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on 16 August 2017
good quality product, good price
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on 23 November 2013
The box came with two cases and two batteries which is really good as many other companies do not include cases or a second battery.

-CPU is clocked at 1.5GHZ and not 1.2 but i'm not complaining :D
-As soon as i got it i did an Antutu benchmark test and the score i got was 16714, which is much higher than i thought it would get. It is very close to the Nexus 4.
-The screen is clear and bright, the resolution is good.
-It has air gesture just like Samsung's ;)
-It came with a launcher and system that looks just like the note 2, even the lock screen.
-The camera is 13MP with flash and the front one is 3MP.
-The speaker at the back of the phone is small but is loud.
-Comes with some pre-installed apps which can be uninstalled or disabled.
-It has around 6GB of internal not 4GB.

This phone is really good for the price, everything about it is good. I have no negatives apart from the home button it seems to be a bit loose. All in all, is a fantastic phone.
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on 3 September 2013
When i shop for generic electronics, i am always very wary when an extremely affordable phone looks so good and has such raving reviews. First thing that comes to my mind is that someone is employed to write these reviews. I will order the product and receive the equivilent of a 20th century block phone with as many features as a toaster !

I used to spend literally days, even weeks, looking at reviews of different chinese electronic products, so worried that i would order a 200 euro door stopper.
I cant stress how far away from this the star n9599 is. It is truly superb.
I am amazed at how a company can produce such a sharp, reliable, aesthetically pleasing, fully functional android, as good as a top of the range S3, for a fraction of the price.
I believe you are probably like me, a worried wreck reading through all the reviews, nervous that you will buy a heap of junk. Dont be. have faith in these phones. people look down on anything that doesnt have a brand. the n9599 does have a brand, its just, for some odd reason, it hasnt taken the world by storm.
This phone is great.

firstly, it looks great.

the 3800 mAh battery lasts me, on standbye, easily 2 days and with moderate use, around 12 hours. (this is with the use of facebook, some apps, youtube, browser, 2 hours music and a few other things - basically average use)

the screen is extremely responsive and clear, very bright and MASSIVE ! you may want to buy trousers with elbow deep pockets ! but dont let this turn you off, if it does. you become accustomed to it very quickly, and i guarantee you will not go back to anything smaller.
the 1.2 gHZ processor does the trick. everything runs very smoothly. music runs in the background while using apps, with no lag or freezing.
sound quality is very good in phonecalls. my 3 ireland sim works perfectly, with very good 3g coverage (essential for an android) and the gps is quick and sharp.
blutooth works fine, and all the other little mod-cons.
stylus is extremely handy.
the two cases are a nice bonus. personally, i think the flap cover looks very smart.
accessories are standard. charger, earphones. although, the earphones are a bit large and uncomfortable, so i reccommend buying a pair somewhere else. horses for courses though.
everything else works grand.
the internal memory is quite sizeable, at 5gb. i think it might be advertised at a lower capacity, so this was a nice surprise.
at an external memory max capacity of 32gb, it really is a brilliant all round android.

i honestly havent discovered any cons yet, and fingers crossed i dont. i will update if i do.

if i have left anything major out, please ask.

If you have any doubts or worries with buying this phone, please dont. i was in your shoes of himming and hawing about whether or not to buy, and im very glad i took the leap of faith !

branded companies will never see me again !
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on 3 April 2014
I bought this phone about three months ago after reading good reviews.

The phone arrived and I was happy with it..... at first.

After 2 months the phone started developing glitches, flickering screen, red border around screen, intermittently strobing red while in use.

After another week or so the glitches started blending together to make the phone awful to use.

Several 'factory resets' did nothing to fix things.

Then the phone just stopped working, occasionally it'll come on for 30 seconds but then just dies.

I've reported these problems to the seller every step of the way but they just answer with poorly written pro forma response emails.

I've sent pictures and videos (as they requested) they just demand more.

Amazon wont file a claim as it's been longer than 2 weeks, Amazon wont help me at all.

Be VERY, VERY cautious about buying this product from any seller.
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on 18 November 2013
Having taken delivery of this 5.7" smartphone I was not at all surprised, having owned the 5" version, which I unfortunately dropped on rough car park and fractured the screen; something which any smartphone might sound fatality for. Having found the 5" phone such good value I entirely focussed on the same brand and to my delight found the 4.2 Jellybean OS standard along side a slightly larger screen and I have to say now (having used the phone for a few days now), very smooth display response, quick application access and usage. Why pay £400+ for a true Samsung, this phone has a display that would be hard to distinguish from a Samsung and just as slick. Only current issue I have is setting up my TESCO 3G access, but this is a case of a Google search and setting the phone up (as I had to do on my previous STAR 5"). Connects to my Wi-Fi and all others without fuss so far. Delivery was updated with a short delay, but at least I was told. Packaging on arrival excellent, all encased in a poly' container and features 3 types of case, I use the flip cover one currently, but you have a gel-backed one and standard back; earphones (good bass, though I use a Bluetooth) and an improved charger over the 5" model with a flat 3 pin socket charger and nice long cable. Everything is packed in tactile coverings and this attention to small details only improves confidence in the product...especially 2 batteries as standard too! Overall a very nice product and the only issue is that Android 4.2 is not entirely serviced by Google, you have to 'un-mount' your memory card (up to 32Gb) first to download then 'mount' the card again to install updates I find. However, no other apps' have reported this issue and so it's only Google stuff you need to fuss with. The stylus pen is nice but I still find fingers just as quick. You must remember this is a semi-tablet phone, so if you're ok with holding quite a substantial 'slab' to your ear in public, you'll be ok, if you're a bit self conscious though, or looking to be subtle, then this phone is anything but. However, I thought my 5" was a dinosaur, but once you've tried a phone like this you'll not want to go back I reckon...the shear screen size making texting a pleasure and apps' take on a more useful nature by being easy to see and use. Battery power is not huge, 2 days without a charge with Wi-Fi on and a few 10 minute plus calls and 50 or so texts...so don't expect to not have to charge 3 times a week, you will! However, using the built in power scheduler allows turn off and on times to save power during the night, which I have to say has extended usage without charge for up to 4 days or so...but budding Facebook users may find a 48 hour charge boost always necessary. Anyway, variability of usage aside, this phone is nicely made, classy in white and comparable to the new Note, as my friend has one and now feeling a little 'done' for his money. Just get a screen protector on soonish and a case that will help tolerate waist height impact in a 'drop'; this is how my 5" inch 'died', the flip case would have broken the fall otherwise I reckon; but then I would have not discovered the delights of this new 5.7" version then! For £130, who can complain! I will also be looking at a STAR when this one dies too, but 5.7" for a mans hand is as big as I think you can go...6" is tempting though!
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on 18 March 2014
Ok, here goes quite a lengthy review, but I deem this product well worth of it.

Firstly, the seller, Buydealpe, well I have nothing bad to say at all about them so far, and have no reason to think I may have. Before even the product arrived, I had emailed them respecting returns policy and guarantees (btw full 30 day return policy and 1 year Warranty) and their response was immediate- same day (apart from time differences) and informative, along with very polite.

The product arrived on the 14th March, so arrived at the beginning of the expected arrival window. Considering the distancce, I personally think it was fine.

Regarding the phone, well I am VERY impressed, and all other 5 star reviews here seem fully justified. It arrived perfectly packaged, and everything included - the phone, a set of Pretty good headphones (better than average ones included with a lot of phones), 2 3800maH batteries (one unused so far- I get almost 2 days use out of one battery on moderate usage), and also a couple of back covers, both plain white, but one having a soft front cover attached to it. Its very adequate for purpose, and protects the screen nicely. The BIG screen that is.

Respecting the phone, it looks really nice, and has a nice amount of chrome highlighting around the edge. How long this will remain untarnished I am not sure, as it is plastic, but for me this is not really much of an issue. It also comes with a stylus, which is useful, I like it. Although for most usage fingers are better and faster. The phone came as a quad core 1.3GHZ model, with over 5GB of memory. I think therefore this makes it higher powered than specified, which is a great thing indeed!! Antutu app puts this on par, power wise, with a Samsung galaxy S3. And it is definitely FAST and handles most apps perfectly.

The screen is bright and clear, the camera is not so bad, its perfectly fine and has some nice techy features with it. The speaker is loud too, and the whole thing feels well built. It is big, and of course can be a bit heavy after a long time holding it one handed, but this is expected due to its size. It is quite awkward to message one handed, unless you have gigantic hands, but then again it is really nice to use with two hands. Pretty much a tablet replacement without looking freakish.

I also had doubts about chinese "Unknown" Tech, but so far this is just amazing. I can't see any reason why it would suddenly fail either.

All in all, if you are considering buying it don't consider it. Just go ahead and BUY it. Everyone who sees it is very jealous, and I am loving it :D
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on 21 June 2014
According to the BBC, eBay have removed this phone (the Star 9500) because it " is pre-installed with spyware in its Chinese factory". This is the British Broadcasting Corporation, not some random rumour generator.

The BBC article continues: "A German security firm reported on Tuesday that the Android-powered Star N9500 sent personal data to a computer server in China, adding that the Trojan could not be removed.

It said the malware was disguised as the legitimate Google Play Store app.

The handset remains on sale on Amazon, which could not be reached for comment.

But eBay said it was rolling out the ban globally.

"Due to reports that some Star 9500 smartphones are loaded with spyware, eBay is not allowing the sale of these devices as a precautionary measure," a spokesman told the BBC".

You can read the article here:

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on 11 January 2014
I needed to replace my old Orange San Francisco smartphone and also a tablet which had extremely slow WiFi. I wanted something that could double up as both as I was fed up of carrying two things around. After reading the reviews and not being able to afford a Galaxy Note I thought I'd give this a punt. I was not disappointed.
The phone comes well packaged with lots of extras ( 2 cases, spare batteries screen protector). It took my Orange Sim with no problems and hooked straight up to my BT Homehub5 WiFi. Performance wise it is fast! Running apps, surfing, downloading all are done effortlessly at speeds even faster than my laptop.
The display is bright and clear. The stylus is an extra bonus and works well. It's large enough to replace my 7" pad but still fits in my trouser and jean pockets so has achieved what I wanted in replacing a phone and pad. It's a bit strange using it as a phone to your ear but you soon get used to it. At home I just put it down and use speaker phone which is nice and clear.
My only niggles are the touch back and menu buttons that are integrated into the case and so easily pressed by accident when holding the phone (especially using the camera) so you learn to avoid that area with your thumbs.
So far I'm extremely happy with it and would highly recommend it to any one who wants to have a quality combined tablet and phone and a very reasonable price.
All my friends who've seen the phone can't believe the quality for the money.
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on 5 August 2013
Well - I have to admit I was a tad nervous at this route of purchasing a new phone, reading some of the previous reviews for other phone purchases direct from China.

Used to have a Samsung S2 on contract previously, so there will clearly be some differences. The screen is large 5.6" 1200 by 700 (ish). The quality of the image is good, but it will not compare with the ultra sharpness of a Samsung or Apple. Has much more of matt finish, rather than ultra glossy. SO DO NOT PURCHASE this with the expectation that it will compare to the high end phones which will cost you over 500- 600 pounds (or more).

Box comes with screen protector, and a replaceable cover that also has a front screen cover built in. Box also contains a wall charger and a mini usb cable. The device will connect to your windows PC or laptop as a standard removable drive. Very nice and convenient feature that DOES NOT require any additional software.

Yes, it will take 2 sims, and a micro SD card up to 32 GB. Internal memory ( CARD ? ) is about 5 GB, with 1GB system space in addition.

Had an odd issue where the Google apps would NOT update to the latest version using Play store app. After some trial and error, turned out that the version of Play store was too old and needed updating. Once that was done, can now download and update everything from the APP store. So the trick is to obtain ALL the latest updates first. Device contains the standard blend of Android 4.2, so do not expect the add on apps that might make the Samsung look more finished. However, free apps are plenty on the app store to provide the same service (s)

There is certainly no shortage of apps available. Downloaded android task killer app, as there is no decent task manager with the default blend of Android 4.2. You will definitely need to download a decent task manager. Try ES Task manager ...

Bluetooth works fine.

Wifi setup was a breeze, and works as fast as any other device connected to my network ( really fast !). Tried with the firefox browser and Dolphin and no issues. Not sure why other reviews are complaining about their wifi performance - might be a network issue.

ONE THING TO NOTE - THIS UNIT HAS NO MAGNETOMETER. This means that you will not be able to use any compass type applications ( or I have not been able to make it work). If anyone can confirm this, please add a review.

The telephone worked ( as a phone ) perfectly. Connected to the O2 network instantly. NO issues with the calls. The stock messaging app has a rather poor interface, so worth downloading a free app for sending text messages.

Performance of the device is very good, and have had no memory issues yet with the 1GB application service memory space yet.

Music player is certainly better than expected, although probably not quite as smooth as the Samsung S2. With a decent set of headphones, sounds great.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, and cannot fault for the price
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on 20 June 2014
Has any of the reveiwers of this product read this article? Seems a Trojan Virus has been implanted in the Star 9500

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