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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 May 2013
Tried this out this morning after my shower. Had read the reviews for the older model but there were no reviews for this one and I am presuming that is because this is the newest model.

This comes with both the blue and pink roller so you can try out both. I started with the blue and then when I had completed removing all the dead skin on my heels, sole and around my big toe I then used the pink roller, which is much finer than the blue roller so leaves your feet extra soft. This gadget is marvellous and I would highly recommend it. After using it I got straight on the phone to my friend and she ordered one while we were speaking.

We both use the pedi - egg and she also regularly has professional pedicures. This is so much better than the pedi - egg, pumice stones or files. It is quick, painless and removes all hard and dead skin. I do not beleive that my feet are in really bad condition but I do have a callous on the ball of my left foot and quite hard skin around the base of my big toe (must be how I walk) the Emjoi removed the lot and it will be much more comfortable to walk.

You will need 3xAAA batteries.


ps I would recommend that you do not buy any replacement rollers when buying your Emjoi (if this is the first time you are buying) - try it out first and then decide what rollers you will need.
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on 16 June 2013
I have had both the professional and the normal first one and I was surprised to find that I don't like it as much as the first model. My reasons for this is because the battery life runs out much to quick, especially when you use this daily or once every other day, and I don't think the two speeds are needed the Slow one is good for around by your toes but the fast to me doesn't seem as fast as the non pro Micro Pedi.

On the plus side if you only need this for once a week use and your feet are not too bad it's brilliant! Fits in the palm of your hand great and is very comfortable, the head is removable to be cleaned easier, is much lighter than the non pro and is a much nicer design.

Things you might want to know, if a first time buyer:

> Do not wash the Micro Rollers. I'm sure this is mentioned in the care section but just encase, The water does something to the minerals. Instead I use an old dry tooth brush whilst the rollers are on and just lightly glide over it and it releases the dead skin that has accumulated. There is a small brush that is provided but I don't find it as useful as a tooth brush.

> This takes 3 AAA batteries.

I hope this helps people :)
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I bought the predecessor to this little gadget in February and was delighted.

I have hard skin on my feet.
When you reach a certain age this is one of the things you develop along with.... Well I don't need to go into that here do I??

I was quite frankly amazed with the results.
After singing the praises of this machine I persuaded my wife to try it.

Now she does have hard skin from years of Badminton, squash and sports.
The results were excellent also so we are both converts to this form of getting hard skin from your feet.

So when offered the Emjoi Micro-Pedi PROFESSIONAL Portable Pedicure Device the big brother, if you like of the old device I was very interested.

So this review may be slightly different from others in that I actually am comparing two rollers from the same company rather than just the one. (If that makes sense?)

The first thing you notice is that they actually look the same.
This made me check and double check both machines.
When you take this one out of the box you see that it is smaller and more rounded. Sleeker if you like.

This one takes 3 AAA batteries as apposed to the two AA of the original so that may account for the size reduction.

My suggestion, for the future, is to use a reliable brand and make sure they are LEAK proof.
If you get cheapo batteries you run the risk of them leaking and ruining this expensive piece of kit.

The rollers look the same but these boast that they can be cleaned under the tap- I would not do that with the original.

You get a blue and a pink. One is for really industrial strength hard skin- the latter for less thick skin.

Back to the machines.

The effects of the two are exactly the same which tends to suggest to me that you may just as well buy the older (NON professional) model for a tenner less and you will get just as good results.

BUT the machines do really work well.
The professional does the job outstandingly.
You will be amazed at the cloud of 'dust' which comes off the soles of your feet.
The big improvement with this machine is that the head comes off and this really makes cleaning a doddle and believe me you do need to clean the stuff that comes off your feet otherwise the machine becomes clogged up.

Now a few tips from an old pro (fessional) and yes I do appreciate the irony that I've used the older NON professional machine for a while.

1. To get the best results you should wash your feet well first- this gets rid of a lot of stuff and lets the dog see the rabbit so to speak.
2.Don't press too hard- this only slows the rollers and makes the motor groan like a 'past its sell by date Zeppelin'.
3. Apply gentle and I do mean gentle pressure ensures the roller really smoothes the hard skin.
Let the machine do the work for you.

4. A warning- there's dust! A fine cloud of...... well let's face it it is `you', your dust that is given off so make sure you do it somewhere where bits of you won't clog up stuff? Over the bath/toilet/bidet seems fine.

5.It says you can clean the rollers and machine with water under the tap.
I think an old toothbrush ensures a good clean and makes the rollers last longer.
6. Don't waste money by buying a replacement set of rollers until you have actually tried the machine.
I think they are brilliant but some may not.
Think of all those bread machines that people bought and storred away?

All in all?
This is a machine that works a whole lot better than the old emery board methods.
It produces faster and MUCH BETTER results.
It is Ultra safe when compare to those old razor bladed 'safety' cutters.
It's a whole lot easier to use than fiddly boards where you may not be able to see your soles.
If you intend wearing sandals and are concerned about the appearance of your feet then this is the machine for you.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I usually use a foot file, which I've never had a problem with - it takes a while to manually buff your feet though, so I was pretty impressed with this Micro-pedi. It makes the whole process, absolutely effortless. It's great for removing dry, rough skin and any hard patches on the heels.

My instruction booklet was missing for some reason but luckily there wasn't much to figure out: stick the batteries in (not included) and slide the switch upwards to activate the device then move it around over your heels and any other rough, dry areas on your feet. The only downside perhaps is that there's no in-built container to catch all the skin that comes off, so you end up with lots of powdery flakes of skin everywhere: prepare for this in advance by putting a plastic bag down or sitting over the edge of the bath.

I wanted to add that I previously bought my mum the standard Emjoi micro-pedi (non-pro version) and had a fantastic response from her on it: she was amazed by how quickly she saw results for the hard skin on her feet. To compare the differences between the two units, the pro-version is a bit larger but feels more tactile and comfortable to hold - it also takes more batteries; 3x AAA compared to 2x AA in the standard device. The pro version also has two speed settings compared to the one speed of the standard model - personally, I'm not convinced you really need the extra speed setting. It buffs slower so you have to apply less pressure or the unit stops - it's good for more delicate areas like around the toes or if you're feet are already quite smooth, but I wouldn't miss the slower speed if it wasn't there. The other thing is you get two rollers included with the pro version (only one roller with standard model) - the pink roller is less coarse and good for maintenance once you've been using the blue roller for a while.

I didn't have any issues or sensitivity using the device and it feels quite safe using it - just be careful to only use it on the heels and soles and take care if you have dry areas around the toes. It's a really effective device, yes more expensive than a foot file but worth it I think as it saves so much time! I recommend using the device regularly; daily at first and then you can reduce it. Use a foot cream too, after a micro-pedi session and your feet will be soft and smooth in no time!
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I had read both glowing and also less favourable reviews of the Emjoi Pedi system before buying, but thought I would give it a try as I suffer from bad cracked heels in the Summer. Like a lot of people I had tried everything from cracked heel cream through to various rasps and scrapers ... they either didn't work and or were painful. seeming to take loads of elbow grease, without the hoped for results.

After unpacking the Emjoi Pro, and inserting the 3 AAA batteries in I tried it out, first on the lower speed (which didn't seem to do much) and rapidly clicked on for a bit more speed.

I then started to see results ... a fine white powder falling from my heels ... the machine was clearly working well.

I did experiment with different pressures, and found that the lightest of touch seemed to get the best results ... ie ... let the Emjoi do the work for you.

I spent about 5 minutes on both heels (thought I would attack the problem in stages, and the results are really wonderful. My feet are much much smoother, and with regular use, I expect my heels to be crack free throughout the Summer.

It is a little too early to say how long each abrasive roller will last, but from the results of a single application, I would have thought that you might get at least 6 - 8 treatments before they need changing.

One thing I would comment on, the Emjoi Pro runs on 3 AAA batteries, and I would recommend using rechargeables as I'm sure you could spend a fortune on replacements.

I would have liked to have seen a rechargeable version, and I for 1 would have paid a few pounds extra.

All in all, very good.
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on 27 September 2014
Excellent product, the Two speed Pro Model is well worth the extra money. also try to only use higher Amp batteries, another good tip with any sanding or smoothing item is never buy fine grade, only buy Medium or course grade, because after using them for a few times you will create your own Fine grades !
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on 27 August 2013
I really wanted this to work and it seemed like it should but I've just arranged to send it back for a refund.

I found it better for the tips of my toes than a manual sander and, of course, less elbow grease is required. It seems well constructed and is comfortable to hold.

Other reviewers remarked about the lack of power and that the sander stops spinning when more than a little pressure is applied. This was my finding too. If you rest it, rather than pressing it, on your foot so that its feeble motor can manage to spin some filing will happen but it takes ages. The box brags: 'beautiful feet in seconds' - the implication being that your feet will be smooth in less than a minute (I know that minutes are multiples of seconds but it's a misleading claim). Even after several minutes, going over the same areas multiple times, not that much happened.

I used it for about a week hoping it might produce some gradual, incremental benefit but it didn't.

A separate problem is that the sander is recessed and not particularly wide. This meant that the sander couldn't make full contact with the balls of my feet. So even with more power, this thing wouldn't be all that useful.

I can well imagine that for smaller (I'm size 10), softer feet than mine this might work a treat. Others seem delighted but I think I'll avoid these until they double in size and power.
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on 14 September 2013
Does what it says on the tin, more or less, but it should have been rechargeable (why not? can't be that difficult) or mains-driven as even brand new top-of-the-range heavy duty batteries don't last very long. Although it says not to put the rollers in water, I have brushed them down with soapy water using a firm toothbrush; you need to let them dry off thoroughly before replacing them in the unit. Doing this doesn't seem to have caused any problems, and helps to renew the surface. However, allowing for the cost of batteries and replacement rollers, this is not really a cost-effective choice - a bit like those printers you can buy for £30, but then spend several times as much again keeping it in toner/ink.
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on 11 October 2013
this is better and cheaper than having to go and have a pedicure, this any time you feel like having your feet pampered. the Emjol works well and is very good at removing hard skin on the feet without effort
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on 19 July 2013
Having an hereditary foot condition that means having extremely dry and cracked feet I have tried everything. Keeping on top of shedding rock hard feet is hard work. Unfortunately, exposure to the air intensifies the growth of skin. My son has the same condition.

I ordered the Emjoi and it arrived quickly. I used it as soon as I put the batteries in (10 minutes after it arrived). Well, quick and easy to use and just a case of wiping feet down with a damp cloth after and then oiling the feet. No laborious routine. Loved the results - and no corn knife- which I usually use.

When my son came home he was reluctant to try it. I encouraged him to have one foot done (I think he's having 'PMT') and did one foot that evening. The next morning I asked him how his FEET felt and he stated that ONE FOOT FELT LIGHTER THAN THE OTHER! Well I think with these results the Emjoi speaks volumes.

A very good investment to control the growth of extremely hard skin. I would advise to wash and moisturise thoroughly afterwards.
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