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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset for PC
Price:£119.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 28 November 2013
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The first thing thats jumps out at you is that these headphones actually look good, they're actually quite sleek; like they've actually been designed with a particular aesthetic in mind. Unlike the vast majority that you can tell are gaming headphones from a mile off. And to finish it off the looks are backed up by a quality build with a sturdy setup.

Another feature of note (there's a few) is the three swappable bands depending on head size which is really an excellent idea, you don't realise how much difference actually being able to change the contour of your headphone pad makes to overall comfort and also sound.

The USB cable is more than long enough for most desktop setups, unless for some reason you operate very far away from your PC (not supported by OSX).
The surround sound feature is backed up by the fact that you can hear no sound whatsoever from outside, so its a fully immersive gaming experience. The sound quality itself is very crisp, with a nice bass and very good mids for a gaming headset.

The microphone is also an instrument of quality, its sturdy, folds away compactly when not needed. The buttons on the side of the set are exactly what is best for your gaming with easy to distinguish volume wheel and microphone mute button, its actually refreshing that Logitech thought about this simple thing as some wireless headphones and gaming headphones I've owned in the past you have to take it off to see what button your pressing.

Like all of Logitech's gaming range (including mouse) it is really in your benefit to download the companion software to really get the best out of the set; controlling sound, the customisable keys, the actual surround mixer to really tailor your experience. There is also a voice changer so you can basically convert the sound of your voice, a bit shady but whatever you're into I suppose.

So all in all this is definitely the best gaming headset I have owned, and I've had a few.
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on 15 January 2014
So after having these for almost a month i am loving the headset most comfy headset i have ever worn and i have had many.

The price was not too bad and the build quality is really good.

Good build quality
Very Comfy
Tons of Features
Programmable buttons

The programmable buttons are easy to hit by accident

Over all this is a great head set.
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on 28 November 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Although these are clearly aimed at gamers, I have found them great for watching TV, listening to music from CD/mp3/radio and so on. The only source that didn't quite sound right was classical music, but that's to be expected. Bass is meaty, which is great for most games. The surround sound makes games like Battlefield sound like a warzone, with bullets going past your head and gravel showering down after an explosion. These are definitely the best gaming headphones I've yet tried.

Build quality is good, with decent quality plastic and comfortable padding. The mic is much better than the cheap ones you normally find on headsets, which good clarity even when the headphones are very loud.

Overall a very nice gaming headset.
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on 16 April 2017
5 stars
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on 28 August 2015
While the sound quality, both in terms of what I hear and the microphone, has been great I cannot recommend this headset. The first pair I got broke within 3 months, some plastic on the right side seemed to simply shatter under normal use leaving the right cup/can hanging loose. Amazon customer service was, as always in my experience, great and sorted me out with a replacement pair, but a bit more than a month later those are starting to break in an eerily similar way, with plastic on the right connection starting to chip and break away for no apparent reason, this time it's in a slightly different location (outer side rather than inner) and so far they are still working and wearable, but I'll be seeking a refund so that I can look into other products.
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on 28 April 2015
This will be my second pair of these headphones. My last pair I have had for about 5 years I think. They have been excellent. For the sound they produce and the comfort they get 5/5. There are a few points to note that brings their score down.

1) The ear pads start to flake after a couple of years which I guess would happen anyway. This did not make them any less comfortable so I can't really complain about this.

2) The drivers, oh dear. I did not use the software on my old pair hence, I did not benefit from the surround sound, which did not bother me as the sound was good anyway. I am using the drivers on the new ones so I can use the surround sound, which is excellent when it works. There are known issues with logitech drivers and over software. In my experience I have problems playing certain games (the game crashes) so for these games, I am unable to use the software so can't use the surround sound. There can also be a "cackling" noise when using more than one program at the same time (team speak and a game) but only when using the surround sound. I have to say though, the stereo sound these produce are excellent so it has never been a problem for me not using surround sound.

3) The third is issue is to do with amazon. They cheekily sent me this product which had clearly either been used or previously returned as it turned up loose, in a big white box and was poorly packaged. The headset had finger prints all over it too. To amazons credit they immediately dispatched me a new one the following day which was brand new in it's correct packaging so I think they just got their order slightly mixed up.

In closing, I really like this product and it's an excellent head set, one of the best out there for the price range. It's simple, easy to use and does a good job. It's a shame the drivers slightly let them down but this is not a major issue for me. If this pair last me 5 years like the old pair did, then great. I should also mention, my old pair still work and I could probably still get a lot of use out them, I just wanted a nice new pair to go with my nice new PC so the old ones I have are still going strong, I will keep them in case I need to use them in future.
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on 3 November 2013
While the sound quality and microphone quality is amazing there is a single fault that no other reviewer has brought up, the thin plastic strip that links the earphones to the headpiece, these are prone to break easily! I bought a pair of these and after a drop there was a crack in this plastic, which will then slowly deteriorate until the headphone is hanging lose, when I tried to point out that this was a flaw to the retailer I was told it wasn't covered as it was accidental damage. After some thought I bought a second pair at my expense after being extremely careful, in a single moment involving my phone headphones being tangled with this headset and pulling it off the desk to a 3 feet fall, the crack is there again. Another 100 pounds down the drain. You have been warned!
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on 4 December 2015
It's a good headset. The sound quality is good, as is the surround sound. On Windows 10 however, it is let down a bit by the Logitech Gaming Software's Drivers.

The most recent build of the gaming software changes this, so that instead of recognising it as a set of surround sound speakers, it is recognised as a headset. This sounds like what one would want, however for me, upon installing these new drivers, the volume on the headset dropped by about 50%, yet the system had it set to 100%. Additionally, I could no longer select the unit and view its properties.

These problems have been rectified since I rolled back to a previous version of Logitech's Gaming Software. However, this is not ideal. The software in itself is excellent, but the drivers bundled with it, not so much.

All-in-all, I'm happy. I got this at a deal price of £42. At this price, I can recommend this headset. At its usual, full price however, I cannot recommend it until Logitech releases some better drivers for Windows 10.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 October 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
♦ Brief ♦

Logitech's G35 headset will deliver a great experience to PC gamers who are striving for not only high-quality sound, but also comfort for those long gaming sessions.

This headset offers 7.1 Dolby surround sound for all those audiophile needs, a high quality microphone, three easy access & customisable buttons as well as three different sized headband cushions to optimise comfort.

♦ Box Contents ♦

G35 Headset (wired - USB) | Headband cushions: thin (already attached), medium & thick | Instruction manual.

♦ First Impressions ♦

When first handling the headset, I got a real sense of quality from the whole headset, be it from the braided wire, the ultra soft cushioned headbands/ear-cups, to the whole exterior which has a really nice feel to it.

After trying on the headset, I felt the default thin cushion on the headband was sufficient padding, so after trying them all out, I went for the medium sized one which made wearing the headset extremely comfortable.

♦ Set-Up ♦

For best results, you will want to download the 'Logitech Gaming Software' program which can be found on Logitech's official website.

Once on there, go to the "Support" tab, click on "Support + Downloads" > "Gaming" > "G35 Surround Sound Headset" > "Downloads" > "Download Software".

Downing this software takes up 55MB worth of space, and the installation process is extremely straight forward.

Once you've installed the software (by the end of this you should have the headset plugged in), you can load up the software to customise many things such as:

1) Customise buttons 'G1', 'G2' & 'G3': Settings can be from toggling music tracks, to game specific actions such as returning to base.

The software actually scanned my computer to see what games where installed to optimise the settings available, which is pretty awesome.

Also, the buttons seem to have no latency at all.

2) Sound adjustment: Here you can adjust your microphone & audio volumes as well as opening an advanced mixer for those who know their audio.

3) Surround sound mixer: Test the surround sound and adjust to your needs.

4) Voice avatars: Basically, you can adjust what your voice sounds like.

♦ Comfort, Controls & Sound ♦

Probably the longest session I've used these for was around three hours and I had very minimal discomfort by the time I took them off, and I believe this is down to a few factors; first, the ear-cups go completely OVER my ears, so nothing is pressing down on them. Next would have to be the ear-cups & headbands pads, they're really soft which add to the extra comfort. Finally, they're very lightweight.

The controls on the headset are easily accessible so it doesn't take much time at all to know exactly where they are. All the controls are located on the exterior of the left ear-cup, these range from the three customisable command buttons, followed by a volume-wheel, a mute button and a surround on/off slider.

To test the microphone quality I had used it's own software to test the output which sounded really crisp, however unfortunately I've had no one on the other end to tell me what the quality sounds like to them.

As for the sound, utterly pleased with the quality, absolutely top-notch! Not only for gaming, but music too!

♦ Overall Opinion ♦

Logitech's G15 really is a solid piece of kit, it's been a real pleasure using these and it's definitely something I would recommend to people.

Whilst the headset may seem a little pricey, I honestly believe you're getting your money's worth.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 4 April 2015
Absolutely incredible headset. Mic is clear as day, and also has noise cancelling to avoid and background noise while you are chatting. I use this for basically everything, from listening to music (the bass is insane if that's what you're into) to gaming marathons on teamspeak. My PC is not very high powered at all but the super clear sound provided by this headset makes it all so much better. I haven't had a chance to use the surround sound yet other than the test function that comes with the software. The software is digital download only (no CD included) via the logitech website. The buttons on the side of the headset are tetherable to basically anything you want. I use them for soundboard buttons on teamspeak but you can use them for lots of other things. The software is actually very good and I would recommend installing it (I say this because some software that comes with stuff like this is terrible but this isn't the case).
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