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Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 May 2014
Style Name: AC1600|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I thought this might be a nice upgrade but instead all I did was waste a lot of time...

My plan was to replace a BT Home Hub 4 with this fed by the BT OpenReach modem.

The Router has an autosetup option.

Don't bother with this as all it will keep telling you to do is turn off your modem, wait 2 minutes, power it up, and wait another two minutes.

After a couple of times I came to the conclusion this was never going to work so I pressed and held the reset button for 10 seconds and started again but selected manual setup this time.

If, the box asks for a password to login, it is by default admin which the little user guide seems to overlook

Under the Connectivity tab, select internet settings, edit and set to

Connection Type PPPoE
Password password

Then click on OK and all being well it will communicate with your BT Infinity.

This worked, changed the WiFi names and wifi passwords (I set one name for 2G and another for 5G)

The box also says an update was available, dated last October (how old is the model) so I let it install that.

Next to try my gadgets connected...

iPad 2, Nexus 4, Apple TV, iTunes, Netflix all okay but not my cable connected YouView box on internet channels

OpenReach it seems use multicast to reduce the load on their data network for YouView Live internet channels and this (along with many other routers are not compatible with this)

So for me this setup was of no use and time to put the Home Hub back.

I then thought perhaps I would use it as a wifi repeater, hub, media server, share with a USB 3 and drive plugged in with the unit in Bridge mode.

That also was a waste of time for once in Bridge mode all it offers you is WiFi settings with all other features disabled.

In this mode it also uses 8 watts of power, four time more than the device I was thinking of swapping it with.

BTW, before you put it into Bridge mode, disable guest WiFi option as it leaves this on with no option to turn it off.
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VINE VOICEon 17 May 2014
Style Name: AC1600|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My previous router was an ASUS Dark Knight, which I finally chose after testing several other routers. It's been reliable and quick, although it was always poor when it came to serving wifi to my PS3. This Linksys then, had to be at least as good to stand any chance of supplanting my trusty ASUS.

Installation was standard stuff and took about 10 minutes. Once up and running I ran various speed tests on several devices, some upstairs (right next to the router), and some downstairs through several walls. My results all use my Virgin Media 120mbit connection:

iPad Mini Retina - 802.11n 5ghz
ASUS Dark Knight - 117mbits (upstairs), 88mbits (downstairs)
LinkSys EA6400 - 127mbits (upstairs), 127mbits (downstairs)

iPhone 5 - 802.11n 5ghz
ASUS Dark Knight 47mbits (upstairs), 40mbits (downstairs)
LinkSys EA6400 - 92mbits (upstairs), 42mbits (downstairs)

Playstation 3 - 802.11g 2.4ghz
ASUS Dark Knight 14mbits (downstairs)
LinkSys EA6400 3mbits (downstairs)

Playstation 4 - 802.11n 2.4ghz
ASUS Dark Knight 4mbits (downstairs)
LinkSys EA6400 4mbits (downstairs)

For my Apple devices, performance was improved from the already impressive levels achieved by the ASUS. My Playstations though, went from poor to even worse. I don't know why Sony's wifi is so slow, it's been bad with every router I've tried, and on multiple PS3s. Curiously I've always found Xbox wifi to be worse again, so slow as to be completely unusable. I can't really put it down to the house, as my Apple devices have no problems in any area of the house.

The router also has DLNA support, which I wasn't able to test as I don't have a spare hard drive to hand. There are also some LinkSys apps you can download for iOS and Android which allow remote access to the network, to block certain services, monitor network activity, and share media. Surprisingly these apps are not free, so I didn't download any of them.

Overall then a very nice router, if you live in an Apple household.

UPDATE - For the past couple of days the router has been capping my broadband at 30mbits. I assumed it was my ISP (the always unreliable Virgin Media) acting up again. After several router and modem reboots, the speed stayed at 30mbits. Out of curiosity, I plugged in my old ASUS router and as if by magic, normal 120mbit service was resumed. Needless to say, the Linksys will no longer be serving up internet in my home.
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on 21 August 2015
Purchased this to provide WiFi coverage in my home as my virgin media 'super hub' was just not that super.
Having suffered many months of sudden 'slow' internet and random signal strength issues, I decided to purchase something better to provide WiFi in the house. Switched the 'super hub' into modem mode and connected this unit to it. Simple and easy.
You can control the usage of the unit from the PC, or any device connected, via a web interface.
I also downloaded the APP to my iPhone which is useful too.
Very pleased with the range and speed, which increased by around 40% from my previous speed with the 'super hub'.
It has never gone slow or had signal loss.
Unit is located in the back bedroom of the house (single story average size) and coverage is fine all over.
Would only now upgrade to another Lynksys as I am happy with their provided software and control interface.
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on 28 March 2015
I was unhappy with the router from my ISP and needed something with better Wi-Fi range and speed. I didn't want to pay the prices of the top routers but I feel like I have achieved what I need with this router.

I had some problems setting it up as it was asking me to create an account but couldn't verify it as the Internet connection hadn't been established. I solved it by just plugging it into one of the ethernet ports on my old router and configuring it from there. Make sure you install the app as it is very useful.

This router is highly configurable and has many useful features. If you like tinkering, this is the router for you. Highly recommended.
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Was debating whether to buy this or the highly rated EA6500. Found a brand new EA6700 on eBay for £119 so took the plunge. This is primarily a router for cable or fibre connections, however i'm using it on my 18 meg Talktalk ADSL2+ line connected to a Draytek Vigor 120 bridge modem and it works like a charm. In our 3 storey house, the wifi reaches every nook and cranny and the router copes with ~ 15 connected clients without breaking a sweat. Our desktop upstairs has an Asus PCE-AC66 wifi card and this card connects at the full 1.3 gbps to the router on wifi AC...just like having your pc connected by an invisible ethernet cable. Buy it, you won't regret it!
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on 6 October 2013
Bought this to replace my Netgear WNDR3700 which has recently kept on dropping wifi connections. I am definitely impressed with the improved range and throuhput on this one, expecially on the 5GHz band. Can safely say the wifi signal reaches everywhere in my 3-story house with no more than one or two bars drop in connection strength.

Drop one star as I would have to agree with previous reviews saying the setup can be cumbersome, it seems the overly simplified setup software built into the router is prone to crashing - I had to do a factory reset and was able to complete set up the second time around.

Once setup, this router is definitely top notch though!
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on 11 January 2016
Bought this to replace an old WRT610N which, with the latest upgrade in our Virgin Cable connection, was no longer capable of delivering the full download speed from the internet, although in every other respect it remained a perfectly decent router.

Once I got through the headaches of setting up the EA6700, it's been an entirely decent replacement for the 610N - whilst I'd have liked the option of retaining the older-style UI rather than having to use the new Smart Wi-Fi one even though I doubt I'd ever want to remotely configure the router (in all the years I had the 610N I don't recall ever thinking "oh, if only I could fiddle with it whilst away from home"), all of the options I was used to fiddling with in the older UI are still present, just not necessarily in the places you'd expect to go looking for them, and not necessarily presented in as clear a manner. That quibble aside, it's doing exactly what I bought it to do - provide the same level of LAN performance whilst also improving on the WAN throughput, at a price I really can't argue with.

As I noted above, there were headaches in getting the router configured correctly though. Out of the box, it was supplied with the original 1.1.34 firmware version - I don't know if this means it's old stock that's been sat on the shelf since early 2013, or if it just means Linksys haven't bothered to include the newer firmware in any of the routers they've manufactured since then. For whatever reason, the router then failed to detect the availability of any newer firmware when asked to go check for itself via the web UI, leading me to believe it was running the most recent (with a version number like 1.1.34, it's not at all obvious that it's actually the first version released for this model router). It was only after then being hit by the infamous "bad gateway" bug on trying to reconnect to the UI whilst the router was still connected to the cable modem, and spending quite some time searching for solutions, that I eventually hit upon a single search result which stated that a firmware update would fix this problem, inamongst the myriad of other results which all failed to mention this and simply suggested unplugging the modem whenever you wanted to reconfigure the router. After then visiting the Linksys site directly, finding the latest (1.1.40) firmware update there, and applying it to the router, access to the UI has been faultless, and I was also able to complete the setup of my smart wifi account which was also being prevented by this old firmware.
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on 22 May 2015
Wanted to use this as an access point at the end of a powerline pair so I could improve the wifi at the top of the house. This I eventually managed to do and it works well. 3 stars because Linksys insist on controlling how you set it up, (in the name of "a better customer experience"), and don't supply the IP address or the user name and password on the router or in any of the enclosed documents. I wasted sooooo much time before I eventually managed to find it on their website. (Note: Make sure you change the default password as it is common for EA6300, possibly all of their routers).
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on 1 February 2016
1. DMZ/Port forwarding simply does not work. DMZ appears not allowing any pass trough to the IP defined; port forwarding fails for many ports (e.g. VPN ports, WebDav) and works some others.
2. "linksys bad gateway" - google it before you buy. You will see this message frequently. In practical terms you cannot access the management GUI from the PC reliably only after reboots. In the meantime the mobile application GUI works.
3. DHCP/LAN - connected devices do not show on fix IP allocation map. E.g. from 9 LAN devices it shows 3; but all remaining accessible. Manually (by keying in the MAC address) I could add them the the address reservation.

Absolute disgrace. I am tech-savvy user but this router is just don't work as defined. If you are lucky you will have internet, but do not expect any advanced function to operate reliably. Sent back first day. Never again Linksys, back to Netgear.
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on 1 November 2015
Good little router - but dont buy it if Open Source is your goal. Unfortunately not much (if anything) available for the SoC used in this one. I returned mine an WRT1900 from same manufacture. Not that IS an awesome hobbyists router :-)
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