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Tomorrow's Harvest
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 15 February 2018
I'm surprised it took me this long to get it. It's a BOC album, much like the others. It's good. It takes a while to settle in. It's perhaps darker. But it has its moments of glory. It just took me a while to figure it out.

The melodies aren't so obvious and I think they've moved beyond a pretty melody to hold up what they're trying to say. But this album has grown on me.
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on 9 August 2013
Seven long years since the Trans Canada Highway EP. Then the strange change on the website 'transmisiones...' and then flickers of news finally giving way to the Boards 4th full album.
I got it over a month ago, and it has not stopped, suiting the unusual still heat of the summer we have been getting. Looking through the sleeve booklet you'll find fairly typical 70's style photos yet most , when thought of as a continuous piece seem to paint a picture of surveillance in a world that seems dusty and shattered.
So the music! Well to say 'brilliant' is too easy. Its great too of course, but not in the way that 'heroes' by bowie is a great song for this is captivating in a whole different way. So different that frankly I'm not sure why its great, only that it is so immersive and its not letting go!
It begins with a 70's style tv broadcast announcement 'jingle' and thrusting us into gemini; with lush bass and radio frequencies, alluding to my theory on the surveillance theme, and at which point 'the campfire headphase' is already a distant dream and I'm nearer to a 'beautiful place out in the country'. Except this is not beautiful, this is dark.
Reach for the dead, has that unmistakeable BoC bass with a rich depth of sound pulsating almost from the heart of the earth itself. This, to me, is one of BoC's most sublime moments; there is much time at the beginning of this track where nothing particularly happens, its all in the tones before the beat and pace picks up then dumps you and leaves you, (well, me anyway) feeling bewildered.
White Cyclosa is a spider apparently, (I didn't know), and here it is coming, creepng up quite fast, and then pounding....
Escape onto 'jacquard causeway' with its throbbing relentless beat and classic Boards sound, distorted yet wonderfully melodic . I could go on, but you should find out for yourself and go on your own journey with it, I don't know where it leads, it hasn't finished with me yet but its the best BoC journey yet.
While Geogaddi has been my favourite album and 'a beautiful place....' my favourite ep this could uproot both. It certainly follows on better from those and perhaps some of 'twoism' and 'music has the right' than the 'campfire...' whch I still struggle with.
So is it all brilliant? Well, I don't particularly like 'palace posy' to the point I don't even know what its doing here, its title and clumsy rhythm jar against my vision of what's going on with this album.... although the track does get better at the end! Cold Earth is standard Boards so it gets no prizes either, but then you get moments of genius like the achingly hauntingly beautiful 'split your infinties', and 'come to dust' amongst others that make it, on balance, brilliant!!
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on 18 June 2013
After an 8 year hiatus comes the new BOC effort. Like many an electronica band, not every track hits the mark dead-solid-perfect, but many do.

TOMORROW'S HARVEST may seem patchy at first, but repeated listening quickly demonstrates their trademark intelligence, cultural savvy and brilliant sound design. REACH FOR THE DEAD has to rank amongst the best tracks this year. COLD EARTH recalls the best of GEOGADDI, whilst NOTHING IS REAL and COLLAPSE hark back to their earlier, lower-tech roots. It's closed out by the strangely compressed expansiveness of SEMENA MERLVYKDH....and....so.....until the next time....

....Welcome back Boards Of Canada....
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on 4 June 2018
Really good ambient/chillout electro piece. If you're looking for the track they used on Top gear during their jolly into the Chernobyl exclusion zone - it's in here !
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on 11 July 2013
I can sympathise with most opinions here wether 1 or 5 star. As younger men they created sounds haunting, remorse filled and often joyfull too. The world has changed since BoC first came onto the scene and mostly for the bad. I have a notion that they are sensitive to these changes which is reflected in this offering to us and as such I personally don't subcsribe to the view that they have taken advantage of their 8 year hiatus and used it as a marketing ploy for a weak/ indifferent album. There are times on this album that absorb me totally, when the sounds seem to permeate my body and being as has been the case with prevoious BoC albums. There are also little bits that can annoy me. But whereas with some other artists those annoying bits always annoy, they diminish over time with BoC. On the whole a marvelous achievement.
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on 10 July 2013
I'm a new listener to this group and read some reviews before buying it, hoping it would be interesting! I usually buy obscure, undefinable, intellectual modern music that needs to be challenging to my ears to be worth the effort! I love 'Godspeed You Black Emperor'and Scandinavian jazz/ rock fusion for example! I was looking for another challenge but did not find it here! However,it is interesting,tuneful and reasonably apocalyptic! It repays repeated listening and there are some earworm tracks!
I am in a quandary as to what to buy next of the BOC offerings. Anyone got any advice as to their more difficult pieces? I'm not interested in hippy trippy!
Please help me in my latest quest!
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on 10 August 2013
This album is empowering for the times we live in, it actually feels like a pre apocalyptice piece, then takes you through the upheavel and beyond and provides hope and safely hidden recesses here and there. The skits are like dissarrayed transmissions from some underground bunker that just about has the resources to communicate - the vibe of this album is like surviving on whatever resources are available - it may not make sense to all, but I think some of you will understand this album and its beautifully crafted struggle that provides relation to and hope for these uneasy and unsure times we live in, where the future outcomes remain a mystery - though its not difficult to feel that we may have to go through something immense to get to where we wanna be, a better place - tomorrows harvest.... and this album is the soundtrack........
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on 18 January 2014
I love Boards of Canada and this is just brilliant from start to finish. I play it through my audio technica LP-240 vinyl player and it sounds incredible. One of BOC's most accessible albums as well. Would highly recommend for ambient IDM music lovers. (Autechre /Four Tet and Aphex Twin fans will love this)
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on 24 February 2014
BsOC have been around for some time, but this is definitely their best album yet; it mixes elements of deep folk, ambience, quietude, and longitude to produce an effect that is sublimity itself. A cosmic album, that is very down to earth at the same time.
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on 24 September 2013
This is probably one of their finest work. Great atmospheres from start to finish, pure ambient style. My favourite track being "reach for the dead" where it makes you feel like you just landed in an unknown dead and desertic planet. It just feels like you're lost for ever.
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