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on 18 April 2014
I have been using many gaming mice, and go used to Razer ones, but ever since they changed to green colour leds, I couldn't bear it. I switched to Logitech, and found this one. It appears diiferent on picture, than in reality. It has good and bad points. Hardware programming is very good idea, and quick sensitivity switching works very well, though software part could definitely improve. The roll is quite wobbly, and oversensitive when in smooth scroll mode. The overall size is bigger than most standard mice, and definitely doesn't fit into a hand as Razer ones do, and it was even painful to my wrist for the first week, but it just takes a bit time to get used to the new shape, and then it feels all natural.
The additional customisable weights are nice addition, and I found 3.4g has best balance of weight to speed, at least for me.
The material it is made of feels very cheap in touch, and almost as if it was coming off when rubbing with finger.
So far the mice didn't cause me any troubles, and works very well across all types of MMO/FPS I play, like WoT, PS2, EVE.
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on 23 December 2014
I bought the original G500 a few years ago and since then I convinced two more people to buy it. This is such a good mouse that I eventually bought me the new one, for one very good reason: it is exactly like the one it replaces. Now I have both, one for work and one at home. This new one maintains the excellent build quality, long use confort, dpi choice and hyper-scroll wheel. I can't imagine myself ever buying another mouse without that scroll feature. It's such a time waste to do that "scroll, scroll, scroll" movement when you can just "scroooooll" until you want it to stop, free of noise and effort. Why aren't all mouse like this, really? It's also very good looking and ergonimic. The best I've ever used.
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on 12 September 2013
If you used any of the previous versions of this mouse and liked it you wont be too disappointed, as its pretty much the same with a new paint job.

Doesn't seem to glide as smoothly as the older versions but also doesn't seem to suffer from the static build up problem with the buttons.

Same gimicky weight tray which doesnt really do anything for me.

Very good length and quality cable

Buttons are positioned well, has all you need for most gaming and surfing needs in terms of number of functions and the like. Is accurate and smooth.

Sadly for me is jsut does feel as good as the older ones did, doesnt feel quite so quality but cant quite put my finger on why.

Still probably amoung the best out there if you can afford it, but question over whether its really worth the money...
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on 8 April 2015
Really good mouse. Had an MS intellimouse for ages as i love the way it fits into my large hand. This one is very snug and ergonomic and has lots of buttons for those who need them. It also came with its own weighting system so you can make it heavier or lighter as you like.
I think you get many bangs for your buck with this solid piece of engineering. Logitech do make good peripherals in my experience and it's good to see them continue in this fashion.
Windows 7 - installed in a minute or so with no further input. Which i like, as i get annoyed by most of the crappy software that typically comes with these sort of things, which just try to resource hog your pc.....
5 star.

Note - it is for right handed people only, that's the way it's shaped.
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on 3 November 2014
A great mouse, I love it! Only slight issue is occasionally (rarely) it won't start up with windows. Not sure if it's the software or something else but it's very easily resolved so no drama there. Love the adjustable weight option too. The mouse is very responsive, much better than my old X3 Sidewinder which it replaced and I also like the option to 'free wheel' the wheel button for faster scrolling. Very customisable buttons using the software (which can only be downloaded online). I am very happy I bought this mouse :)
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on 14 January 2014
Full disclosure: I've always liked the Logitech gaming mouses. I used to
play with the wireless G7 and its wired brother the G5 for years.

I was looking for a good replacement of the G5 and the G500s
has the same look & feel. It also has the braided cable of the G5,
which keeps the cable straight & prevents it from becoming a tangled mess.

Furthermore the weight cartridge gives you some options to adjust the balance & weight
of the mouse, just like you could do with the good old G5. What has improved concerning
the G5?:

+ the surface has water resistant 'extra grip' coating that prevents the mouse
from getting greasy/moist when playing long hours
+ re-positioning of the DPI selector buttons to make them more accessible on the fly
+ dual mode mouse-wheel (very fast scrolling or normal)
+ increased DPI sensitivity (settings up to

- if you like 20 different programmable buttons on your mouse to do macro's, etc. then this mouse is not for you

My conclusion: If you are looking for a reliable, straight-forward gaming mouse then go ahead and buy this one.
The price should not be a deterrent, since this one will last you 4+ years. A worthy successor to the G5!

If you are looking for a mouse with lots of programmable buttons for macro's etc. (MMORPG-style) then there are better
options out there that cater to your needs.
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on 1 January 2015
Fantastic mouse, Very comfortable to use and nicely textured, would recommend wholeheartedly but for one flaw. The strange scrollwheel on this mouse means that in the "clicking" mode it feels very loose and undefined, rather like older Microsoft mice, the flywheel mode is useful in certain situations such as extremely long spreadsheets or webpages, but in that case i feel like there are other solutions, and these are not "gaming" applications. I'm perfectly OK with the design not being entirely tailored to gaming, as that can lead to some very ugly and less functional products, but the inclusion just feels strange, like they needed a gimmick to sell the mouse on, and for me that should really be the ergonomic shape and interesting texture.

Oh and if you owned and loved the G5 back when that came out, and aren't concerned about the scrollwheel, this is definately the mouse for you.
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on 31 March 2014
Great tracking, very accurate brilliant free wheel and clutch device, especially for browsing. Good for gaming, nice software to setup mouse. What spoils it is the button placement for the side button and dpi they are just not comfortable or fully accessible whereas my Rat7 mouse is nicely laid out and better designed ergonomically but it isn't as accurate as the logitech500s.
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on 27 February 2016
I've used this mouse for over a year now, still going strong after two power surges on my PC. However, the scroll sometimes will not function correctly and when I play games such as CS:GO it will lack ability to scroll and just spin instead of inputting that I had scrolled. This is why I give it four stars, but the product itself other than this minor issue is fantastic.
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on 25 February 2014
So, I'm a gamer but certainly not a hardcore one and was never much into super fancy stuff. My previous mouse was also Logitech (wireless) and I was satisfied of it quite a lot. It's side (where you put your thumb) has worn out and texture changed making it less comfortable but no surprise after couple of years pretty heavy use. I have therefore decided to buy a proper gaming mouse this time.

My choice went for this Logitech. Decent reviews here as well as on other websites. First impressions: really great mouse with all that "more expensive" look, feel and extra options.

Unfortunately, my first FPS game and I realise my fingers sweat due to that special non-sweating texture on sides of this mouse. What the...? Why does it happen? I haven't found a single information that other users' fingers sweat on this mouse. I do realise that it may be my fault (my fingers sweat more than others?) but I had never had a problem with any previous "simple" mouse I had. I really have no idea why it happens and am quite dissatisfied as it's obviously quite an issue. Thus I took whole 2 stars off the rate.

All other features are cool and I haven't noticed any other problems. The clicking sound could be quieter but it's probably me as I prefer really quiet keyboard/mouse clicks.
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