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on 28 April 2014
I'm very happy with this purchase - I've been a BlackBerry fan for about 2 years now and this only encouraged me to keep supporting the brand - the QWERTY keyboard is amazing, I hate typing on touch screens so this is a big plus for me. It has all the apps you need and much more! Great camera, plenty of storage space (16gb), the touch screen is also very good. Time keeping and schedule apps will help you a lot! BlackBerry Q10 also has Flash enabled and the battery life is decent compared to most smartphones. The phone is also very fast, all the installations work fine, no issues whatsoever. I totally recommend BlackBerry Q10!
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on 7 April 2017
Still using the Q10 as my main phone in 2017. Everything from emails, phone calls, browsing the internet the Q10 does it very nicely. The classic Blackberry keyboard is an absolute delight to use - their keyboards are not seen by other smartphone brands.
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on 13 November 2016
Arrived promptly. Every phone takes getting used to, but I now really like my Q10.
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on 23 May 2017
Great business phone. I am an Apple fan but for day to day work this is hard to beat. Brilliant Bluetooth performance - connects fast.
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on 31 August 2017
Purchased in 2014 and barely used; as of 2017 certain keys on the keyboard are not working. This is most bizarre as it has been hardly used.
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on 17 August 2013
Bought it because I wanted a real keyboard again after a year of frustrated all-touchscreen sms'ing, e-mailing and browsing. I am very happy with the medium sized keyboard on this one and never make mistakes anymore while typing! There is also squiggly line spell checking and word prediction that also comes very handy. I just feel that a keyboard phone enables me to do much more than a screen phone, which I consider to better for someone that just wants to "consume" content.

I was also surprised by the software, the standard OS install contains a very complete and high quality software package, the powerful browser, type-and-go, and the BlackBerry Hub (all your communication in one smart, customizable screen, always on the left) are clear winners here. My iPhone and Android friends are impressed. All very fast and easy to multitask in (or browse with multiple tabs). The app store contains all apps you'll need, and if there is an Android app you want that's not there yet, there is a very big chance that is has been repackaged by the community (BlackBerry is 90% compatible with Android), otherwise you can do it yourself with a tool BlackBerry provides.

A last strong point is the battery life, it's just great! No matter how much I use it, I can't get it to die in one day. Usually it lasts about two with moderate usage, with WiFi + 3G (it has 4G by the way but my operator doesn't yet) constantly on, and the Hub connected to WhatsApp and three e-mail accounts.

So summarizing: if you want a keyboard, useful and well-organized software, and good battery life, it's all neatly packaged in the Q10.
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on 2 October 2017
I don't recommend this phone. I was looking for a phone just for calling, e-mail and WhatsApp. When I installed WhatsApp I received a message saying that whatssap cannot be used any more since December 2017l.
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on 15 December 2016
Well made product, thanks.
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VINE VOICEon 18 September 2013
The BlackBerry Q10 is not for everyone. It's well known that BlackBerry has nowhere near the same range of apps available as its competitors. However if that is not important to you, then the Q10 really is an excellent phone.

THE OPERATING SYSTEM: This is no-nonsense and reasonably intuitive to use. As is the way of things these days you don't get an instruction manual and thus there's a lot you have to suss out for yourself. I've had my Q10 for three months now, never having had a BlackBerry before, and I'm still finding out new things about it - and I suspect there's more to come. I have experienced the odd glitch but nothing too disturbing. The unit runs warm if you keep apps running in the background so my advice would be turn these off, particularly if you want to save battery power, or unless you want to use it as a hand-warmer.

DESIGN/BUILD QUALITY: The Q10 is a subtly restyled version of its BB predecessors. The weight and size are just about right, neither too heavy nor too light and not too big either. The small screen-size will of course be off-putting to people looking to do anything requiring a visual aspect - but this IS a keyboard BlackBerry after all, so presumably those considering purchase are not prioritising screen size. The super AMOLED display itself is of a very high quality and actually, is absolutely fine for watching short clips and music videos and the like. What the prospective purchaser should consider, nevertheless, is whether or not the keyboard is required at all: I was surprised to find that the keyboard is just that - mainly used for keying text only. It does not assist with navigating around screens, nor can it be used to override touchscreen functions to any great extent - although it does offer a few handy shortcuts. Therefore, unless the lack of physical keys is of primary concern, you might want to look at the larger-screened Blackberry Z10 UK Sim Free Smartphone which as far as I can gather is more or less the same phone, sans keyboard. Whilst the Q10 is far from flimsy in build quality it does not give the impression of being overly durable either. Yet during the 3 months I have had it the screen has yet to collect its first scratch - despite being accidentally put in my front jeans pocket with my house keys on numerous occasions. So no need to bother with screen protectors.

FUNCTIONALITY: There are some niggles. Cutting, pasting and inserting takes some getting used to - fortunately I don't do a lot of that but it's a bit awkward. It would have been better if they could have added some sort of back-up cut and paste function using the keyboard rather than the touch-screen. Also, I find the screen panel for inputting text messages a bit small. This has two drawbacks: the obvious one - that it's difficult to read the whole message you've just typed at a glance (and fiddly to scroll through). Secondly, less obviously, re the aforementioned text editing issues, and in conjunction with the proximity of the 'send' button, if you're not careful you can accidentally send a text whilst still trying to edit it. Not a major problem for me and perhaps less so once the user becomes more aware of this. Pitfall, but nevertheless a flaw I would be seeking to correct in future if I were the designer.

CAMERA/VIDEO: This feature is the one thing I have received several compliments about - on what is otherwise an understated phone. The camera colour and resolution are excellent for a camera phone - better, in fact, than my own camera which I've more or less stopped using. The camera has (provided you turn the function on) the ability to forward and rewind pictures of faces before saving them i.e. to the moment immediately before somebody's blink spoiled your otherwise perfect picture. There's some fun video editing software on here too. Also extremely useful is the mini HDMI slot - just buy the appropriate lead and you can plug the phone straight into your TV - great for showing off pictures and videos.

PHONE/EMAIL/TEXTING: The USP of the BlackBerry 10 is its communications "hub" - it brings together all the usual suspects - Email, FaceBook, LinkedIn etc in one place. This function is quite scary at first - as people you barely know/used to know/thought you had erased suddenly pop up in your contacts list without warning. Ultimately though, I now find it quite useful as it brings in e.g. contact details for occasional business contacts whose details you might not otherwise have bothered storing until...the day you need them.

ACCOMPANYING SOFTWARE: The associated "BlackBerry Link" software for use with your computer for syncing music, making photo albums etc is decent if not fantastic. Useable without being annoying, and 10 million times better than iTunes (but what isn't?). One gripe though is that it's difficult to scroll though.

THE REST: I'm a big music fan and will ignore any device that is half-a**ed as a music player. The Q10 is NOT one such device and is the first phone I've owned that I actually bother to play music through regularly. The onboard sound is pretty good too. Whilst, as I mentioned, the lack of apps will be off-putting for some, this was not a problem for me APART FROM the lack of Google Maps - which I took for granted on my old Android Sony Ericsson. BlackBerry Maps isn't in the same league and in particular, if you mostly go everywhere on foot (as I do). A remedy is at hand in the form of "BeMaps Pro" which is downloadable from the BlackBerry store for £2.50 and is almost, but not quite, as good as the Google version. Final minor annoyance: I've noticed all BlackBerry charger cables are on the short side but the one supplied with the Q10 is even shorter. Buy an extension cable unless you want to charge your phone on the floor.

IN SUMMARY: Personally, this is really a five star product for me - it's transformed me from a "non-phone person" into a "phone person" but I appreciate that it will not suit everyone. I've knocked a star off for some of the problems mentioned above plus, the fact that (at time of writing, at least) it's perhaps rather expensive for what it is (don't expect to get that many compliments on it). If you like to send a lot of emails and take a lot of pictures on your phone - this is the phone for you. If you want a decent non-iTunes music player and a phone that is generally pleasant to use (how irritated do I now get when I revert to my wife's Android tablet - quite, so much so I use the Q10 where possible) - this is the phone for you. If you like your gadgets but you are not a crowd-follower - this is the phone for you. If you want to play games and use apps then, you should look elsewhere. Oh, and if it's just a bigger screen you're after (the Q10 can be a little fiddly at times) - consider the (touchscreen only) Z10 instead.
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on 26 August 2017
Intuitive, big enough to hold and small enough to hide away. It is the best smart phone ever.
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