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on 16 October 2014
this series started out well enough in the first book, even though bad editing, typo's and mixing up the wrong name's was rather aggravating. but as the series went on a pattern emerged of unbelievable scenarios of sleeping with someone on the first date, falling in love during post capital sex then declaring said love and proposals of marriage by the end of the week.
various underlying hints as to past traumas which affected different characters present day lives were never explained and many story lines were never concluded leaving the reader dangling without a clue.
The sex was so repetitive that I eventually started skimming past it as it became boring. And the constant question "why are you so nice to me"? and "I'm so lucky", "no, I'm the lucky one" drove me to distraction.
All in all, by the end of the series it felt as if I was reading the writings of a pubescent teenagers fantasies.
Shame, as it had potential if it hadn't been for the sloppy, lazy writing.
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on 9 February 2014
I have to be careful not to give away any spoilers but how I wish I had read the first novel only and stopped there. I persisted and read all 6 waiting for some semblance of reality to permeate this ridiculous world created by the author, but none was forthcoming.
My biggest issues were:
- everyone falling in love in 24hours oversimplified and very adolescent.
- one particular lead character was unpleasant, selfish and manipulative, and it became very difficult to understand and rationalise the loving behaviour of others towards him throughout the series. After a while I gave up.
- stereotypical and often patronizing behaviour of male gay relationships, and in fact, all relationships.
- I liked the character of Lane in book 1; by book 5 I loathed him. That's quite something considering he's the lead character.
- the sex was repetitive, boring, often superfluous.
- overkill on use of "babe" & c'mon - answering every phone call to your partner with "I love you" without even saying "hi" - I mean really?!?!!

Great book / series if you want a weak plot, weak characters, and weak ending. As a plus, cheap for 6 books.
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on 1 February 2014
This set of books have to be the best books I have read in a VERY VERY long time !!!!!

Warning loads of gay “fifty shades” of sex – but don’t be prudish the story line through out every chapter / book had me absolutely hooked, holding my breath, screaming, heart racing, I did not wanting to put my kindle down.

The story revolves round the lives of the main characters Lane & Gresh and all those people who come into it - Riley & Connor / Mike, Erick & Sterling, Jump & Bruce, Jamie & Kip plus…. It has everything to keep you engrossed, drama, love, sadness, obsession, hate….

Lastly if you have read any other books by Sara you will notice towards the end of this series she brings in the main character of another of her books – Grant from Colorado Heart Series – ALSO A BRILLIANT READ.
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on 2 February 2015
The reviews for this were a bit of a mixed bag really - so I thought I'd give it a try. Oh dear, I have to admit I don't normally give up reading a book, I try the utmost to persevere, but I finally had to concede about 60% in. And I can only echo what a few others said really, just too much "instalove", and yeah within a week the "couples" were all declaring undying love and wanting to marry etc. Also every couples story seemed very much the same which is why in the end I just gave up, there just seemed no point. And the 2 MCs Lane and Gresh (of which the whole series began and feature throughout) started off as a close and loving pair but just slowly descended into a kind of polyamorous/open relationship. Just didn't work for me.
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on 2 June 2013
Ugh, this book was like Mills and Boon but with M/M relationships and a foursome; people falling in love almost immediately and telling each other how they can never live without the each other. And it's like a soap opera with an unusually high percentage of gay men living in the one place.

The books could be read individually as each one focuses on a particular couple but the characters are recurring throughout the books, particularly the couple from the 1st book. Also most of the books have a cliffhanger that follows into the next one and there is an epilogue at the end which sets up another set of books.

Overall it is not a terrible read but I don't think I will read them again.
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on 15 May 2013
Wow!! Just WOW!!
If you have any doubts as to whether you should buy this book...don ot give in to your doubts!
This book is well worth the investment and certainly keeps your temperature at an all time high throughout...especially the first book - although its difficult to point out which is best.
There is enough of everything - lots of sex (lots!), emotional storylines, drama, hurt, deep love, funny, shower action..oh and a bit of cheatng (disguised as 'love'?)

I had no idea that I would love cowboy books so much but this series absolutely changed my views and the fact that its m/m turned it up a notch! Sarah York is indeed an ingenious author who keeps her readers intrigued.
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on 1 July 2016
It was wonderful to see how these guys lives evolved. All their happy times and also the sad times. I thought they were all great, but Lane I think was my favourite, though what the hell he thought he was playing at with Riley when he had Gresh. As for Riley, sorry but I did not like him one little bit from the very beginning. I thought he was a nasty little s**t. Anyway this is a fab series and one you can really get your teeth into, read and enjoy
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a raw roller coaster of a ride.Amazing characters truly beautiful and always a rush.I loved the characters and the story line.I loved the twists and turns.I was shocked and surprised at some of the events.I would love to think there is a place where gay men can share their experiences and help those young guy men to accept that the emotions they feel are just as valid as heterosexual couples.fantastic
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on 2 November 2013
I loved this, several love stories in one. Even though it was male romance it was really sweet. The book gives lots of description, so you can easily picture everything. A good read
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on 10 May 2014
I found this a really good read I liked that the original characters stayed through out the whole series and yes it was fully loaded with sex
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