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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 December 2013
An excellent, fast, lightweight rope at a very fair price. However, better than the rope itself is the customer service.

I used my original rope for a couple of weeks in my front yard, only for the PVC coating of the rope to wear out, exposing the wire beneath. When this wire began to fray and scratch my legs, I whined to the company, who pointed out (entirely fairly, and much more gently than they needed to) that in both the product description and the instructions that come with the rope they specifically say the rope is not to be used outdoors, for exactly this reason. Not only that, they then sent me a replacement rope that I had idiotically destroyed. And all this after emailing twice in the first couple of weeks to see how I was getting on with it (over the Christmas period to boot). In fact, if the customer service were any more attentive it would verge on stalking.

Anyway, go ahead and buy one. You can't go wrong.
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on 29 January 2014
Having used many types of speed ropes over the past few years, I must say that this CSX Speed Skipping Rope is excellent. It has been designed for speed and helps with double-unders as well as increasing your ability to skip faster, which means working harder. So if you're looking for a skipping rope for light to intense training, try this one out.
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on 24 June 2013
This is rope is exactly as described in the information, it is quick, easy to adjust and tangle free! The fast speed of the rope makes you work harder but is also more rewarding to use, I can definately feel the benefit. Adjustable length is easy to set. A great product with handy tips from the seller too!
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on 28 June 2014
Until the start of this year when I started crossfit i considered a skipping rope to be no more than just a rope for jumping over, how wrong could I be!! I first bought a 5 quid special on eBay which looked the same as everyone else's. It was OK, and definitely an improvement on anything I'd used in the past. I used this rope for a few months and got double unders dialled. I saw the above rope for sale advertised on Facebook and could not resist so I bought it. It arrived promptly with foolproof instructions, I soon had it set to the right length and I tried to knock out a few double unders, and failed... The rope was so much faster than my eBay special I couldn't believe it! I wouldn't have guessed that there could be so much difference in two items that look so similar! This rope is well made and appears built to last. It's light weight and easily adjustable thanks to little thumb screw's to change the length rather than little Grubb screw's. I would recommend this rope to anyone from beginner to expert. I've owned it for about a month, done thousands of double unders and so far cannot fault it. Lastly... The company actually cares about is customers and it's quality control with follow up personal emails. If only moor companies could be like this!
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on 14 September 2013
This is a great rope for speed and tricks. Also great to learn with. plus the customer service is second to none. like ANY wire rope you cannot use it outside. That said you can't use most plastic ropes outside as they will eventually break- if you want an outside rope buy a leather one. OR buy a workout mat and just skip on that

check out my youtube video reviewing the product.

Review of CSX Pro Speed 3000 Jump Rope
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on 20 January 2014
I received the CSX Wire Rope on Saturday 18th January and delighted to see it wrapped up in the Amazon parcel. I couldn't believe how light it is and that it does not get tangled or develop kinks in the rope.

I love the swivel pivotal motion in the handles in how the rope is connected. It is easy to cut the wire with pliers to the desired length and the screw-on part which is a nice touch and different to all the other ropes I have used. The screw on part makes the rope look well polished and stylish with the light thin rope attached to it.

I used it on Sunday 19th January and I am highly impressed with how EASY and FAST it spun. Hardly any wrist action when turning the rope which is Brilliant!! I love the sound when I spin it around cause it sounds like a little fine whisk in the air when it rotates - Love It! I even got noticed and commented on it on how fast it goes and the way how I used it. The guy said it looks like I am dancing when I skip and that I look great when doing it. He said this is due to the speed of the rope.

The one big thing I LOVE about this rope is that I can do DOUBLE UNDERS/POWER JUMPS a lot easier now. The timing and rhythm of the rope is on point to do 'double-unders'. I done five double-unders without even trying. With my other rope I could only do two without tripping up.

I do need to train and practise a lot more with the CSX 3000 Wire Rope to get use to it and its speed. I don't know why it took me so long to get a wire rope I've been missing out on all this fun for over a year now.

In comparison to my favourite Fitness Speed Rope, the CSX Wire Rope is BETTER due to the following:

* CSX rope is lighter
* Goes a lot faster
* No kinks in rope
* Smoother Ball Bearing Handles - LOVE IT!
* Nicer rotating sound of rope through the air
* Can do double-unders and other advanced skipping techniques with ease at a faster pace.
* Going to be training with this rope to increase my double-under count and practise advanced double-under techniques. As this rope fits the bill.

I have tried UNTOLD and a VARIETY of skipping ropes such as weighted, speed ropes, jump, beaded and leather ropes but the CSX is my BEST one to date, while the my Fitness Speed rope has fallen in second place.

I can't wait to use it tonight to show off in the gym and let the gym users know I've upgraded and taking the next plateau to my jump rope training.

The CSX rope will compliment my Skipping program for Core and Conditioning Training that I am about to start soon. I may purchase the Blue CSX Wire Rope for my birthday in a couple months time. I believe that style and a variety of colour skipping ropes is everything to exercise and working-out!

What a fantastic job guys, keep up the sterling work. Loving it!!!
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on 13 February 2014
After trying many different types of rope I can safely say that this is the best I have found by far - built for developing excellent speed and coordination, and great for double jumps and crossovers as it is so light and fast. It is easy to trim down to the perfect length with minimum fuss, and the rotation mechanism is solid and well built meaning that the rope just flies around fast. The thin coated wire makes a great whipping sound as well!!! No more thick plastic ropes which warp or coil up out of shape after a few weeks for me, this kind of design is the way forward for both beginners and experienced jumpers, boxers..MMA trainers or those just wanting to get their heart rate up.

Another real bonus of getting this rope is the excellent after sales communication from the company - with a follow up email with a PDF booklet with instructions on length and routines, and another email to see if you are enjoying it and to get feedback. Great customer service as well as an excellent product - I will certainly be recommending this product and company to friends at the gym.
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on 6 June 2013
I'm delighted with this rope. Faster than the previous plastic one i owned and much better since i can adjust it more easily too. I've put some duck tape around the bottom of mine since I'm using it outdoors.
Swift delivery and some useful tips via email. Looking forward to putting skipping back into my new training regime..
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on 25 April 2014
I recently purchased the rope to help with double unders, and I love it. The previous rope I used to use moved very slowly whereas this whips round much quicker and easier. My old rope was one of those plastic reebok ropes which are much thicker, their handles are heavy & it always gets tangled. I have been using that rope for the last ten years, so it was time for an upgrade.

It wasn't until I discovered crossfit that I learnt what a double under was, and it's a great exercise to do. The handles on the rope are light and the rope feels strong. It doesn't kink or tangle and I can perform double unders with ease. I would recommend this compared over any other standard speed rope & it isn't as expensive as something like the Rogue SR1.

Definitely a must have piece of kit for anyone looking to improve their fitness.
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on 11 December 2013
I don't usually leave reviews - but this item certainly deserves one.
If you do a lot of skipping, this is truly the rope for you.
I spend about 1hr a day on rope work - and was looking for one that could go the distance.
I have lost count of the number of ropes I have bought over the last 6 months - most of which have only lasted a week or two, before handles fall off or the rope breaks. To look at the CSX 3000 it seems a very simple construction - but appearances can be deceptive. This rope ticks all the boxes. Strong, with small & compact handles. Rope rotates on its own mechanism which enables a great speed. Most of my skipping is done outside, and this seems tough enough for the job. I confess to having dropped it a few times already -but has caused no harm whatsoever. If it was not for the fact that rope is so hard wearing - I would happily buy a spare, I just don't think I am likely to need one.
Happy to HIGHLY recommend this rope - and the service received.
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