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4.4 out of 5 stars
Iron Man 3
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on 4 May 2013
Brian Tyler is the third composer in the Iron Man film franchise. I wasn't a huge fan of Ramin Djawadi's effort for the first IM film, although I did like John Debney's score for IM2 despite the fact that a lot of the music got lost in the overall mix. For me, this is easily the best IM score to date and is a sensational orchestral/choral album from start to finish. I should also note that previous themes by Djawadi and Debney don't feature, although I wouldn't consider this a terrible loss if truth be told. However, the more rock/electronic aspects of the previous scores have been largely ignored, so those of you who liked this, particularly Djawadi's material from IM1 may be disappointed. I should also mention that this review is regarding the actual orchestral score as heard in the film - for those of you who want a compilation of rock songs inspired by the film (the thought of which makes me shudder) should look here instead - Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall.

You know from the opening track "Iron Man 3" this is going to be a blast. People with pacemakers and those on medication for high blood pressure beware - if this doesn't get the blood pumping I don't know what will. This theme is used regularly on the album in various guises, but is not overused to the point of annoyance. There are 20 tracks on the album and I won't mention them all in detail. Besides the epic opening track, other highlights for me were the slower tracks "Isolation" (Track 4) and "Extremis" (Track 7), and some of the more action based material of "Attack On 10880 Malibu Point" (Track 3), "Dive Bombers" (Track 5) and "Battle Finale" (Track 19) was just epic. Regardless of what I think, the important point is that the quality of the music across the entire album is consistently high.

Running in at just over 75 minutes, this is an above average length for a soundtrack release (and Tyler is known for being generous regarding the running time of his album releases). The sound quality and mixing is great as you would hope. The album flows well because whilst the majority of the album is more action based, it is interspersed with slower tracks. The track lengths themselves are decent (ranging from just short of 2 minutes to just over 7 minutes). This allows the music to develop over the course of the track rather than ending before it ever got going. A minor point perhaps but I think part of what makes a good album is how it is presented. A final point on this, Tyler is known for choosing to order the tracks for the best listening experience rather than the chronological order of when they appear in the film and this approach works perfectly on this release.

As always there may be music that appears in the film that is not present on the album. I haven't seen the film yet so cannot comment on this directly, although my experience with Tyler's previous albums suggests that all the best material from the film will feature on the album.

Overall, this is my favourite Iron Man soundtrack to date, and this is certainly helped by the fact that Iron Man has been given a bold and memorable theme. If you haven't got it by the end of the album, you really haven't been trying! For me, this is album ticks every box for what a summer blockbuster soundtrack should be. It oozes quality without ever taking itself too seriously and despite the fairly long running time, maintains your attention throughout. If you liked the music within the film and have any appreciation for orchestral soundtracks this is one to get. Anything less than 5*s would be a travesty and I really hope he continues with franchise in the future.
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on 16 May 2013
Having set the tone in Iron Man 1, Ramin Djwadi gave Tony Stark and Iron Man an upbeat rock vibe with an AC/DC inspired heavy guitar style.
John Debney deftly followed with a rousing score for Iron Man 2 which gave some very memorable tracks, my favourite being the Monaco Grand Prix suitcase scene with Debney's score to accompany the visuals I though it was truly stunning.
Brian Tyler comes charging out of the gate with a track that not only gives Tony Stark a wonderful theme unique to this film's tone but he also balances the lighter moments without bringing too much bombast to every track.

This album is a brilliant accompaniment to the film and a must for anyone's soundtrack collection.
2 of my favourite tracks are "Stark" and "Heat and Iron"

I bought this CD from Amazon.com because after the fiasco with Intrada not releasing The Avengers score in the UK, I feared the same would happen with this soundtrack, luckily it's readily available from Amazon.co.uk and at a fantastic price, don't hesitate in buying this CD it's fantastic.
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on 24 May 2013
this is a fine piece of crafted work for this kind of movie. in the strictest sense of reviewing a movie score, i wouldnt say it screams iconic themes you will whistle, Tyler is no Williams but then JW would have tackled this is such a profoundly different way ,its basically never a fair ride to compare any composer with his work.
but its a fine effort. is it as good as Debney or Djawadi's score??? id say it fell somewhere imbetween and maybe this leans harder on being a full on trailer music album than a score, but it captures the feel of the movie, it drives the movie at a hot pace and this is what the story required. their was rarely a dull moment in Iron Man 3. its more subdued scenes are few and far between so in all fairness, the aggressive dominant full on horn section, multi layered extra large percussion works here.
It is a VERY commercial modern score. it plays hard on all the previous ground work Zimmer has laid down for 20 years of that there is no denying.
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on 22 December 2013
[...] It's tempting to call this a guilty pleasure - until you realise there's nothing guilty about. Large orchestral writing, creative use of synths and percussion, and a magnificent main theme. What is not to like? Well, it is very loud for a lot of the time. And when it's not loud, it is still quite oppressive. Most of the score is incredibly hyperactive with only a few moments of respite (again a bit like Tyler's "Now You See Me"); and with the album coming in at a whopping 76 minutes it does eventually become a little tiring. Simply skipping a few tracks solves that issue. There is intelligent writing going on here. The orchestra delivers a powerhouse performance; and the clear mixing ensures we get to hear every last detail of it. Easily the blockbuster score of the year to date. [...]

Read the full review at [...]
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on 25 July 2013
Brian Tyler is definitely a genius, if you have listened the music of the previous films in which appears the Iron Man you will find bits of the scores inside this music, but he also made a revolution in the score of the Iron Man, using Drums instead of guitars and brass to build, at last, a great theme for the superhero. The whole soundtrack is great listening even without images, many loveable bits and pieces, my favourites, Isolation, The Mechanic, Stark, Dive Bombers, New Beginnings, Can you dig it and Iron Man 3.
Absolutely fantastic for commuting, walking, running relaxing and also working on your computer.
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on 30 October 2013
This soundtrack features some great film music, and includes that catchy retro track from the credits sequence. Recommended to anyone who watched the film and, like me, couldn't get the awesome main theme out of their heads.
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on 4 July 2013
Brian Tyler's most fun score to date with fantastic action cues and a full on seventies themed theme tune to round things off at the end. Finally one of the Marvel characters gets a catchy theme tune!!! : D
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on 17 May 2013
There was nothing about this soundtrack that I disliked. It was perfect from start to finish, & I've been listening to almost nothing else since buying it.
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on 21 June 2014
A fantastic product, exactly what you wish for. Its defiantly worth all the money you buy it for, you couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else!
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on 12 April 2014
What a brilliant score to a wonderful action movie five stars in my book, full of rousing music to bring back images of the movie.
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