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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 29 March 2017
Great book.
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on 25 November 2013
Throughout the past two book in the Seal Island Trilogy I have loved the little glimpses we've had into Glenna and Sam's rather turbulent relationship, and was so excited for the third book that would tell their story.

Needless to say I was not disappointed. I absolutely adored every page of this book just as I loved the last ones, and Sophie Moss' beautiful prose with which I connected to so much was again present, beautiful descriptions of the magical Irish landscape making the story seem so real and familiar as I get drawn into the life of the Islanders.

Glenna's character is one that has always intrigued me. I loved the fierce protectiveness she had for her friends in the last two books, and her scenes with Sam in Book One when she tried and succeeded to distract him in order to give Tara more time to escape, made me laugh out loud and give a high five for team girl power. I always admired the strength that Glenna seemed to exude, and felt for her when she had to keep the facade up to protect her and her friends. Although I didn't agree with the many choices that Glenna made in her past, I understood why she felt the need to act the way she did, and admired her desire to protect others even though it would be dangerous to herself. The relationship she had with her mother Moira was one that pulled at the heartstrings. Moira's descent into darkness and Glenna's habit of pushing away the people who care for her was cleverly entwined and I loved how Sam worked away at Glenna to make her see that they were stronger together.

Another part of this story that I really enjoyed was seeing that Owen's sudden transition to the human world wasn't as easy on him as you might think. I always had some sympathy for Owen, even though he had found his true family, as I knew that a child would find it difficult to pass over their affections immediately to a new mother. As much as I love Caitlin and Liam, I was so pleased to see that Owen still felt the need to visit Nuala and sit with her. She was the only mother he knew for the majority of his childhood which was mostly underwater in a completely different world. It would be very difficult for him to adjust to the life on land.

I don't want to spoil the main storyline of the story so will keep this part of the review brief. The storyline, as with the last two books, was so engaging and kept me on my toes throughout. Sophie Moss expertly entwines hints of mystery, fantasy, intrigue and suspense all wrapped up nicely with some beautiful undertones of the love of family and friends and the power of light in the face of darkness. This story neatly wraps up the entire series without leaving me with any questions unanswered. This series is unique in its story and just so beautifully written that it is a treat to read when you just want to escape from the world for a few hours.

5 Stars!
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on 17 September 2014
I received a copy of The Selkie Sorceress in exchange for my review.

Glenna has been trying to avoid Sam and send him away ever since he arrived on the island. But much to her annoyance, as well as her secret pleasure, he just won't seem to budge. When Sam takes on one last investigation from Tara, to find her husband's lost mother, Glenna knows that she has to stop him. Seemingly working with her mother, the sea witch, on this, Glenna seems to be going against all her friends and that she has something to hide. Meanwhile the islanders thought that the curse of the white selkie was the end of it, though it doesn't appear that way, with sporadic weather and warming seas things are starting to look dangerous even without the sea witch's involvement...

Well that was dramatic! It was a great end to a great trilogy but definitely not the way that I thought it would go. The legends in the three books lead on from one to the other and I think that that works well, though each book does have an increasing amount of magic and mythology making its way into the story. I didn't mind this, I really thought that those elements added to the story and made it unique.

Sam and Glenna were certainly an interesting couple, mainly that their relationship has been seen to progress from them meeting over all three books. But saying that they never actually seem to do anything about it. Until this book that is. Even when they're just in the same room you can feel the chemistry sizzling between them and there were some scenes that seemed to read faster with their impatience. I thought that it worked really well and I believed their relationship.

There were several mysteries in this book, mostly surrounding Brigid and Moira, and what I liked about those mysteries was that it was very difficult to second guess them. There were several things about Brigid that I would never have expected, and Moira's history was just as complicated and interesting as can be expected.

What I liked even more was the way that things were revealed about characters that had already played a part in the story, so you think that you knew everything and then you didn't! With the exception of Glenna who has been mysterious since the beginning.

I know that this is only a trilogy, but I definitely feel that I want more! Maybe when Kelsey becomes older, and I found that I desperately wanted Tara and Dominic to have a child, not too sure why but I do!
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on 6 September 2014
This is the third book, although it reads like a follow on from the last, another brilliant read, its packed full, and so fascinating, i loved everything about it, the story, the characters how they intertwine with each other, and the Irish folklore, even though this is a story of fiction some of the Irish folklore is believed by Irish folk and sung about. It seems that the story is leading to something, the whole story isnt told, that there is more to come, the book draws you into its pages, enthralls and keeps you there, loved it so much, i await the next instalment. Read the books and follow the story of Tara, Dominic and Kelsey, Caitlin, Owen and Liam, finally, but not over, Glenna and Sam, the book leaves you feeling there is more to come.

Whatever fairy tales you read about the Little Mermaid, think again, this is powerful writing.

I do highly recommend the author and the books, i will be looking for other Paranormal books by Sophie Moss. xx
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on 15 August 2013
I bought this as soon as it was released I was so keen to be sure it was on my Kindle! After the first two books, I was excited to discover Glenna's story, and it was a pleasure to uncover it.
In the previous novels we'd been teased by the burgeoning romance between Glenna and Sam, and this book begins with Sam's return to the island, and the effect Glenna's name has on him is tantalising... Sam's preoccupied with a case linked to the story, and Glenna is doing her best to ignore the frisson between them. The tension sizzles and I knew I was in for a great read!
I love the way the author weaves legend into a modern romance, and her delightful imagery conjures up the beauty of Ireland mixed with selkies and mermaids. Roses are again integral to this tale and entwine easily into the narrative.
A gorgeous end to Sophie Moss's Seal Island trilogy, which I will definitely read again!
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on 9 March 2014
I was hooked to this story when I read the first book in the series. I didn't want the book to finish at the end of the third and can't wait till the next in the series is published.

If I have any criticisms at all, it is in some of the language. The story is set in Ireland and there are quite a lot of expressions used in the book that would never be used in Ireland. I'm Scottish and we are very close - might be a good idea to lose some of the Americanisms to make it read more authentically.

In saying this, I still think these books are a smashing read and have already recommended them to my friends and family.

May, Scotland
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on 23 April 2013
I've enjoyed all the books so far but I think this was the best. All the threads were woven into a spectacular ending. The characters remained true and I await her next book with eager anticipation!
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on 6 February 2015
I like romance stories, these have excellent romance, I like fantasy/magic this has that too, I like keep you guessIng storylines, that little edge where you just Know what's going to happen, but what if? creeps in to your mind, this trilogy has that in spades. If this is what you like in a book, or even what you think you might like, dig in, cos you will love them, I certainly did. The excellent storyline is continuous through the books, so you need to read 1-3, it also builds to a really tense finish which is not quite what you might expect. Enjoy, I did.
Sue P
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on 6 July 2013
This was the last book of the trilogy and I thought it was great. It answered all the questions that still had to be answered from the previous two books.

The story itself was a continuation from the previous books so I would recommend reading them first. It was nice to know all the characters and to share the journey with them.
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on 6 October 2013
I have read the three books ,the seal island trilogy and couldn't put them down. Well written and gripping and a great play on the various fairy stories. Really enjoyed them as reading about the selkies has always grabbed my imagination. Great.
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