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on 28 January 2015
I bought this as a second choice to the too expensive Sony RX 300. I wanted viewfinder, RAW capability, panorama and, above all, a bright lens that would shoot well in low light, and something small enough to put in my pocket. Also wanted to be able to control all settings as on a DSLR. This was the only camera that met the criterion other than the sony.

Brilliant camera, Really good pictures on auto settings, rich colours, good detail and nice and sharp. Lots of control on other settings. Really important for me it will shoot decent photos hand held in a dimly lit environment, there is a bit of noise on ISO higher than 400, but this is to be expected and the results are perfectly acceptable. The panorama mode is great, even in lower light, thanks to the wide aperture lens.

The only downsides for me:
- No charger except the camera itself. Easily fixed by buying one, there are plenty on Amazon.
- REALLY bad is the wi-fi. It's a pain to get it to function at all. However, I 'm not too bothered by this, content to transfer photos in the normal way. Shame though, would have been the icing on the cake.
- The viewfinder is very basic and small, but good enough when needed.

Having had it for a couple of months I can see that it will take some time to learn all the features on it, because it is very feature rich. On the other hand the auto mode takes great pics for general use. Battery life is average, I got a spare battery and a charger for under £20. Am really looking forward to a taking it on holiday and not having to lug my DSLR everywhere to get decent shots. Of course the quality is not quite as good as the DSLR, but the gap is much less wide than with my previous portable.
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on 6 January 2014
What a camera, this is one hell of a compact! I have had a number of cameras, mainly SLR's and currently moved to full frame sensor with the 6D with a variety of L glass and in many situations this camera beats it hands down! Fantastic piece of kit, I couldn't recommend highly enough!
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on 30 August 2013
Excellent service from Amazon. Camera is just what I wanted. It easily fits in a pocket, takes excellent photos in both jpeg and RAW and has the added bonus of a viewfinder which is essential on sunny days. This is the ideal travel camera.
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on 7 June 2016
Got it for the digital viewfinder, which does the job ok for coarse resolution display. the on / off switch is too easy to press and caused me problems when accidently turning the camera on while extracting it from its pouch. This issue I fixed with a moulded ring of Sugru around the button to protect it. Also the mode setting dial was rotating off the setting I used when I extract the camera from its pouch, so out comes the Sugru again to build a dial protector.
The camera is good apart from its issues with the switches, which probably will not bother other people. Pictures and flexibility are as expected for the spec. Turn off Bluetooth for better battery life. Buy a spare battery so you don't get caught out when the one in the camera goes flat.
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on 26 March 2016
Happy with the viewfinder which was the main reason for buying, I find the viewfinder easy to use and all your settings are displayed clearly in the veiwfinder and you can adjust it to suit your eyesight, also it's easy to carry and I can hardly tell it's in my pocket. I find no problem with the shutter button being close to the on off button I find the finger goes naturally to the shutter.

Haven't used it much yet and only in dull weather, I find the picture quality no better or worse than my Sony or Samsung compacts, but getting better results the more I use it, the wifi can be hard to figure out but I have been transferring images via cable to laptop and I have managed to set up NFC transfer to my phone. The more I use it the more I like it.
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on 4 January 2015
I really like this camera, I notice a lot of professional reviews criticise it for its lack of high end features. But they miss the point. Try fitting something better in your pocket.......

Zoom is short but much longer than many of the cameras that sit above it. The image quality is much better than a typical compact, and while its not vastly better than say a Sony HX60 its bigger sensor does allow you to capture decent pictures more often.
I also found this camera very fast when compared to smaller sensored compacts (including the sonys). Itll start up and keep snapping at an impressive rate. And the 5fps burst mode goes on for a fair few seconds, unlike Sonys 10shot max.
Its video quality is excellent to. Im not sure if its the slightly bigger sensor but indoors the video quality is really exceptional.

Its not perfect, the picture does start to drop off as you use the zoom (although its still betters small sensor compacts to its 7.1 max), the lense starts at 28mm which while a small point, does count against it (24mm being an ideal start)
The Fn button appears to be fixed to a composition quide. Waste of a button.
And the typical outright picture quality isnt as far ahead of a decent small sensor compact as you might hope.
Its worst flaw is the power button, you often turn the camera off simply by holding it.

I needed a compact i could carry anywhere but was capable of shooting in low light with fast, erratic subjects (my kids!) and this has proven excellent for doing it.
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on 30 May 2015
Best compact I have used, really good image quality, small, wifi very handy & works well, EV is small but definitely useable & worth having.
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on 11 November 2016
I bought this just to have a decent pocket camera for a wedding and was very pleased with the results. A very welcome surprise was that it did not cause a single red-eye problem. I bought a spare battery, just in case, but the battery level barely dropped during the wedding ceremony and reception. With a bit of care you can also get decent indoor pictures without using flash.

I prefer cameras with larger sensors but if you want a good pocket camera at a sensible price, this has a great deal going for it. It is the best point and shoot camera I have tried but it also has a good degree of adjustment/flexibility for more demanding situations. It is not the best I have tried contre-jour but the absence of re-eye means that you can confidently use fill-in flash outdoors and get an even better picture.

There are pocket cameras that beat this but they are all a lot more expensive. In fairness to those other cameras I can only give this one 4 stars. Value for money is easily 5 stars.
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on 8 July 2015
I use this camera as a small, pocket-able device, that is allowed in the larger gig venues that a 'proper' camera simply isn't allowed. The size and weight are a boon, along with the fast aperture lens and zoom. I've got some pretty decent low-light shots. The viewfinder is terrible however, use in emergency scenarios only.
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on 24 September 2016
This is a cracking compact digital camera and comes with a built-in viewfinder, which is amazing at the price. The Leica optics are excellent and I achieved nice sharp results although colours were slightly cool compared with the Canon DSLR's that I also use. The LCD screen is good quality and Panasonic's menu is clear and straightforward with some nice features built-in. You will need to buy a spare battery and also a battery charger (as it does not come with a separate one) unless you are happy to just charge the battery through the camera. I bought a case for mine as I like one that I can put on my trouser belt. Lumix do several types of leather cases for around £10 but check the dimensions before ordering / buying. As always, do not expect too much of the built-in flash. Recommended.
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