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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Doctor Who - The Monsters Collection: The Sontarans [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 9 November 2015
I have always liked the sontarans since first watching them in Invasion of Time at 5 years old!Since then I have bought all the other classic series sontaran stories and got this as I think it is the best story from"new who" before they started to make the sontarans a bit of a joke!Awesome
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on 3 July 2015
great thank you
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on 13 July 2013
Two Sontaran stories confirmed to be The Time Warrior from the Pertwee era and Sontaran Strategem /Poison Sky double episode from the Tennant years. The Sontarans are certainly one of the more memorable villains from Dr Who and probably one of the best realised. The Tennant episodes I think show just what a good powerful enemy they are. Sadly these episodes have since seen the Sontarans weakened out in my view because of frequent appearances in Sarah Jane Smith (not bad ones though) and now a comic element/ally to Matt Smith's Doctor. The cliffhanger ending to Sontaran Strategem is fantastic and the episodes are two of the best from Tennant's later years. The Time Warrior is an obvious choice to go with these episodes, though is fairly lightweight and appears in the final year of Pertwee's reign - which is his poorest year - though Linx the Sontaran is the very best Sontaran to feature in the series as a whole. Of all these 6 'Monster' collections, I feel this one has picked the best two stories as an overall 'taster' of a Who villain
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on 22 July 2013
I have no idea where `KK' gets his/her information. According to the BBC these `Monster Collections' are specially themed sets to represent the most popular opponents of the Doctor. Each DVD will feature a story from the original run of Doctor Who (usually the first appearance of the monster) and from its return since 2005 (ie. Old Who and New Who as it is sometimes termed).

They are to be presented in sleeved cases in much the same design as `The Cybermen Collection' and `The Dalek Collection' that were released in 2009. This looks as if this will give them a collectible appearance.

This DVD includes:

THE TIME WARRIOR (5/5) - one of the most important of Doctor Who stories, not only does this introduce the Sontarans but it also features the first mention of the name `Gallifrey', introduces Sarah Jane and includes the actor who played Boba Fett. As Linx, Kevin Lindsay gives one of the best and most believable villain performances in Doctor Who.

THE SONTARAN STRATAGEM/THE POISON SKY (4/5) - this story is the first time the Sontarans really invade the Earth. As such it is also the first time that Sontaran armies and fleets are seen (if you don't count the `Shakedown' spin-off). A glorious return. SONTAR-HA.

As yet there is no mention of special features. It would seem a shame if there weren't any.

As previously released stories they are clearly intended to be collector's items especially for the fiftieth anniversary.
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on 27 April 2013
The Time Warrior: Sarah Jane Smith and the Sontarans debut in this adventure set mainly in medieval England.

Part 1: Scientists go missing and the Doctor learns that the kidnapper is an alien from the past.
Part 2: The Doctor discovers that the alien is a Sontaran warrior called Linx.
Part 3: Linx is providing advanced weaponry to Irongron and his men.
Part 4: His ship repaired, Linx prepares to take off as the Doctor races to stop history changing.

15 Dec 1973 - 05 Jan 1974

The Sontaran Experiment: The Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrive on Earth which is now a desolate wilderness.

Part 1: Arriving on Earth, the Doctor, Harry and Sarah meet a group of stranded human colonists.
Part 2: Sarah has been caught by Styre, the Sontaran conducting experiments on the captive humans.

22 Feb - 01 Mar 1975

The Invasion of Time: The Doctor must be at his most cunning when Sontarans launch an invasion of Gallifrey!

Part 1: The Doctor, after meeting with aliens, returns to Gallifrey and claims the presidency.
Part 2: The Doctor is president and immediately orders K-9 to lower Gallifrey's defences.
Part 3: The Doctor has betrayed his own people and enabled the Vardan invasion of Gallifrey.
Part 4: As the Vardans fully materialise on Gallifrey, the Doctor prepares to spring his trap.
Part 5: The Sontarans intend to use the power of the Time Lords to rampage through all of time.
Part 6: Stor the Sontaran gains access to the TARDIS in search of the Great Key of Rassilon.

04 Feb - 11 Mar 1978

The Two Doctors: The Sixth Doctor must help his second incarnation changing into an Androgum.

Part 1: The Second Doctor and Jamie visit space station Camera to speak to the scientist Dastari.
Part 2: The Doctor and Peri meet Jamie and learn the Second Doctor is with the Sontarans on Earth.
Part 3: The Sontarans prepare the Second Doctor to trigger their Kartz-Reimer capsule.

16 Feb - 02 Mar 1985
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