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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Price:£39.99 - £137.00
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on 24 September 2014
As a previous owner of several razer naga MMO mice, I'd had enough of having to replace them when they died over and over, so I went for a different brand.
I bought my Logitech G600 a good couple of years ago, and have since bought another for my husband to use.
I was pleasantly surprised, having had the afore mentioned brand dying after 3-9 months, on a few occasions - my two year old G600 is still running as well as the day I purchased it.
Now, for a technophobe that loves gaming, this is a lovely piece of kit. Easy to start using, and I found it easy to modify the keys to what I wanted them to be. My personal preference is to use the top 3 as modifier keys ctrl/alt/shift, to stop all that painful keyboard reaching as my healer character has an awful lot of keybinds to use. The others were set up in various ways, with more commonly used skills on the easier to reach buttons.
I found once I got used to an MMO mouse, my performance in raids was much smoother, and my reaction time very much quicker - however, I don't advise that you go into a difficult raid with this until you've got used to handling it. It takes a few hours usage to become comfortable with it, but is well worth the effort in the end.
I find it sits well in the hand, and it's rare for me to get hand strain even though I have been known to game for many hours straight when I've had the time to do so. Someone with larger hands MAY find it tougher to negotiate the buttons,

One problem I do have with this mouse - but that I also had with the naga - the buttons can get quite dirty and it's a pain to clean them - but that's the only downside.

All in all it's a solid, reliably good mouse that once mastered really improves your gaming experience.

Oh and, for any Gamer girls out there - your nails won't get in the way at all! (got to get the really important stuff in here, right?)
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The first thing you notice is how heavy the mouse is (which to me is a sign of sturdiness and all of the gadgetry and components inside it) plus the fact that the cable is very long and covered in cloth.

Performance-wise, the mouse can't be faulted. I play a fair amount of WoW and I experienced no problems with the mouse. It took me a few minutes to get used to the weight of the mouse (it's a little heavier than my previous mouse) and the additional height of the mouse (it's slightly higher than mouses I've used before), but I stopped noticing either of these features fairly quickly.

The thumb buttons are taking a little getting used to. I've been using the mouse for about a week now and am still not used to finding the right button straightaway, but I'm getting there and I can see that when I start using them more out of reflex then they will be massively beneficial.

The customisable colours on the mouse are fun. I haven't personally yet set up different profiles, but the fact that you can do so for different games is an added bonus.

One thing I would say: like many mouses, this is designed for a RIGHT HANDED PERSON. You need to use your right thumb to operate the thumb panel.
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on 14 February 2015
Having used the Razor Naga for 6 years and love them I decided to give this a go as reviews suggested it didn’t have the niggles I had with Razors offering and it was much cheaper.

I was expecting to take a week or two at least to get use to it after such a long time with the Naga but found within an hour I was comfortable with it and by the next day it felt totally natural.

Overall I find it a superior MMO gaming mouse though it suits all types of games from BF4 to Space Engineers better than any other type imo,. The side buttons are further forward and as such those at the rear are easy to get too where as with the Naga it was uncomfortable and I would sometimes have to momentarily adjust my grip to reach. The buttons are also all different shapes and angles allowing for instant recognition in the heat of the moment. They also require just the right amount of pressure to activate which is also very welcome as it’s a fine line between the point where they are too easy to accidentally press or require too much force causing side way movement.

The build and feel of the mouse as a whole seems of a very high standard, quality finish with what feels and sounds like good quality gaming switches as well as a smooth glide and very responsive movement.

Defiantly have a new favourite mouse and may buy a second as a spare for that inevitable day when I’ll need to replace this one after a HUGE amount of use.
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on 28 May 2016
Although a little large for my hand (Logitech please make one for women's sized hands!) this mouse has revolutionised my game play. The software is very easy to use and if you have another logitech device it will just attach the mouse to its software without further installation. I use this mouse to play a number of MMO's including Black Desert and World of Warcraft. I bought it because I already had a .

This mouse is made from material that feels comfortable, is about the size of a duck egg. All the thumbset keys are individually molded into different shapes, this really helps identify which of the keys you are pressing whilst you get used to using it. The wheel is wonderfully smooth totally silent and has a flip ability left to right.Initially the extra button on the right is set to use the key that allows you to switch to the alternative keybind set in the relevant game profile. At first I disabled this key as the mouse did seem particularly difficult to use due to the substantial differences between the size of my standard mouse and this one. Now several months on I use it all the time and wonder how I ever managed without the utility! The build is of a good quality. I did have a problem finding a mousemat that worked well with it. The fast polling rate meant that not all mats were suitable. In the end I bought which it works brilliantly with. So glad I purchased this mouse, once you get used to the size of it you will love it!
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on 7 April 2016
Great mouse, I use it on OSX but works perfectly with Windows as well. On linux it will work but you will have to configure extra macros under Windows or Mac. Thanks to onboard memory you can set up everything on different machine and it will work on any computer. Side keys are easy to reach and I am able to distinguish which key I am pressing without looking. The mouse have 20 keys that can be configure in 3 custom modes which gives you grand total of 60 configurable keys. This is very helpful if you want set up macros for different games/workflows. White colour is not getting dirty. After over a month of every day, 8hr+ use it still looks like new. The mouse is covered in special dirt resistant coating so it's easy to clean. The mouse is one of the bigger ones so if you have small hands or like small mouses, please check if you will like the size.

I am using it as my work mouse.

After buying this mouse I noticed that cursor on the screen was jumping sometimes. After some troubleshooting I found out that it was NOT mouse fault. I had application called flux installed in the system that supposed to adjust screen colour according to time of the day. Flux was causing cursor to jump unexpectedly. Removing that application fixed the problem.
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on 16 February 2016
I have to say that I really like all of the Logitech products I have had but this mouse is my favourite.
I only really play one game, Guild Wars 2 so that is all I can talk about with any authority but this MMO mouse transformed my game so much for the better and quicker.
You can program the twelve buttons on the side for use with your [right] thumb . . . it took me a few hours of play until it became automatic to use the correct thumb button instead of reaching for the key on the keyboard . . . and taking my fingers away from WASD.
It really speeds up my response time and my kill-rate soared as soon as I got to grips with the mouse [a couple of days of play]

Anything else? Ah yes, it is comfortable to use and you can change the lighting with the software as well as tailoring the speed etc. The speed can by changed on the fly so you can go from chasing someone to precise shots in a button press.

Two points for me . . . this is my second of these mice, the first one wore out in just over 3 years of very hard play so I'm not too unhappy about it and I would like the buttons to be just a touch larger, I don't have huge fingers so if you do then think about the size of the buttons.
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on 4 September 2015
I normally take ages to learn a ton of buttons on a mouse like this, didn't get a Razor Naga and had reservations about this one. However this mouse if fantastic. All the buttons feel great, each thumb button is distinct and relatively easy to learn. I have other logitech mice and this uses the same software (which is great).


* Easy to learn buttons
* 3 main finger buttons (takes a bit of getting used to from a 2 finger mouse as 'middle' button is RHM)
* 2 top buttons are actual programmable buttons. Other mice have this wheel switch button there which for me is a waste of time.
* Really nice click feel - not too soft and not too hard.
* Thumb buttons are actually where the thumb is (for my large hand) Some mice I had thumb buttons were too far back relative to other buttons, here they are all in roughly the same line so you don't need to 'reach' for any of them.
* Surface is finger print resistant - after 2 weeks of use it looks and feels brand new. I got a white one, and it still looks pristine.
* cable is light and barded, so it doesn't drag or catch. (if you have your PC under the desk I would still recommend connecting to a hub or extension cable that sits on the desk, but it works OK either way)
* because its 'wired' it doesn't run out of batteries... It feels like a wireless mouse.

* Its wired - It uses a lot of power for all the pretty lights
* No left hand version

For a game with a lot of abilities its really a must have. Also have no idea why the white version is £10 cheaper than the black, it looks great and doesn't get dirty at all.
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on 4 January 2016
Having owned this mouse for nearly 2 years now, I can say that i absolutely love it!! The white colour has remained nice and white, no yellowing or marks. I have small woman hands and the mouse fits me comfortably- can reach the first two sets of numbers with my thumb easily and stretch a bit for the other two rows, but you get used to this over time. The buttons are extremely useful for playing mmo's like world of warcraft or if you're a programmer. Something which may be a downside to some people is that this is a heavy mouse which I prefer and cannot be adjusted.
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on 5 May 2015
I love this mouse! Definitely worth investing in. Feels very good quality when using. The side buttons are useful, especially in certain games. The software for programming the buttons is easy to use.
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on 15 September 2015
Superbly flexible programmable mouse, I use them on all my gaming rigs now-a-days as I find they fit my hand better than the Razer Naga which I used prior to getting G600s, the G600 keypad is easier to access reliably, but that's just me, people with different hand sizes may have different experiences the extra mouse button is another great plus for MMORPGs as it allows some some nifty spell shifting, once you get used to it and stop pressing it by mistake. The Mouse itself is reliable and I've never had a mechanical or electrical problem with one (though to be fair I've never had a problem with the Naga either).
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