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on 17 March 2015
I love this series! You have Timothy Olyphant with brilliant one liners, the baddies and their families are all very territorial and settle squabbles by shooting people. As his character, anything suspect means he has to go to various families properties, which have sometimes serious, sometimes crazy funny consequences. His boss has a dry sense of humour, so conversations between them is great fun. So you have relationships both couples and families, different types of humour, and some serios topics thrown in. Love love love!
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on 10 November 2017
Great series - first watched them on TV, but have still enjoyed watching them again on DVD. The only slight complaint is that the UV Copy voucher code has expired. I know the DVDs were released a few years ago, but I would have thought that the download option would have still been available - I still paid the same price for them!
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on 5 April 2014
Amazing series very funny well acted good stories memorable characters completely underrated .Timothy olyphant and Walter Goggins are superbly cast.
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on 18 July 2017
Great item, many thanks....Mike.
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on 8 September 2013
An outstanding show with strong, believable characters and great dialogue. US Marshall Raylan Givens' run-ins with the criminal class of Kentucky make for compelling viewing that rewards repeat viewing. Of a strong cast of characters, Walton Goggins is a standout as the complex Boyd Crowder but Timothy Oliphant's effortless charisma makes Raylan a hero you easily root for and Nick Searcy is a fantastic, funny, warm hearted police chief. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 29 October 2014
Timothy Olyphant is the charismatic Raylan Givens, a U.S. Marshal with a penchant for shooting bad guys.
With a fast gun, no fear, and a quick wit he deals with the "Dixie" mafia in Kentucky and habitual criminal Boyd Crowder, played by the superb Walton Goggins.
Nick Searcy plays Art Mullins his exasperated boss who has to clean up after Raylan while wearing a world weary look.
The show has themes and story lines which run through the whole series as well as individual plots.
It is brilliantly written and based on a character and books by Elmore Leonard.
Justified gets progressively better as the series develops, and in my opinion seasons 3 and 4 are the best.
This show is right up there with the very best, although be advised it is quite violent.
Magnificent entertainment.
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on 1 July 2014
Charming Killer of Yore

Having read Leonard's books featuring Raylon, I could not resist the DVD of the series Justified.

This is a charming, violent, funny and well played series, sort of between the really sophisticated modern series and pre- Sopranos US TV. It benefits from the unusual setting (Kentucky), cast of characters, storylines and fine acting.

But the star of the show, let's face it, is Timothy Olyphant as Raylon. He is the even better looking 'son' of Gary Cooper and Cary Grant. He holds the show together, give it it's moral force, and kills people without a blink if it's 'justified'. I am a sucker for Tim, and hope he makes the leap into movies like Clooney. But he will be just fine on TV, if that's where he stays.

Raylon is also very Chili Palmer in Get Shorty - a charming know all of a tough guy, the kind of macho hero that's a throwback to yesterday. When men were men kind of thing. I also like Goggins, who plays Raylon's nemesis Boyd Crowther. He is also a tangel of charm and menace and a touch of the psycho.

In series one, we see how Raylon is reassigned to Kentucky and his confrontation with the Crowther family. Very good.
Series two, we see how bad Raylon's dad really is, and how there is more than one bad family in Harlan. Also very good.
Series three was best of all, with it's nasty Dixie mafia and a super bad, blue eyed killer from Detroit. Raylon triumphs, very satisfying.The final series in the set is a touch more nasty and gritty, with loads of death and negative stuff. Still very enjoyable.

I don't know if it helps being American, which I am, to get into and appreciate this. But it is a terrific watch despite its formulaic nature. The storylines are very sharp, sometimes excellent. Oh yeah, the late Leonard Exec produced it - so you know HE liked it.

And what's good enough for Elmore....
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on 4 September 2014
Okay yes there have been some pretty damn good tv shows around in the past few years, if you believe some reviews some of these shows were 'groundbreaking'...nah!...well here is a show that may not break ground but will have you treading carefully, especially if you come from Harlan, Kentucky!

Timothy Olyphant plays U.S Marshall Raylan Givens to perfection, sharp witted, brooding, modern day gunslinger that he is. Hard to upstage but somehow Walton Goggins manages it with his portrayal of Boyd Crowder, a kind, warm, clean living kind of chap that you would love your daughter to introduce to you as your future son-in law, of course that is if you don't know of his drug running, murdering, treacherous ways, oh and the little matter of blowing up a church with a grenade launcher!
Each season has a different long running story with lots of sub plots along the way.

WARNING!..There are no Dragons, no flesh eating Zombies, and no Vampires, in their stead this show abounds in great actors and simmering storylines.

Some truly evil folk pass through Kentucky over the course of the four seasons available here, some live to tell the tale, most don't.
Recommended without reservation.
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on 12 October 2013
My husband begged me to watch this new series together with him on netflix, and quite frankly I didn't have any idea, as to what it was about. I had concerns, that this would be another crime detective series or CIS clone. Having seen a lot of american series, I just didn't want to spend another hour watching much the same storyline with new actors.

But I was SO wrong and the pilot took me by surprise. I was hooked.
I couldn't get through the first season quick enough! And consequently we purchased all four seasons.

Great actors/characters, whom you quickly get to care for - both those who are supposed to be `the good guys' and those who are definitely 'the bad guys'.

Interesting setup - I haven't seen any other series set primarily in rural surroundings (Harlan County, Kentucky) - where everybody can justify their actions.

The makers of this series have created something new - a modern western with gangster elements, which introduced me to a whole new musicgenre, ganstagrass - combining bluegrass with gangstarap. I hadn't seen that one coming!

And about Timothy Olyphant... what's not to like?
His character is a modern version of the classical western hero - like 'Clint Eastwood'. My husband doesn't quite agree with me on that one. Can't imagine why!!

In short get it now!!! You won't regret it.

I'm looking forward to season 5!

Lena Griffenfeldt Bøttcher
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on 13 July 2014
I have loved Justsified since Raylan Givens first sauntered onto screen in S1 ep 1. The dialogue and interplay between characters is whip smart and often funny, and with no weak characters throughout, this makes for cracking entertainment. I am now able to enjoy every episode at my leisure, and with the exception of The Waking Dead, this has to be just about the best show on tv for a very long time.
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