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on 25 January 2015
Had my eyes on this mouse for months since I first came across it in an electronic chain. I loved the quiet, subdued click (I'd describe the sound as "velvety" ... if this makes any sense to you), the comfortable shape, the hefty weight and the nice, glossy finish.
As I own a Mac and the matching Apple mice, I passed on it at the time, however, thinking that a mouse designed for the competing operating system could never provide more functionality to me.

Now my Apple mouse's trackball recently jumped the shark and I was on the peripheral market once again. I ordered the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse and I love it. Apart from the blue Windows button on the left side, that doesn't do anything, all the other clicks have remained exactly the same (eg clicking the tracking wheel still brings me into Mission Control etc). The mouse is so much more user-friendly and comfortable than my Apple Mighty Mouse (USB only and "blessed" with the constantly dying trackball) or my Apple Magic Mouse (Bluetooth, but too flat to feel good). Under OS X Yosemite you can still customize left click, right click, scroll direction, etc in the Mouse menu in the settings. I have read somewhere that you could also download a third party app that allows you to give a function to the blue Windows button.

For the last couple years I had been using my USB Apple Mighty Mouse (because the Bluetooth Magic Mouse is so flat and uncomfortable on my wrists) and hence was worried if having a Bluetooth mouse would drain my Macbook's battery. Absolutely not! I do not notice ANY decrease in battery life while using the mouse.

I definitely recommend it and will probably purchase a second one, in case this one gets discontinued.
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on 23 March 2017
I got this mouse for use at work and I can only say it's okay. The basic shape of the mouse is good, but I find the positioning of the Start button is off. I really have to stretch my thumb to reach it and as a result I never use it. Also, the top of the mouse comes off to get to the battery compartment, which is fine, but it means that most of the time your hand is in contact with the flimsy feeling lid. I also get occasional connectivity problems where it just stops working for 10 seconds or so (on a Dell Latitude with Windows 10).
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on 21 December 2016
I like the look, size and ability to easily customize the buttons. Those are the good points.

Used with Windows10:
Windows mouse for Windows10 seemed like a good match, but no.
Keeps losing connection, it dies. Sometimes frantic clicking/waiting it out will kick it back into gear, other times it must be restarted/reconnected.
Then it has a delay, that seems to subtly change. I roll the wheel to scroll down and its like my eyes/mind zones out, prepares for the content to scroll by, but then gets to refocus before it actually happens, giving me a type of seasickness.

Since all the physicals and cosmetics were on point, I spent a lot of time changing mouse settings, power settings and updating, removing, searching for, downloading, adding drivers. Nothing helped. Only added issues with other functionality of my laptop.

Very disappointed.

Luckily for me, Amazon is a total champ and gave me my money back with zero issues, so now I'm off to look for a new mouse. Thanks!
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on 17 August 2016
I have this mouse connected, via bluetooth, to a Surface Pro 3. The connection is stable and has never dropped out over the last month and the included batteries are still going strong. No complaints there.

It feels nice in my hand although I'm not too keen on the glossy black top, which looks a bit cheap to me compared to the Arc mouse and also attracts palm/finger prints. The rubber sides provide good grip and the BlueTrack sensor works consistently well on every surface I've tried - leather sofa, pad of paper, a black table etc. The click wheel feels like any other click wheel - i.e. a little bit loose between clicks, and stiff to push left and right (not that I ever do that).

I like the left windows button and it's very configurable via the Mouse and Keyboard Centre software - you can assign it macros or shortcuts etc. I've yet to find a good use of it yet but it's great that the button is there. You can use your thumb to swipe up or down on the button for different behaviours, or click it. The only downside is that your thumb occasionally brushes against it, executing whatever action was assigned...I had swipe down to "show desktop", which happened when I wanted it to...but also several times by accident when I just put my hand over the mouse.
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on 17 February 2017
As of February 2017 running under Windows 10 on a brand new HP Spectre X360 laptop, this mouse is still struggling with the intermittent and highly annoying connectivity drops that have been mentioned in so many other reviews. It's a real shame, as this is basically a fine mouse - comfortable and appears well made, but the connectivity issue is a show-stopper. I'm going to persevere for a few more weeks, but if this doesn't get resolved soon, it will have to go back for a refund.
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on 8 December 2013
I have a surface tablet which I set up on my desk, and the track pad isn't as efficient as a mouse. However, the surface only has one USB port, so these wireless mice with the USB adapter wasn't quite good enough. Hence I bought a Bluetooth mouse.

This one in particular is great. It is a little bit pricey, but it's worth every penny!
The mouse itself has a right click and a left click, as well as a scroll wheel, with 4-way movement. Although the 4 way movement doesn't always work (It wont seem to let me go side to side in excel), it does work most of the time, such as in the internet browser and when viewing pictures.
Additional to this is the big blue windows button. When I bought it I thought it just switched between the start screen and the last used screen. However, it is also a touch-bar. What this means is that you can swipe up the button and it will flick between recent windows, or if you swipe down it brings up the list of all applications in use.

It connected and worked ridiculously quickly. My cursor was moving about even before the drivers had finished installing! It was literally a matter of seconds between turning on and it actually working. And best of all, it doesn't require any dongles of any kind! (Unless your computer isn't Bluetooth enabled)
It even connected to my android mobile phone!

The mouse is very comfortable and works very well. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to waste their USB slots on wireless mice! It also works great with Windows 8, but is also backward compatible.
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on 12 December 2016
Initially seems absolutely excellent - just what I wanted. Then the negatives started:

Keeps losing connection to a Microsoft Surface 4. Sometimes woks reliably for hours, then stops and start second by second. Have gone round the various power-saving options, drivers, etc. Still not resolved. Maybe the original batteries - still only a couple of weeks old - are under-voltage/dying?

Find the forward/backward option (on the blue stripe) works OK - but far too often operates when I don't want it to. Easy enough to switch off using the downloaded mouse software.
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on 12 August 2016
This mouse has a good and comfortable grip and is perfect for people who use a laptop in various places. The rubber sides feel good in the hand and the shape is more relaxing than you would expect for that price. In general, the device seems well built and with nice quality touches here and there. I like sitting with my laptop on my bed and the blue tracking light does an excellent job reading my hand movements, no matter what the surface. In addition, you get numerous button options, considering it is just a simple mouse for casual use. For those wondering how the touch on the windows key works, I would say it is rather smooth and easy to use, though it may need repositioning your grip, depending on how you hold the mouse.

When it comes to its weight, I would say it is more on the heavy side, something that might discourage some people. I like it though, especially since there doesn't seem to be any difficulty sliding the mouse on various surfaces. It is also worthy mentioning that even though this is the first time I've ever bought a glossy finish mouse, getting used to it was a matter of minutes. If you have trouble connecting it with your PC, I would suggest updating your Bluetooth drivers from the device manager. After doing so, I haven't gotten a single connection dropout, something that can be an issue with Bluetooth mice.

All in all a quality product for it is price. Due to its weight and size though, it may not be the best option for those who are looking for portability.
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on 10 September 2017
This is my second one. The first went missing at work and never returned. So clearly it's good. I like this because you don't need a little dongle to make it work. At the time I had few USB ports working on my laptop so this was ideal working through the Bluetooth. A word of caution though, on windows 10 I find bluetooth devices have to be connected manually each time and that is a bind. Windows 7 absolutely fine though. The ergonomic feel is great. The batteries that come with it are duracell and they lasted very well, though as mine went missing, I never got to change them :).
This product is good because it will without changing a dongle move from one computer to the other with the exception of the Windows 10 issue mentioned above. I hope this is helpful if you are like me and want value for money. It's a little more than most but is worth it in my humble opinion.
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on 1 January 2017
I ordered free postage Friday and got it Saturday 4 days early, brilliant... I love this mouse to bits, I was using a nice Logitech but this one suits me better, the design is great it's as smooth as silk and works perfect for me. The Sculpt is good looking, the on off switch is a bonus but I've them before, yes it will show finger marks, I can live with that though. I always read the reviews and really, even though I haven't customized it yet I can't see anything wrong with it. I can live with the decent price of this mouse, "longevity" only time will tell, I have used Microsoft peripherals before and never really found a problem so I'm happy with my purchase. I may not customize it because do I really need all the lavish tools that I read about ? I'm not so sure, but they are there if I want them. It's brilliant because now I have all my USB's free and the Bluetooth is just so easy to instantly set up and no problem pairing it with my laptop at all. I don't go to extremes but the sensitivity is excellent on all the surfaces that I have used it on in my home. I think I would be nit picking to criticize the Microsoft Sculpt so I would definitely recommend this product for a Windows 10 platform without hesitation.
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