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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars

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The sixth and final series of the Wheeltappers saw a few changes to the series' format. Firstly the running time was reduced from 40 minutes to 25 and instead of each show featuring a number of turns, there's just one act per programme.

This seems to have been due to a reduction in the series' budget and it's a shame that there isn't the variety of acts as previous runs. But on the upside, having just one turn allows them a decent amount of time to perform and this works very well.

The star turns featured in the eight transmitted shows are as follows - Bob Williamson, New Vaudeville Band, Paul Daniels, The Dubliners, George Melly and the Feetwarmers, Cannon and Ball, Fivepenny Piece and Mike Harding.

Pick of the acts for me were the New Vaudeville Band, The Dubliners and George Melly, with only Cannon and Ball being a little below par. Their act wasn't very different from their previous Wheeltappers appearances, so there's a feeling of having seen it all before.

Apart from these eight shows, there's an additional two untransmitted programmes. The first, featuring hypnotist Martin St. James, was due to go out seventh in the run but was postponed and never rescheduled.

The last - featuring Terry Webster and Dictionary - never reached the final edit stage so is presented on the DVD as an unedited recording block. Running to 67 minutes this is a fascinating insight into how the programme was made, including the chance to see all the bits that would have been cut out in order to trim the show down to the 25 minute length for transmission. Why it was never transmitted could be down to the fact that Terry Webster is desperately unfunny, although it's possible that a good edit could have made something out of it.

During the numerous recording breaks Colin Crompton has to keep the audience amused (Bernard Manning is absent for this one) and guide them through the procedures of how the programme is recorded. So whilst the turn isn't up to much, the behind-the-scenes look at the Wheeltappers is interesting. Kudos to Network for including it.

In summary, whilst there's fewer acts than previous series, most are top notch which means that the Wheeltappers went out on a high.
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on 17 November 2013
The sixth of and final series differs from the previous five in a number of ways. There is just one headline act rather than the four of more turns that appeared in each of the earlier shows. The series was broadcast as, At the Wheeltappers, with a thirty-minute time slot and screened on a Thursday night instead a Saturday one, which led to a drop in viewing figures and cancellation of the show.

Given the headline acts this was probably best series in the terms of the quality of the entertainment. George Melly and the Feetwarmers, The Dubliners and the Fivepenny Piece are all outstanding, Mike Harding and Paul Daniels are very good, Cannon and Ball are Cannon and Ball, and the New Vaudeville Band and Bob Williamson are the other two acts from the broadcast shows.

In addition to the eight broadcast shows, there are two others which remained unscreened. The hypnotist Martin St James appears in one and singing impressionist Terry Webster, supported by his backing group Dictionary, appears in the other. Both are disorganised affairs. The first show starts as Martin St James has already chosen his twelve subjects and he persuades to commit a whole load of embarrassing actions that are to see as entertaining. The whole thing is a mess. Of more interest is the show featuring Terry Webster. The seventy minute unedited episode has Terry repeatedly leaving the stage to change costume while Colin Crompton fills in, sometimes in the club chairman role and at other times as himself. As himself he does himself no justice and will no doubt disappoint a number of his fans. There was probably enough broadcastable material to full a thirty minute programme and I wonder why it didn't happen.

The DVD would have benefitted by a contribution from producer Johnnie Hamp giving a history of the programme's origin and development.

Like the previous five DVDs, an entertaining watch for people who enjoyed television variety shows.
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VINE VOICEon 23 February 2015
Well, having been a massive fan of this once great TV series - and having watched them all; both at the time, and purchased the previous five sets, (and hating to say it...) this final one is a complete and utter disaster full of rubbish and is a total waste of money... Well, excepting `The Five Penny Piece' show which was enjoyable, and ironically, the very last show that did not air turns out to be the very best of a bad lot, with Terry Webster putting his all into it, and is very good at the impressions and very funny too - this really did deserve a showing and it seems most unfair that it didn't ever get an airing - especially considering the rubbish that had gone before it; the great irony here being that Terry Webster was by far the funniest and most talented of all the acts in this particular series... `Cannon and Ball' were not funny at all (never liked them anyway) and merely shout throughout and are just plain silly and stupid... `Mike Harding' is decidedly boring - along with the fact that he sings the exact same supposedly funny song he did on a previous show; `Paul Daniels' did very much the same things too (and talked too much!), and so had I not been a `completest' and had not forgotten these shows (not surprising really!) I most definitely would not have purchased this final series...

For anyone trying out the `Wheeltappers' for the first time who have never seen them, watching/purchasing this last series for the first one to try out would be a MASSIVE mistake and total disaster; they'd never want to even look up the previous sets...

The whole of the five previous seasons are simply superb with some really big names - with perhaps the exception of just a couple of shows, which by no strange coincidence feature the very same acts that make this last series so appalling in my opinion... But all other five sets were generally made up of varying talents and some never to be seen again entertainers which was a great pity as they're all SO good, and I've watched them over and over and still find them just as enjoyable each time.

All in all, great to have to complete the whole lot if a `completest' like myself - otherwise don't waste your time and money on this one; this is a set I will probably never watch again - excepting perhaps the last show that never aired, and it ought to be said, that one does get a chance to see what a really nice guy Colin Crompton was - God bless him!
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on 15 October 2013
Very nostalgic took me back a few years, was nice to see again only bought it to see Bob Williamson as our original copy of it is worn out, but would consider buying some of the other series just for bit of seventies nostalgia
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on 10 June 2015
Excellent product, arrived on time, good price
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on 18 November 2014
Love it , can watch it over and over again.
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on 8 September 2013
It was not as good as the first 5 in the series each show was shorter with only one act on the bill
very disappointing i can now see why it was the last series made
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on 9 August 2013
Having loved the Wheeltappers from Series once and re-capturing my youth this whole DVD was just aweful
Why change the variety format for just one act per show for the final series
This appears that the budget for each show was reduced to 10p.
From great Variety acts to Acts that are so easily forgotten on this DVD
25 seconds of Paul Daniels is enough for me to stomach let alone 25 Minutes.
If you think this DVD couldn't get worse no wonder the last show on the Special Features has to be the worst act i have ever seen.
Just unfunny and pathetic even Bernard and gone to his Embassy Club its a shambles and a real let down for true Wheeltappers Fans
Don't waste your money
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on 2 February 2014
Boy is this a big let down on the first 5 series... The single act each programme for me did not work... It's looks like they had run out of ideas for the show... The acts on the shows 6 series is nowere near the real amount of performances that appeared over the corse of the years it was on in the 70s..... I remmember watching this programme and a lot of what I remmember seeing was never shown which is a pity because it was a fabulous show back then.i loved it back then it was of its time...
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on 6 February 2014
I have the full set of these DVDs and most are thoroughly enjoyable family entertainment. It is interesting to see artistes who were popular at the time and have now been sadly forgotten in addition to those who have moved on to greater fame and fortune. The whole series of Wheeltappers is well worth buying.
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