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Call of Duty: Ghosts (PC DVD)
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£10.75+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 13 February 2015
I am not an avid COD player, nor am I a die hard Call of Duty fan
But I have to say, this product is seriously a big let down in the COD series
For every COD game I played, regardless of the quality of multiplayer, I enjoyed the single player campaign but this is the first game I ever felt bored of progressing the story even further
The whole campaign itself really does feel like a recycled product, from the dialogue to the action and to the "epic scenes"
It felt like IW was trying so hard to make things epic, even to the point of forgotting what actually made Call of Duty single player enjoyable in the first place
As for multiplayer, I never ever seen such an empty server with the average players online a mere 800 to 900, sure the game is old now but the number itself is just unbelievable, even if I personally does not enjoy the multiplayer I must admit Ghosts actually requires a higher skill level to play, the big maps and the enviroment is a perfect campers' haven and you could get killed without you noticing as well as the fact that you die in literally seconds under gunfire, again I myself is not avid COD fan but this is my personal opinion.
To be honest, new game modes like hunted, safeguard etc do make private matches with friends fun but public servers are just plain boring. Big maps with only 12 players, 10 minutes time 75 score limit is indeed very boring for a COD game.
So in conclusion, even if I don't like the game, buying this game for nine pounds is indeed a decent offer considering COD being an AAA title.
Newcomers to COD might as well pick this up for 9 pounds as a starting point, and it may not be a bad game for newcomers.
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on 16 December 2015
Despite so much negativity, I actually really like this game. I'm not exactly an avid Call of Duty player, but this one is my favourite since Modern Warfare. The maps are, in my opinion, very good, and the guns are quite balanced. Extinction is also a very good game mode and is something new for the series. The only downside is the lack of players online - finding a Team Death match is easy enough (as of December 2015), but other modes are more difficult or impossible to play due to lack of players. However, for the price I don't regret buying this on PC (I already owned it on PS4) and the port runs well and looks much better than the PlayStation equivalent.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2013
I have been a committed online gamer for 10 years or more now and started playing the Call of Duty games since day one.
Call of Duty Ghosts has been a huge disappointment. Because of my experience with all the Call of Duty games I can give a review that can compare this game against any in the series,
For the last 9 months or so I have been playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 prior to Ghosts. I am a fan of Blackops 2 in general and I felt that Black Ops 2 had nailed it pretty much apart from the following issues :- A number of things have annoyed me massively over the years was when Activision moved away from allowing people running their own multi-player servers ,the games have been plagued with hackers and glitchers, no admin control over abusive players and the incessant move to charging excessive amounts of money for map packs.
Despite disliking the direction it has taken I have made the most of what the Call of Duty Series has had to offer.
Now for Ghosts. I was expecting something similar to Black Ops 2 with better graphics and some tweaks on the game play perhaps.
What I got was a game that has worse graphics than Black Ops 2- I would describe is somewhere similar to Blacks Ops 1. For the record I think Call of Duty 2 and 3 had better smoother graphics than all the COD Black Ops series put together.
Infinity Ward have elected this time around to allow players a myriad of different ways to customize your 6 characters!. Six characters that each earn their own XP as they level up. Why so many I ask? Its over the top and I feel totally, unnecessary and complicated. Most gamers like having a customisable "single" character" who earns points and then levels up and gains unlocks, but having more than one of these seems pointless and over the top to the extent character managements is a tedious affair.
Rather than wait until your level 40+ to get really good unlocks Ghosts uses a system that allows you to save up points and you can "spend" then to unlock quality weapons early on. I see some merit in this but I feel it reduces me wanting to play more to get to level up etc and having to this for each character a waste of time and effort.
I like some of the new maps but wonder whether this is because I got bored with Call of Duty Blacks Ops 2 maps. Gameplay wise the game continues to suffer from terrible spawning and its difficult to play tactically. In general its an Arcade like first person shooter.
In Ghosts they have tried to reduce the effectiveness of the score streaks. Not a bad idea in principal. However, instead they have brought back dogs!!!! They are horrendous and way too hard to kill.
I have been loyal to the Call of Duty series since day one but I am sad to say I have deserted and moved to Battlefield 4- its got dedicated servers, better,balanced game play,planes,helicopters and tanks and an unbelievably addictive stats system ,has awesome graphics and in general everything that the Call of Duty Series is lacking in.
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on 8 March 2015
After ten months and a lot of correspondence with Activision I got this game to work despite my machinery far exceeding criteria. I'm not an on-line player so can only comment on the single player part.

The graphics are as good as one would expect today. The plot is reasonably believable. Strangely, I felt a bit queasy watching the monochrome animations before each sequence.

The game play sequences improve as things go along, the first half dozen are pretty ho-hum but some new effects and options surprise. The second half of the campaign ramps things up. I particularly enjoy 'Hunted' which can be spun out in all sorts of ways.

Personally I'd really like to see new WWII scenarios in the COD stable, or maybe the original COD and CODUO brought up to date technically. Mid 20th century weaponry is much more fun to use.
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on 4 October 2016
This review is for the single player campaign. It's not a campaign, it's an infantile game of follow my leader. Follow these people until you reach an area full of enemies, shoot them. Follow on screen instructions to a door with a picture of explosives on it, press the "F" key, follow instructions to a picture of a box, press the "F" key to pick it up. Go to the pick up point to be collected by a boat/helicopter/car. End of mission. Next mission- same as the first. This is the first Call of Duty game I've played, and it will be the last. Don't waste your money, this is a classic example of couldn't care less, lazy programming.
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on 21 August 2014
Just bought this game and it arrived today from amazon - for all these people saying its 50gb i don't know why they say that its 33.5gb in total well it is for me at least - but thats still well to much space - i first played this game when it came out on the 360 and it was a great game - but saying that call of duty games now are all terrible as single time a new game comes out every november its the exact same game except different maps and maybe a few tweaks here and there. but there not worth 40 quid - if they keep releasing these games that look exact same why make it 40 quid it should only be worth 10 pound and thats being generous - anyway yeah i got the game this morning ts on 4 dvds seriously 4 dvds? and its in total 33.5gb to install . think theres also about 3 gb an update for it to from steam which you have to install - my pc is not the best gaming pc ever or nothing but it can handle bf 3 on ultra max settings - and that game is beautiful - but this game is a big joke - the graphics are literally terrible - they honestly look about ps2 graphics - and even then the game lags like hell when your playing it - bugs in the game everywhere - and every once in a while my game crashes and says call of duty ghosts has stopped working - i think av finally tweaked the settings in it to become playable - black ops 1 runs about a thousand times better than this game on the pc - i don't get it it played good on the 360 but the pc version seriously sucks - i read all the comments before buying it mixed reviews but most was negative - i choose to buy it anyway because it was 15 pound and i thought it might be a bargain - how wrong was i - seriously if your thinking about getting this game on your pc then don't bother save your money and buy something else - thats definitely the last time im even gonna look at another call of duty game - the whole series is a joke now - and it has been a joke for a very long time - also ghosts on the pc has aim assist you can easily tell - its so easy to get a kill now - cause i play bf 3 and black ops 1 with a controller and ah get a decent average score on the controller - even had the highest score a good number of times - when loads of people who say mouse and keyboard is better don't bother listening to that its just what your most comfortable with then go for that option - anyway i tried ghosts today and it easily has aim assist every 2 secs i got a kill and it was so easy lol if you play fps games with a controller you will defo notice anyway lol
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on 15 March 2015
Call of Duty fan for nearly a decade (COD1 - BlackOps) but the PC high spec required to run it is ridiculous. It lets you install it and then say's "NO" if your PC is even slightly below spec. What non-sense. I understand there is now a patch to bridge this after a huge outcry. Well I haven't re-installed it and will no longer be buying any further Call of Duty games. Their loss not mine. A disappointed customer.
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on 6 June 2014
Not one of the best Call of duty games was ok for a few months online gaming but became very boring after that ,due mainly to the fact that the makers lied through their teeth again!! about producing dedicated servers,obviously once they had our money they thought sod the pc gamers ,so i would not recommend this game to anyone and i for one will not be buying anymore Activision games in the future as they are a company not to trusted and are just another money grabbing ,lying bunch of developers who do not want the online pc gamers to be any part of their future. UP YOURS ACTIVISION YOU CAN STICK YOUR GAMES!!
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on 11 January 2014
First of all i would like to thank amazon for giving me a full refund on this product. Excellent customer service for a game that is not playable for PC users. Straight from the beginning i ran into problems. The game began to freeze throughout the singleplayer campaign. What was also annoying was the cutscene freezing and muting,after a few scenes it became harder to understand the story. NOW ,the multiplayer. Never have i had a game that is virtually unplayable. Many other players have experienced similar problems and its not due to a low spec system. This is an unfinished game that shouldn't have been put in the market for PC users.The game is constantly freezing and lagging.The graphics are not a massive improvement considering the use of a new game engine, the difference is more noticeable after playing battlefield 4. The actual game has no forms of innovation from the previous games in the series. A few gimmicks of changeable environments and fish that swim away just confirms what everyone has been saying since modern warfare 3, now its just a cash cow.

Thanks for reading
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on 15 January 2014
game looks good in ads you need top end graphics on your machine to play it , after install for around an hour I found it did not play disappointment for filling leisure time around Christmas , there should be more enthuses on the top end graphics needed and a system check before installing after running all the other cod games without problems I would have expected the same from this one I could run BF4 on my machine without an update , I would not recommend this game unless you really do have a top shop computer
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