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on 16 October 2017
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on 12 September 2013
I bought this to try making my own ice cream. What a fab thing we tried ginger and honey ice cream it was easy to do and fantastic tasting so quick 20 mins to soft servable super fresh ice cream. It makes a bit of a mess but this was our fault we were a over vealous with the ingredients. The bowl which you have to pre freeze needs a standard size freezer draw. As this needs to be frozen with the bowl level. I purchased 2nd bowl so I have one ready at all times.it comes with a basic instruction manual with some recipes so I purchased the Andrew James book too which has ice creams, sorbets and ices of different flavours,swapping suggestions for lower calorie options. Overall good deal and great activity with yummy end product - get one
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on 8 November 2013
I decided on this ice cream maker after reading some very good reviews about it but could not really pay £90. It is a great deal at £30. The spare bowl is also really useful. I have put my spare away but would certainly use it if I needed to make a few batches. However, one day I made some sorbet, cleaned out the bowl, put it back in the freezer for 45 minutes and then made ice cream. The bowl had frozen really quickly and made the ice cream easily.

Very easy to use. The ice cream is lovely. You can really experiment using the recipe book as a starting point. The only thing I seemed to struggle with, but then I am quite clumsy, is pouring the mixture into the chute of the lid. To remedy this, I put a small funnel in and poured the mixture directly into the bowl.
Also, remember to use a wooden or plastic utensil to scrape the ice cream from the bowl. A metal one will scratch it!

I have used up loads of fruit that, I am ashamed to say, may have gone into the bin because it had gone squidgy but I cut it all up, made the ice cream mixture and put it in. I have also made a few recipes using half cream and half yogurt to make the recipe a bit more healthy. Using this maker, you certainly notice the other ingredients added into commercial ice cream. This is a very clean, fresh flavour. The recipe book is good because it contains loads of different recipes using lots of ingredients so you can start to work out what will work and what won't. The recipes in the book make enough for 2/3 people unless I am really greedy so if there are more of you I think you could quite easily make double the mixture and it would all fit in the bowl but would probably need longer to work.

Also, the ice cream maker really does need at least 15 - 20 minutes to do it's magic. I watched it for ages thinking it would never be the consistency of ice cream but suddenly it just started to take form. When it is finished, I would say it is the same consistency as Mr Whippy ice cream from an ice cream van. My friend preferred harder ice cream so I put my made ice cream into a plastic tub without the lid and froze for 30 minutes and it had just hardened enough to spoon nicely into bowls.

I also made some ice cream that no one was allowed to eat because one thing I cannot stand is the frost that forms on ice cream or sorbet. I put some in the freezer and left it for two days. It was hard when it came out that I had to leave it to stand for 10 minutes but there were no ice crystals.

The sorbet is a little more difficult to master. The recipe book explains to add the egg whites to the liquid I found that it needed to be the other way around otherwise the egg white floated on the top.

This is a great little product. I know some people have said it is noisy. I can see that. However, I can put it on the worktop and leave the kitchen closing the door and cannot hear it but I have also been in the kitchen whilst it was working and did not by any means find it unbearable. I do not think it is as noisy as a food processor.
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on 28 January 2014
This was a gift for a cousin who had had a machine at one time.
We followed the instructions and made a very tasty ice cream. However, it is necessary to read and follow the recipe closely for the best results.
The machine came with two bowls and that is an added bonus as it meant that you didn't have to wait if you were making more than one lot of ice cream at once, e,g for a party.
I wasn't too sure about how strong the paddle would be as it didn't seem to stay in place when put in the slot. (It didn't come out when in use but it didn't appear to be that robust either.)
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on 30 March 2015
What a waste of money - I am now going back to hand churning as the results are more predictable.

I'm finding it impossible to get all the ice cream out of the bowl before a good proportion freezes to the inside of the bowl. There is no way to remove the inner bowl when you've finished churning as there's nothing to grip unless you want frostbitten fingers, and whilst trying to remove the ice cream from the inner bowl before it all freezes to the sides it just spins round inside the outer bowl. I've tried several times, reducing the churning period each time, and today was the final attempt. Churned for 8 minutes, which was not enough for the mixture, but still a great deal was frozen solid around the sides and will not be able to be removed until it eventually melts at room temperature and is then poured down the sink.

Apart from the disappointing results, the actual design leaves a lot to be desired - actually the disappointing results are in great part due to poor design. I have already mentioned above the problem with removing the inner bowl from the outer; also the feeding aperture is so small it's difficult to pour in the mixture without wasting a good deal of it which added to the quantity left frozen solid in the bowl amounts to at least one whole serving!, Oh, and when trying to remove the top, again there is to grip.

I'm loathe to say something is 'rubbish' especially in light of so many positive reviews, but in this case that is exactly how I feel about it. Having spoken to my daughter about my latest kitchen gadget purchase she reminded me that she bought (and returned) an ice cream maker a while ago, which she described as 'rubbish'. Hmm... perhaps I should have talked to her before I bought this!

This gadget has certainly not earned it's place in my kitchen.
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on 14 June 2017
Not sure how this item won a Which Best Buy Award. The plastic casing and paddle were lightweight and flimsy and the motor was noisy and lacked sufficient power to keep the ice cream moving freely which resulted in ice forming around the sides of the bowl and the paddle becoming jammed and unable to move freely. Very disappointing
On the other hand the seller's customer service was excellent and the return and refund process painless, although I did have to pay the return postage.
I don't think I'll be buying another ice-cream maker in a hurry. I'll stick to Rossi's or Ben and Jerry's in the future.
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on 8 June 2016
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on 28 April 2017
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on 4 June 2017
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on 25 June 2016
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