We have now bought an extension hose and run this through the back door to an external drain. Quite a pain and will be more so in winter time.
- The fill hose it came with is quite short and wouldn't fit onto our mixer tap even if it was long enough, but it's not too much hassle filling it up with buckets of water (3 per load)
- The power cable is also a bit short and we bought an extension lead to remedy this
- It's a little labour intensive to use, though our two year old daughter loves getting involved:
- you have to first load the laundry (you can get quite a lot in);
- then add powder;
- then add 3 buckets of warm water;
- then set the timer for about 7 minutes (trying the full 15 minutes didn't seem to make much difference);
- then switch to Drain (or 'Darin' as they've called it);
- then transfer half the load to the spinner;
- level it off and squidge the spinner top down to hold it in place;
- spin for about 2.5 minutes;
- transfer to a laundry basket and repeat the spinning process with the other half of the laundry;
- THEN put it all back in the washer tub for rinsing;
- remember to turn it back from 'Darin' (Drain) to Normal or Delicate so the water doesn't shoot straight out the drain hose again;
- add 3 buckets of cold water; wash for about 3 minutes;
- spin the laundry in two halves again.
- Hang out to dry.
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on 25 April 2014
I bought this machine a month ago after reading the previous reviews here and also as I was unprepared to spend £4 or £5 renting a conventional machine. Neither was I keen on the risks associated with buying one second-hand and, as I live alone in a flat that I'm renting, I know I'll have to move at some point and this looked easy to transport.

Washing clothes is new to me but for all its simplicity, I am able to get great results with this product. I love the fact that it plus in to the wall and you don't have to worry about plumbing it in. If it's ever in the way, you can easily move it and store it elsewhere (when it's empty).

I currently use a mop bucket to fill the washer as the supplied hose does not fit the taps in my kitchen and it takes about two full buckets to reach the maximum fill level (after loading with clothes). I find 4.5kg is a good capacity for weekly loads as I live alone and I've currently only used the 'Normal' spin setting (I don't own any 'delicates'). It's great with T-shirts and trousers but I find you have to be careful for heavier items like jeans and fleeces, as they can sit at the bottom and prevent the impeller and motor from spinning. So, I try to stick to a single heavy item per load and mix that in with a smaller wash of 'lighter-weighted' clothing.

I give each a good rinse before adding them to the spin dryer, which really is fantastic. I can usually hang stuff out to dry after this and it'll be ready to put away or wear in no time. Again, I've noticed issues when spin-drying fleeces and thick jumpers where the dryer loses speed - I think this is where excess water is draining from the clothing. They seem to recommend you drain the washer before drying but I like to leave it loaded as it helps to keep the unit stable while spin-drying.

I could pick some faults with the manual and its Chinese origins. They instruct you to returns your items for a second wash and dry cycle but there's no indication of when to add a fabric softener. Despite what one or two other reviews may suggest, my machine arrived without a UK plug adaptor. Fortunately, I had one anyway but please be aware that it comes fitted with a European 2-pin plug.

For my kitchen, I find the lead is a bit short and so I have to run it via an extension. As others of have also said; I find the drain function quite inconvenient for its lack of a pump. Currently, I drain as much as possible in to my bucket and pour that down the sink. Then, when no more will leave the machine, I lift it in to the bathroom and sit the unit in my shower, where gravity will allow the remaining water to exit via the hose. One day, I might put it on wheels.

It's quick, it's effective, it's quiet when running, doesn't shake the room and could be a great buy for a single person or small family who don't mind a little extra 'graft' when it comes to filling and draining the unit.

(I'm also hoping to upload a video review of this product to YouTube over the summer.)
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on 29 October 2013
I bought this washing machine after reading about a lot of others. I'm amazed at how well this washes considering its a 'travel' machine. Bought for my small flat where plumbing and space for a conventional washing machine is impossible. The amount you can wash is decent and the spinner is a god send. No more hand washing or 3 mile trekk to the laundret.
A couple of tips for anyone buying this, buy a tap attachment and abit of hose pipe makes filling it a breeze. Also maybe consider placing it on a sturdy raised object as emptying it can be an issue if you have no floor level drains. I've placed mine on a sturdy table with a large plastic crate to collect the drainage water to tip away.

Oh and within 3 days it was here, super quick.
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on 6 April 2014
I purchased this machine to replace my wretched Hotpoint Ultima which is not fit for purpose.
The TecTake looks & feels well made. it is light enough to move when needed. It is very easy to use & quick to wash clothes (yes it really does wash clothes brilliantly clean in minutes) I am so impressed with this machine I wouldn't want to go back to a front loader they are just so slow & do not wash properly
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on 27 January 2014
Great buy! Saves going to the launderette and washes just as well as a washing machine in less time. Cheap to run and the spinner is great for reducing drying time. And for the price it is a bargain! Very happy customer.
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on 13 February 2014
Good: it cleans and drys with very powerful whirl, Good capacity.

Less good: a bit noisy. maybe too powerful to handle fragile fabrics such as silk.
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on 22 May 2014
I chose this one as it can cope with a heavier load than others I looked at. It was bigger than expected when it arrived but I can manage to carry it on my own. I have a static van and this is perfect for me. I don't overfill it and put two to three buckets of warm water in and liquid detergent. I tried it on countertop but it was too awkward, it's now next to the entry door when in use and I can put the drainage hose down the steps into a bucket. I do a 15 min wash on normal then drain and fill with clean water and on for 15 mins again to rinse. Then drain and put in two lots into spinner. I find it is more effective to split into to 5 min spins. Clothes come out slightly damp. I am very Pleased with cleanliness and ability of this machine. It has a booklet with it, the full hose isn't much use and the drainage hose doesn't reach too far (2ft) but you can make it work. I think it's great, and when I start washing I do about three loads because its so quick. Just a tip, I also bought a Gelert collapsing rotary line that can be folded away and used inside or out, it's a bargain and very useful in a small area.
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on 27 August 2014
it washes and spins well.. but the hoses are really cheap.. the draining one is short and doesn't have a pump.. so you need to have the machine on a higher level so that it drains the water out (connecting it to a faucet won't really work.. Also the instruction manual is really bad.. didn't even mention you had to had to install the filter. but otherwise the machine seems pretty solid.. (weird smells on first spin .. probably due to the filter that was set up)
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on 31 December 2013
very good product.Well worth the money i spent. would recommend product to anyone with a bedsit or small flat with no place to plumb in a full size washing machine.
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on 19 June 2014
Delivery was speedy. Just tried washer and most impressed. I dont have room for a washer but this sits in shower c6bicle when not in use. Its easily moved for use. Just did a small wash to test it out and im impressed. Easily took a large bath sheet with no problem. I dont think it will have any trouble with king size duvet cover.
would recomend x
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