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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Legendary Edition|Change
Price:£9.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 13 June 2013
This is not a games review but an aid to anyone having problems installing the game on steam.

The glitch seems to happen when you own the original game and then try to install the Legendary version. Every time I tried to load the disk it would only load the standard game not the downloadable content. You will know that there is a problem because it wont ask for your activation code.

I spoke to Bethesda the game manufacturer and they have received a lot of calls about it. Listed below is how we sorted the problem.

1) If you find the extra content has not been installed uninstall the Skyrim game.
2) Open up the main Steam page by clicking the steam icon.
3) At the top left of the page to the left of "Help" is "Games" left click this and go down to "Activate a product on steam" start this process and input the activation code that came with the game.
4) Once the code has been accepted exit the setup this means that your new code has been accepted but the game has not been installed yet. If you don't cancel this setup it will try to download the whole game.
5) At the top left of the steam page is the word "Steam" left click this and go down to "exit" and left click it. It is important to shut the steam down.
6) Restart steam.
7) Open up the game disk. To do this in windows 7 left click the blue circular window icon and then lower left corner of you desktop click the "computer" icon. This should then bring up the drives on your machine.
8) Single left click not double click the drive that has your game is in and in the panel that pops up left click open.
9) Look through the files listed for the steam icon and double click it, this will load everything on your games disk including the extra content.

I hope that steam will sort the problem and none of this will be necessary.

I am sorry if this does not work for you. This advice is only give with best intensions to save you the phone calls & emails I had to make.

By the way the game is well worth the effort because it is amazing.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 July 2013
Internet Connection & Steam account required to activate.

Legendary Edition includes:
-The original Skyrim game.
-Official add-ons, Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn (plus added features like combat cameras, mounted combat, Legendary difficulty & Legendary skills).

The first thing that hits me about Skyrim, with my previous TES game experience, is that they have differed quite a bit from one another in the way they appear & play i.e TES3:Morrowind -> TES4:Oblivion . But now with Skyrim we have a bit more uniformity(although there are changes), so the transition to Skyrim is more like an updated version of Oblivion(Oblivion Mk 2). Although IMO it also has some sprinkles of Morrowind in it, like the size/scale of objects, buildings & the more featured faces etc.. are a better balance between MW-OB & some of the in game items, like the lanterns & rolls of paper you see dotted around, just conjured up memories of MW. It's like meeting an old friend again. Yet in this edition we are greeted with the cold & snowy backdrop of the Nord homeland of Skyrim, welcome.

In Skyrim things start out quite directly, no FMV intro, but more a style we have seen with games like Far Cry 2 &Deus Ex: Human Revolution opening sequences. So, we wake up in the back of an open topped wagon/cart, our hands bound, and at this moment all we can do is move the mouse around to get a picture of whats happening, as the countryside passes us by & we learn what is going on via the fellow passengers. Skyrim is in a revolt against the Imperials/Empire & our character for as yet unkown reasons has been sentenced to death. we get a very early introduction to Dragons! During the end of the opening sequence, in true TES fashion, we are given the opportunity to create our character(note: we don't get a 2nd chance to change our race etc.. like in OB. Only way to change is via console command "showracemenu" read about it for the side effects) & play a tutorial before our reins are cut, and Skyrim is at our mercy to explore.

I found to actually be a lot easier & quicker this time, dunno why TBH, normally takes me an hour, but only took me half that if not less. But the drawback being with this, as i mentioned above, is that initially when you finish customization & see yourself in game & maybe you don't like something, there is no way to change it, unless you restart over again, big oversight((note: You can change character appearance via console command "showracemenu" read about it for the side effects)). Aesthetically, there are a few new option sliders on the list. Scars which can be placed on the face, as can War paint & there is also some new eye color options, that can male your character look even more evil or unique(Mwahaha!). Faces & bodies appear more realistic & make OB's in hindsight look like a cartoon.

These are different, in that this time we don,t pick our skills from a list at the beginning. Instead what we do in the game i.e what skills we use the most, all 18 of them(yes, cut down again from Oblivion) add on experience levels to those skills until enough have increased to culminate in a Level Up. I do quite like this having tried it, as it molds itself to your play style, rather then being urged to pick skills at the start of the game. We now have Perks, one that we can add at each level up (or saved up & used later), similar to Fallout: New Vegas, which can be unlocked once you have achieved a requisite level in a skill tree. Picking your characters star sign is also done on the fly, as in game you come across various guardian stones that have the known star sign abilities on them i.e Warrior, Thief, Mage or The Lady etc... so you can change your sign as much as you like if you find the stone(s). Also from FNV, the kill cam appears for take downs/finishing moves when enemies health is low.

Some more new stuff includes, working, you can work at some jobs & get paid, like cutting wood or picking vegetables etc..(nice for Role Play). Smithing, tanning, smelting & cooking appear, a bit Gothic like. Smithing can make your character God like with huge armor bonuses, i think Oblivion did smithing better where you fixed armor that deteriorated with use & could get a nice, yet not God like bonus to armor stats. Alchemy is done at specific tables now(like Enchantment), rather then carrying an alchemy set, so no more making potions on the go(shame, as we all know how useful that was at times). You can befriend people by helping them do tasks or hire people to help you, then they will follow you & you can command them to do different tasks, although their actions are assumed as your own(they steal, you get arrested etc..). Buying homes is in, children appear for the first time & and marriage is also possible (optional). You can fast travel using the map, like in Oblivion, but now if you want to fast travel but keep within role playing, there are carriages that will fast travel you from the major town's to other major towns. Basically the Skyrim version of silt striders in Morrowind.

They are a much improved version of Oblivion's. They look really nice & more realistic then the previous game, although not that stunning it's an improvement, and in a few locations you cant help but be in awe of what lays in front of you. The scale of the people & buildings is a mixture between Morrowind & Oblivion, they aren't overly large, but maintain a slightly smaller scale, which reminds me of the niche MW style scale. The Presentation of weapons & magic is always refreshing, holding a new & realistic looking sword or spell crackling in your hand, try on that new robe or armor, or simply jump on that horse and ride!

One of the main new differences, and possible biggest flaws due to the game being a PC/console crossover, is the games user interface design & look. In that it is very obvious after a while of playing & interacting with characters & using conversation options, that the UI navigation is better suited for a console control pad than it is for a traditional mouse & keyboard, picking the right conversation option can be tiresome at times, as it selects the wrong option time & again. So those of us on PC have to grin & bare it sadly. Visually the UI has gone from the dusty scroll like appearance from OB/MW as we look through our inventory etc.. we now have a new modern, yet sterile design that doesn't aim to try & immerse you(oh well). What it does bring though, is a new way of presenting Objects we collect, this is a plus & really brings them to life, as we can rotate objects 360 degrees to see every mark, scratch & in some cases clues to solving a puzzle on an item(couldn't we have both ?).

These have been an interesting experience. There are your staple, basic fetch & carry quests, but there is more to questing than before. You can have quests thrust upon you via couriers or chance meetings, sometimes in caves/ruins you may find NPC's that need help or stumble across an expedition's notes, whom has fallen fowl to the inhabitants of the exploration site & reading about what happened to them etc...generally more of a feel that the game world is populated. But it seems improvements come with a small downside, in that guild's main quests are shorter & arguably not as good stories as the last game, albeit interesting, but not as memorable. Apart from the more open world, there are some other parts that try to make up for this.

Some of the quests do actually have puzzle elements to them, where you have to check special items in your inventory for clues, or use the paintings on the walls in caves for clues on how to open a door etc.. without setting off traps. I do really like some touches to the guilds, particularly the Thieves Guild's "shadowmarks", which when you join the guild & read the book of the same name, you'll see symbols placed outside shops & homes, that correspond to if the place is good to rob or under protection form the guild etc.. a nice touch i thought, one i am appreciating now 9 months after i first bought the game.

Skyrim itself is HUGE! and you can stand in one spot & see the land lead off & disappear into the vast distance, it's scale just simply feels like you ARE in another World & you'll be tempted to walk everywhere. I recommend this, as although it does feel huge when looking on the map or visually from the top of a mountain, when you travel by foot or horse yourself, you soon realize that places aren't that far apart form each other in reality. Plus, you can come across many discoveries by walking the plains of Skyrim.

The music sounds excellent, i have it turned on most of the time now as it is so good, although i do prefer to listen to the ambiance of the world. The voice acting is excellent on the whole, although there are some critic's of the sound of the voices used of particular races, which i agree with some, like the Nord's sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger & Dunmer... Dick Van Dyke British accents. It's nice to hear that there are are a wide, wide range of voice actors in on this, some i recognised from previous TES/Bethesda games, and i am sure i recognise the guy from the Thief games, the one who voices the guards ? taffer!!!. So this helps make each person that bit more unique when you encounter them(unlike with Oblivion's reused voice list, where it was a bit like talking to clones). Ambient sound is also excellent, if you close your eyes & listen to the running water, wind in the air, chatter of locals or crackling of fires, you'd actually believe you were there.

Overall I am very pleased with the game to date, although i do feel let down with the PC's UI navigation & a few dumbing down changes that have been made(i.e no more character screen, open lock spell, spell creation , hand to hand perk tree etc... and the fact that some skills like lockpicking are virtually useless due to how it easy it is), thus i am knocking off half a star due to these etc... Technically I haven't had any major problems running the game, now having played 100+ hours, a few random CTD(crash to desktop, so save regularly, F5's quciksave is your friend) and in game a few bugs/glitches. Patches & mods have helped a lot, i recommend SkyrimNexus for mod's, which iv'e been using as it fixes some aspects of the game, in some cases.

In conclusion, Skyrim is certainly worth getting into, with the new patches, many mods & DLC. Being an open ended game, it's no surprise you get good value for money considering the time you can lose yourself in it. Even though continued play gets boring after a while(and i'm talking serious amounts of time), it's a game that i go back to again after some short breaks & i always find that one new thing that makes it's worthwhile, but you can't shake that niggling feeling at times with missing pieces, like the omission of the hand to hand combat skill tree, that just makes you wonder what they were thinking in some aspects. 4.5/5 Recommended.
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The ELDER SCROLLS series has given us a number of masterpieces over the years. Morrowind will always remain etched on my brain whereas Oblivion has offered a vast world I found myself immersed into for hours at no end. Following up on footsteps of such giants is never easy. And yet the 5th installment of the series, SKYRIM, still managed to impress and ensnare me.

For SKYRIM, Bethesda will only take up 6GB on your HDD and with that the game designers created a literally endless world, with extremely long drawing distances, high mountains, passing clouds, dark forests, foliage moving to the wind and water trickling in streams. Everything you see in the horizon is actually accessible. Now, compare that to the ...21GB RAGE takes up for a much, much more small and visually limited world to realize what was accomplished with SKYRIM. The world is absolutely huge - and it feels real.
The graphics are gorgeous, almost realistic. Sure, I could do with somewhat more detailed textures when it comes to clothing (they look much better in the inventory than when worn) as well as a more bold color palette (besides grasses, there are also colorful wildflowers, Bethesda); however, the imaginative design of the items and equipment, the natural movements of the characters and the way light and shadows play with each other all the time more than make up for these shortcomings. The game is as beautiful as it is deep and endless.

Each hand has its own menu. You can go with sword and shield or spell and weapon, dual weapons or dual spells (yes, spells can be combined - and the spell effects are very impressive, especially the frost and thermal ones!). Ana always keep in mind: some Words have power beyond any comprehension.
The camera is very accommodating and both First-Person and Third-Person views are available. It will take some time before you settle into your own fighting style but once that is done the game mechanics will feel like second nature to you. Yes, the finishing moves reminded me of Fallout 3 however, it would not be fair to claim that SKYRIM is the mere cross between FALLOUT 3 and OBLIVION.
SKYRIM was much anticipated and its gameplay does not disappoint in any way.

This is true to all living things and it also true in SKYRIM. In the beginning of the game you only get to choose what your hero looks like. How you then play the game will determine what class and what abilities your hero will acquire.
The skills you use the most are the ones you are actually getting better at. You can also increase your skills by skill training and reading a skill book. Leveling up heals your hero (health and magicka) and you can unlock a skill perk and increase one attribute reserve (health, stamina or magicka) by 10 points. Both the enemies you encounter and the loot you find level up with you, however there are areas designed to be almost impossible to lower level heroes. A word of advice: until you are powerful enough, avoid going up into the mountains. I had to learn this the hard way!
There are Achievement you earn but this is what I found beautiful: as you progress the game creates constellations corresponding to your skills and perks and, so, you can see your character make its mark, well, in the sky of SKYRIM.

I usually do not pay attention to the sounds of a game. The less I notice them, the more natural they usually are. In SKYRIM both the ambient and action sounds are so well made that they stand out at first. After a while you take them form granted and blend into the background - yet they keep adding greatly to the total immersion. Draw a sword, deflect an arrow with your shield or walk in a narrow corridor and you will see what I mean.
Moreover, the background music, whenever cued, is also epic and majestic, like a medieval liturgy choir chanting about your deeds. One name should describe its impact: Jeremy Soule.
The towns are alive with people going about their daily chores - however, I have to admit that I found The Witcher II to be much better in this aspect. Nevertheless, paying attention to what NPCs have to say has its own rewards. Not only can you get lore and valuable information and even quests but you can even gain skill improvements out of this. Care has been taken to create a great number of NPC phrases in order to avoid having to endure the same phrase repeated over and over. Well, although not very pronounced, after some hours of gameplay this has not been avoided entirely. A minor annoyance. I can understand how town talk is much harder to run through the Creation Engine than items and quests.

Recently we have all seen how bad a Digital Distribution system can be ([coughs!] ORIGIN!) so STEAM may seem pretty benign to some by now. Nevertheless, let's not lose perspective. This is still an OnLine DRM scheme. I usually deduct a full star from any game that withholds ownership of our games by tying it to a unique online account. So far I had made a single exception, with Shogun II. I decided SKYRIM to be the second.
I still have to warn the gamers who are careful with what DRM schemes they will allow to their computers since the game does require STEAM to run (yes, even the retail version). An informed decision can now be made. However, I could not bring myself to give this masterpiece anything less than a perfect score.

SKYRIM is a game that will draw you in its world, enchant you with its beauty, mesmerize you with its endless horizons, offer you a huge number of ever branching quests and, yet, leave you wanting for more. Each time you play it is unique and the paths not taken will keep bringing you back again and again. Even if they are uphill and narrow.


(*) Ended relationships not included. May induce expulsion to couch for an indefinite period of time. Real gamers do not use skooma.
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on 24 January 2014
I am hooked on Skyrim. This edition (Legendary) also contains three other add-ons, and I only paid £16 delivered, so surprised to see it has risen in price now. Having played all the previous games in the Elder Scrolls series, I was anxious to get my hands on this latest one, but was initially put off by having to go through Steam. As my BB connection is less than reliable I was concerned I wouldn't get to play much. However,one of the gamers on Amazon told me you can play offline once registered, and the game loaded up a treat. I have been playing since it arrived, but only nibbled at the edges really, it is a real epic. If you've played Oblivion, Anniversary edition you'll know how beautiful PC gaming can be. Well, take a further leap forward with Skyrim - wonderful landscapes that make you want to ride your horse over to that distant horizon. The skies are wonderful too. Weather and time of day are faithfully rendered. Riding the horse seems to be a lot easier than in Oblivion, which means you can initially use them to get around quicker. You can also fast travel to places you have been before, saving a lot of slogging over old territory. The journal and map also make it easier to trace where you should be going. Ports have transport boats, and it is up to you what you want to tackle next. You can also mine various ores and use them to forge your own armour and weapons at the blacksmiths dotted around. If you really get stuck on a mission, just google it and you will usually find the answer. Can't wait to get back to tackling those dragons!
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on 8 January 2014
This is my first foray into the world of Skyrim and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Unlike many games today which seem to be geared up for multiplayers and be very short for the single player, Skyrim has provided me with hours of gameplay and I have only reached level 10! From the excellent guide, it seems I have many more levels to look forward to. This legendary edition is excellent value for money and I can see many more hours of enjoyment from this game with its brilliant graphics and storyline. If you are fed up with expensive games with only a few hours of single player action, this is the game for you.
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on 23 September 2015
Every one knows what the elder scrolls series is like they are totally amazing to say the least but i have only given it 4 stars because it still has to be played through steam and as such still has its crash issues i have played it on the pc for about 240 hours now and reach a level of 1,200 however i played the same game on the ps3 with no crash issues got to level 4,000+ so it shows just how much steam can affect your game bethesda can and do go that much further when creating this type of game they are renowned for their rpg games if you are reading this and you have not played skyrim for the price it is selling for now it is well worth purchasing a copy i hope this review is helpful to any one wanting to play a good rpg video game
review image
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on 5 April 2014
This is the best game I have ever played! The lore and immersion is great and the storyline is one of the best in any game at the moment. The combat and overall game is brilliant, but after a while the game becomes a bit boring and repetitive. What annoys me is that most quests end up being; go into this dungeon/bandit fort/dragon peak mountain and kill lots of undead zombies and then find what we sent you for and at the end fight a tough opponent like a dragon priest and find a dragon word wall. There are still fun parts like the shouting and taking an arrow to the knee, but it does get repetitive as I said. Still, I'd say you have about 250 hours of gameplay before it gets boring. The add-ons are also exactly what the game needed - new content. But they were all finished in about 75 hours. N.B. Leave the civil war quest to the end of the game; 200 hours plus, by which time you should have over 100 level (if you make skills legendary). Then use console commands to use over 10 followers - SOOO FUN! Also, very rewarding when working on a house of your own in Hearthfire.
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on 29 March 2015
It would be 5 stars if not for Steam. Gone are the days where you PAY for the original game and just need to install and play. Now they force you to install something else, whether it's Steam, Origins etc. Oh god, I really hate having to give up additional memory and bandwidth for these extra clutter. And all the account names and passwords, how the heck am I going to remember all that crap plus other crap we have got for everything from work to utilities....That said game is great but I have been buying fewer and fewer games lately because of their marketing strategy which is alienating customers. Again, if you are a Morrowind and Oblivion fan, you will love this.
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on 3 August 2016
This is a game I should have bought years ago. With a central mission Skyrim is packed with an enormous number of side missions. These offer tremendous depth to the game as well as being necessary to build up the skill levels required to tackle the main task. The game never ends, even when the main task is done. Further, some choices (such as joining the rebellion against the Empire) mean that others are closed (joining the Imperials to crush the rebellion) meaning you can start again to play the game in a very different way. As if that was not enough the scenery is superbly done with details down to realistic fish swimming in rivers or leaping rapids, butterflies, weather effects, excellent audio depending on the surface being walked on etc. I also liked the ability to swap between First Person and Third Person action.
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on 16 November 2014
Great game! I don't play many computer/video games these days (not much time) but this game makes you want to play again, great graphics and so atmospheric - you DO feel totally immersed in that world. And it's just MASSIVE! So many side quests as well as the main ones. Sometimes i do leave it for a while before picking it back up again but always a joy to come back to. The longevity therefore is very good as it are it's controls.
Being the PC version it does have to be played through the "Steam" program where you must have an account set-up with, a little annoying but that's the industry and software in general these days - you always have to register with everything which I dispise. That said the Steam portal allows you to save acheivements and see the game progress and allows updates. And, most thankfully, you CAN still play it offline so if you wish to play the game on holiday, like i was, where there is no Internet connection it is possible to do so :-)
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