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on 14 December 2013
So this edition comprises of:
Bluray disc of the concert: - excellent. Picture quality and sound reproduction are superb. Excellently capture the feeling of a DT concert.

DVD disc of the concert: - Great. especially if you find yourself stuck without a bluray (one of our laptops / parents house etc...)

DVD disc of extras: - V. Good. In my opinion there is some filler here but not enough to detract from a great disc.

3 CDs of the concert: - superb audio quality. Went straight onto my old iPod classic.

Picture booklet: - exceptional. Calling this a booklet is to do it a disservice. The pages are printed both sides with excellent quality full page photographs. These photographs are brilliantly taken and help encapsulate the energy commitment and humour required to be arguably the best group of musicians on the planet.

Not a bad element to this edition with each piece fulfilling a purpose admirably. All in all an excellent package giving great value for the money.
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on 5 December 2013
I had previously watched Live At Budokan which showcased what an incredibly talent act Dream Theater are, but this shows just how far they've come. Every member of the band is amazing at what they do. After watching the G3 concerts on dvd with Satriani, Vai etc. I always loved Petrucci's clean but precise and lightning fast playing, but this is just another level. All of these guitarists are just absolutely phenomenal!!

I have come to the conclusion they are by far my favourite band now. There's something about the sincerity in the lyrics, their personas and the mind blowing talent that just gets me every time. I literally sat watching the bluray with a big smile that kept appearing on my face!

And now to Mr. Mangini...

Ever since I saw that drum solo on Youtube of him at a Vai gig, I absolutely LOVED him! He is SO good, any musician worth their salt would appreciate what this guy is capable of. When I saw the auditions happening for him to be in Dream Theater, I got so excited! I kept searching for more news all the time and the dream came true!!

His drum solo on this is even better than the Youtube one. He truly is world class. I would say the best drummer in the world. There are some drum parts that Portnoy would play of their old songs he just wipes the floor with, like it's second nature to him. I could watch it a thousand times and not get bored. Just incredible!! sometimes playing with just one hand.

All the other members are superb, Rudess is just a powerhouse.

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on 6 June 2014
I love DT so would rate any product highly. They are unsurpassed as a band over the years, and now with Mr. Mangini in charge of the drums are preparing to embark to another level as the guys now have a different input to face off against. And he is clearly taking this responsibility very seriously (BTW I also loved Mr. Portnoy and would have been just as happy if he had decided to carry on, but not the band's decision).
If you liked ADTOE as a album + some quality re-cuts of older tracks this is for you.
Get it, get it on the largest screen you can find with the best sound system, turn it up and annoy the neighbours as no-one else will understand you (execpt me of course)
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on 28 November 2013
Anyone who knows and loves Dream Theater is aware that they make any other band in the world sound like mere amateurs, so I wont go into the quality of the musicianship. This is another quality live package as they always seem to do so well. The deluxe edition is real value for money with 3 CDs of the whole concert also Blu-ray and 2 DVDs. The packaging is sublime, worthy of any posh coffee table. My only gripe is that James Labrie's mic seems to have some slight interference at some stages of the concert, more pronounced during the quieter moments, but it's not really a deal breaker. Would buy it all over again if I had to. The best band ever, and they know how to keep their fans happy with live releases such as this.
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on 17 November 2013
I've loved this band since "Images and Words", so this is probably going to be heavily biased, but then why would you buy this without knowing the band?

Anyway, the performance - all near three hours of it - and musicianship are as flawless and breathtaking as you expect from Dream Theater, the sound is great, as is the picture for the most part, albeit let down by some of the static cameras dotted around the instruments which have a tendency to break up from time to time. The editing is a bit manic at times, flitting from angle to angle. Still, at least you get to see what's being played, not just close ups on the player's faces all the time.
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on 27 December 2013
Overall is very satisfy for me.
The product itself is very suit size, content, price & worth every pound you paid.

I recommend it !

and then here is review for content inside:
What I don't like is the director that didn't professional enough for the whole concert, but
thought that the venue may not suitable for, but that is Director job to find the better way.
(please compare with The Clockwork Angel Tour, I like it )

Especially on the song 'Spirit Carries On' I knew this song is really great feel to fall, but
it doesn't need that camera most pan the lady crying, hey this is not a sad movie.

Nah, ... that is not really matter, but all you agree with me,
DT nowadays performance didn't much concentrate like the past during Mike Portnoy' era.
But let's see their next chapter, their latest one studio album is a good one.
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on 29 November 2017
A great band release another great live package. If you want to see musicians at the top of their game then look no further. Everything you would expect from a fantastic band.
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on 12 November 2014
they really are incredible
how can they remember all this music
the guitarist is the best in the world and i think this is the best band ever
the solos are completely fantastic fabulous they play like gods
the quality of the bluray is top sublime picture and sound is in top
in bonus we have more songs in same quality
so why are they on bonus ???
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on 28 December 2013
"Dream Theater Live At Luna Park" was a great show. I saw it. I was there. I went with my best friend and her girlfriend. I don't like very much the "Luna Park Stadium" for the shows, but the last three or four times that "Dream Theater" came to Buenos Aires, Argentina, they made their show in that place.

"Dream Theater Live At Luna Park (Deluxe Edition)" is something amazing. The book, the potos, 1 Blue Ray, 2 DVD's, 3 CD's, I have never had a material such like this of "Dream Theater" or any other band (I'm a "lower class" person).

Thank you "Dream Theater" for that show. Thank you "Amazon" for brought me that show to My Home. Best wishes, Ignacio.
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on 20 August 2014
I Find it hard to believe that a production at this level releases a product with an audio mix so bad. this is not about taste or small imbalance. jordan is so low in the mix that most of the time you can't hear him at all!. the base guitar and bass frequencies in general are also low. i have a good 5.1 sound system and the problem is in both 5.1 and stereo mix. i gave it 4 stars because the musical performance and picture quality are amazing and make this blu ray still worth buying.
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