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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Price:£89.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 24 May 2017
I love the Logitech gaming mouse series. Over the years i've had an MX510, two G5s and the G500. All great mouses and this is no different.
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on 10 April 2017
Good and comfortable.
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VINE VOICEon 23 July 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've always used Logitech mice and joysticks. They do what they're supposed to do, they're very robust and technically I think they're the best input devices on the market. With this mouse they've taken the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse, which was already a good gaming mouse and given it a makeover. In come the `Tron' style graphics, blue lights instead of red and allegedly the coating has been changed so that it is hydrophilic, everything else on the outside is pretty much the same.

Probably the biggest technical differences are the change in sensor to 8200 dpi and some tweaking to the tracking speed and glide, which are relatively minor but make a noticeable difference in reactivity and response. How noticeable depends on your gaming experience and what you're playing.

Plug and play so it's basically idiot proof and the Logitech website has the software suite on download that then allows you to tweak it to your own preferences. The design of the mouse means it is very comfortable to use for long periods without your hand getting tired, however, if you're left handed this will not fit as like a lot of mice these days it's a right hand drive model only.

The big question for me is: "Is it worth £25 more than the G500?" If you're a serious gamer then the answer is probably yes. If you aren't but want virtually the same mouse and functionality then the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse is a good buy as is the Anker® High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with 8000 DPI, 9 Programmable Button, Weight Tuning Cartridge, Omron Micro Switches, which is the gaming mouse my son uses and is around £25.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As gaming mice go, this is outstanding - very high accuracy, responsive buttons, and even a set of weights you can use to adjust the balance to your preferences. All excellent, making it an all but perfect gaming mouse. From a technical perspective.

The ergonomics of the device though leave a lot to be desired though. I found it somewhat uncomfortable to use for long stretches, and the bizarre texture on the sides of the mouse is just horrible. It feels... dirty, like someone has wiped something crusty off along its length. I know they haven't, but that's the sensation you get.

If you can get past that, and you *can*, it's certainly something I would recommend. It's got all the buttons you can reasonably need, and doesn't make the mistake of other gaming mice of providing *too many*.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Logitech G500s Mouse is a wired (so no batteries or recharging but it does have a cable) mouse aimed at those wanting a high quality and responsive mouse so well suited to those who like gaming.

The mouse is very comfortable and ergonomically designed and fits well even for someone with small hands like me. It has a number of buttons including those that allow you to set the DPI up or down with a simple button press (thus speeding it up and slowing down) and also a button that switches the scroll wheel from a smooth scroll to one that gives you a slight click feel as you do it (which I prefer as I like the feedback).

There are also buttons on the side that allow you to move forwards and backwards in web pages and a configurable button for gaming (via the Logitech gaming software you can download at their site).

It also comes with a set of weights that fit inside allowing you to get set the weight of it to your own taste.

I haven't used a wired mouse for some time and wasn't sure if I'd find it annoying but happily it hasn't bothered me at all. This mouse feels quality, is very responsive and well featured and a pleasure to use. A very impressive mouse.
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on 29 September 2013
When it came to replacing my G5 (the side buttons had started to come loose after a couple of years of being mashed) I initially went for a cyborg rat; which was a terrible idea as the mouse was a horrible shape and the main buttons felt really flimsy. After that fail I decided to play it safe and go for another Logitech mouse.

I ended up with the g500s, the grandson of the G5. After a couple of days I noticed that the high pitched whine I had been hearing (right on the edge of what I can hear) was actually coming from the mouse. Searching around it is apparently a common(-ish I haven't had this problem with my g5 or my previous mx518) complaint about with Logitech mice.

Whining noise aside it a great mouse; solid side buttons and a nice switchable mode scroll wheel. Also you can reassign the dpi switching buttons in this version of the software too; which is a nice upgrade from the previous version of the software. It's just a bit of a lottery; if you are unlucky enough to get one with a noisy capacitor like me you'll probably be less happy with your new mouse than you might otherwise be...
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on 14 January 2014
Full disclosure: I've always liked the Logitech gaming mouses. I used to
play with the wireless G7 and its wired brother the G5 for years.

I was looking for a good replacement of the G5 and the G500s
has the same look & feel. It also has the braided cable of the G5,
which keeps the cable straight & prevents it from becoming a tangled mess.

Furthermore the weight cartridge gives you some options to adjust the balance & weight
of the mouse, just like you could do with the good old G5. What has improved concerning
the G5?:

+ the surface has water resistant 'extra grip' coating that prevents the mouse
from getting greasy/moist when playing long hours
+ re-positioning of the DPI selector buttons to make them more accessible on the fly
+ dual mode mouse-wheel (very fast scrolling or normal)
+ increased DPI sensitivity (settings up to

- if you like 20 different programmable buttons on your mouse to do macro's, etc. then this mouse is not for you

My conclusion: If you are looking for a reliable, straight-forward gaming mouse then go ahead and buy this one.
The price should not be a deterrent, since this one will last you 4+ years. A worthy successor to the G5!

If you are looking for a mouse with lots of programmable buttons for macro's etc. (MMORPG-style) then there are better
options out there that cater to your needs.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I should admit up-front that I'm something of a part-time gamer - but I do use a gaming mouse full-time, they're my preferred control method because of the high accuracy and sensitivity (great for graphic and creative work) and because I like having multiple programmable buttons, which I can customise for use in different apps. I'm also a long-time Logitech user although I haven't always got along with Logitech's own drivers and software and in the past have used third-party utilities (for example USB Overdrive on Mac) to customise the controls and features. The newest version of Logitech's software is much better than before and I've been able to set up all the buttons, even the DPI adjustment buttons, the way I wanted. The Logitech app itself is a bit over-complex and hides some of its more useful options when they should be obvious (like how to include mouse-clicks in macros), but it's the first version of Logitech software I didn't uninstall and replace, so credit is due. This mouse can also store your personal configuration onboard, so if you move the mouse from one computer to another your personal setup moves with it - this is limited to a single configuration, but it's still very useful and it works cross-platform too, so you can move near-seamlessly from Windows to Mac and back again. Note that although the details say the mouse is Windows only it's also completely compatible with Mac, just download the latest software from Logitech's website - I'm using it mostly on Mac with no problems at all.

I've always imagined a scroll wheel which spins freely, like a flywheel, would be a great inclusion on a mouse because it would let you spin down to the bottom of a webpage in a single flick. Logitech have granted my wish and the G500s has exactly that - a free-wheeling scroll wheel which you can set spinning for up to 30 seconds with a single flick - it was Wednesday and I was bored and yes, I timed it. It does take quite a bit of getting used to, especially because it's very easy to nudge the wheel by mistake, but once you get the feel for it it's a fantastic way to fly up/down the screen with the greatest of ease. If you can't get used to it there's a switch to instantly re-engage the traditional click action of scroll wheels. Note the wheel also can be pushed left or right to nudge things onscreen left or right but this is quite slow to use, it only scrolls one line at a time and you have to keep tapping to keep things moving.

The extra weights which can be inserted into the mouse to achieve your preferred weight are a nice touch and do actually make more difference than you'd think - you can use them to control the overall momentum of the mouse as you slide it across your mouse pad and committed gamers or mouse-drivers like me will actually feel a difference. However, I ended up not using them at all, the mouse is nicely weighted for me straight out of the box.

Overall the mouse is extremely sensitive and highly accurate, just what I'd hope for and ideal for use with creative applications as well as in-depth gaming. The gritty texture on the side panels might take some getting used to, it does feel like your mouse got acne, but does improve grip a little. It takes a little time to configure all the buttons and settings to suit your work or play needs and the software doesn't always make it easy - but if you can open the origami-like packaging Logitech ship it in then you'll cope with all the configuration options. In the end the biggest compliment I can pay the G500s is to say it's proved itself a worthy replacement for my previous Logitech and is now my new full-time mouse of choice.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First off I would just like to say that this review is based on my use of this mouse on a Mac, the experience would probably be different on a Windows based machine so take this into consideration when you look at my star rating.

Packaging is always something that drives people mad when it is plastic form packaged and extremely frustrating to get at the item. There was no problem here. Packaged in a nice cardboard container the only plastic involved is easily removed by removing the flaps. This was already a good sign.

Once out I was quite surprised by the size. I am used to using a rather compact little wireless mouse and this dwarves it. Compared to a normally sized mouse it is a little taller and chunkier but when i tried it in my perhaps slightly larger than normal male hands it felt comfortable enough and there has obviously been some thought put into the shape of the mouse to maximise users comfort.

The wire is made from a fabric weave this is probably very durable and makes the mouse feel a little special when compared to the plastic coated wires.

The buttons, it has the standard left and right, mouse wheel which can also be pressed as a button. And then extra behind the wheel it has a button that can works as a an on off button, when you press it it stays pressed down and then press it again to release.There are two buttons two the left of the left click button and then on the side on the left three buttons. So ideal for a gamer.

I was taken by surprise by a cartridge that could be popped out from the bottom of the mouse with a several slots. I discovered this is for a set of weights to be placed in and you get a number of these weights in a very nice little tin provided with the mouse. You can use this to optimise the weight of the mouse for you, a feature I have never encountered before but am very impressed with.

Once you have set up the best weight for you, the mouse feels nice to use and glides over the mouse mat. The scroll wheel also has a very smooth motion, no click in it which you get in some other mice.

Okay now the part where it lets down mac users a little. And I am only giving four stars because of this. The mouse is not setup for the mac at all. When you plug it in the Apple auto detect, detects it as if it is a keyboard not a mouse so cannot attempt to auto set it up. The basic left and right button and wheel work as normal but none of the other buttons function. Going to their website there is software for windows users but nothing for the Mac. They advertise on Amazon's page useable for Windows and Mac at the top, but further down in more detailed information mention just the windows OS. Logitech for many years have over looked their mac customers and it feels a little bit of an oversight not to have all the functions on the mouse work whatever the operating system. I did manage to program most of the buttons after downloading a little program called USB Overdrive but this is shareware.

The mouse is really good and high quality, but I can only give 4 stars due to lack of mac support.
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VINE VOICEon 24 July 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I use my PC for a couple of things: Graphic design and gaming.

Now obviously this is aimed at gamers, but I've never really had a mouse with so many options before. I've been working a bog-standard optical mouse, with three buttons (including the scroll wheel), which has done me fine for both work and play.

Aesthetically it's over-the-top (Top Gun inspired?), but it does sit comfortably in my palm. Although, I think the grippy paintjob is gimmicky, I'm not a Counter-Strike champion suffering from sweaty palms - so I can't really comment.
The blue lights are a little silly. I'd turn them off if I could. But if you have a PC with blue lights, this could be the perfect look for you.

Anyway, the main thing I've noticed is how the precision is crazily accurate! I booted up Half-Life 2 for some nostalgia, and I never realized things could move so smoothly. The same goes with BioShock 2. Guess my old mouse really was out-dated.
I've noticed, while I'm working, that the improvement of accuracy in Creative Suite when designing is better. It's not making me a better designer, it's just that the cursor moves smoother than before when laying out designs.

The main advantage to this mouse, for me, is having loads of programmable buttons. These are pretty simple to set-up, and although I'm still adjusting to using them as opposed to keys, it does make game-play a little speedier. This will be more suited to FPS players, I imagine, but I look forward to using these buttons when I start playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, it might make things a little easier to control. (I played the closed Beta version, which ended just before I bought this).

The adjustable weights haven't really done much for me - although I appreciate Logitech are aiming at serious gamers. I've actually stuck the heaviest weights in here. I quite like that reassuring heaviness when moving the mouse, although some will prefer a lighter weight - and of course, that's the choice you have available.

One gripe though. It's doesn't work on Mac like it does on PC.
So, if I fancy playing Borderlands 2 on my Mac, I can't arrange buttons like I could on the PC. I can't use tem at all. Although, I do get to appreciate the accuracy of the laser - it's sharper than my Mighty Mouse.

If you're really into your gaming then you've probably already eyed one of these up. If you are a regular PC user, it won't give you any real benefits, aside from more accuracy.
I can't tell you how long-term this will work - if buttons start falling off then I'll update this review accordingly - but I'd say it covers the needs of any head-shooters out there, provided you're right-handed.
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