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Opposites [Deluxe 2CD Jewelcase]
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£5.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 4 November 2014
A lot of bands tend to peter off as they release more albums (see: Paramore) but not Biffy. I am amazed at how they actually seem to get stronger with each album, without the whole "selling out" and just writing more poppy songs (see: Fall Out Boy).

It holds on to the raw passion and complexity of their previous records while still bringing a unique feel across the two discs which means even a moderate fan listening could still identify if a song was off this or Only Revolutions

Admittedly, the complexity has got a little tamer since the days of Puzzle and before - less unusual melodied and time signatures - but if you are interested in an older more rugged Biffy sound they have released an album of B sides called "Similarities" which holds much truer to the original Biffy sound.

Irrespective of this I would still hold heartedly recommend this to anyone thinking about it as a solid Biffy album and rock album on general
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on 12 October 2017
Just written a review for only revolutions which is probably my favourite Biffy Clyro album as it has more songs that are brilliant but this album has probably my favourite Biffy Clyro track "Black Chandelier" on it. Its very difficult to pigeon hole Biffy Clyro, they are a band but they don't play traditional rock but its not sugary pop or "indie" either. They remind me a bit of some Coldplay stuff - the stuff that I like. Very dark and sharp lyrics. Still played regularly on my iPod...
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on 22 August 2017
I'd only heard Biffy Clyro live at a couple of live concerts at festivals on tv & was impressed with a lot of there songs. And I'm Scottish too lol. I decided to buy a cd of them. I looked on Amazon uk & found this for £6 or £7. You get 2 cds. And I can tell you that there both excellent. The 2 albums don't seem to be connected in any way. I played them a couple of times & really took to them. Now I play them regularly & they grow on you even more. Don't even think about getting it. Buy it, both of them are excellent. I love Rock music & your missing out if you don't get this if you love Rock too. They do have an alternative style as they call it.
Les. 22/08/17
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VINE VOICEon 17 April 2013
Flicking around the TV channels as you do when bored, I came across "100 Top Rock Tunes" on the music channel and, out of curiosity, watched a few moments of some latter day "guitar oriented rock band" - whatever that is supposed to mean (but usually something that's really quite bland by the standards of rock bands of the past) and it didn't do anything for me whatsoever! However, sipping my cuppa, I couldn't operate the remote and therefore watched the opening lines of the next band "BLACK CHANDELIER" by Biffy Clyro - meant nothing at all, but by the time the track ended I was completely mesmerised and hit the net to find out who these guys were!
So, now here we are, several days later with the album OPPOSITES on the player and I have to say this album has come as a very big surprise indeed and while I thought I had made a mistake in purchasing this album once the first track
"DIFFERENT PEOPLE" came on (as it did seem a bit of a bland starter track which is normally the herald and portent of what is to come!). However, I needn't have worried because from "BLACK CHANDELIER" through to the dying strains of
"PICTURE A KNIFE FIGHT" this is a strong, complex, rocking album with, for me, "VICTORY OVER THE SUN" and the brutal "STINGIN' BELLE" as the standout highlights.
Certainly, this has given me a little bit of a wake up call for so called "guitar oriented band" music - I will have to give it a listen before dismissing it out of hand in future - and that's for sure! In fact I may well now back track Biffy Clyro's catalogue - especially as the earlier material is as cheap as chips!
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on 13 March 2013
Superb double album from the current kings of indie rock. Lots of melodic tunes that sound great on vinyl. Sadly the product is devoid a lyric sheet unlike it's CD cousins, which is a bit disappointing when considering the additional cost of vinyl plus reading the album sleeve and liner notes is a good 50% of what buying vinyl is all about, so what are the band playing at? That said the music is exceptional with no real fillers across either disc.

I didn't think I would ever get the feeling I had as a teenager playing a new album for the first time and being so struck by it that I couldn't wait to play it again and again. I felt like that with this album and have promptly bought the first three albums in their vinyl re-release formats. Sadly, the 4th & 5th albums are not easy to get on vinyl so I've had to plump for cd's. All bought on the back of this fine album. Well that's not strictly true as I saw them on Glasto2011 and had liked Many of Horror for some time but still 'Opposites' did what I doubted any modern band would make me do; go out and buy vinyl albums again! Highly recommended.
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on 4 May 2014
I have loved Biffy Clyro for a long time, and have been lucky enough to see them live on many occasions. I love this album, and feel that it is a natural progression for them, without "selling out" as such. I know that some think that they have, but is the idea not for a band to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. This has brought them to a different level in my opinion.

There is not a bad track on the album, and some typical Biffy riffs, but also the beautiful heartfelt songwriting of which Simon Neil is so capable. Some gorgeous songs. Keeps you interested throughout.
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on 4 February 2013
There are so many BAD albums these days and let me tell you this ain't one of them.

Maybe I'm blinded and rated this 5 stars because there is nothing new in these modern times that stands out. Music died in the early 90's and the few albums like this that still manage to show craft and skill deserve praise. Without backing artists like Biffy WTF will we listen to?

Stand out tracks for me are Black Chandelier, Opposite, Trumpet or Tap and Accident Without Emergency.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album and hope it gets the credit and reward it deserves.
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on 9 July 2013
To be honest, I've been a bit slow with Biffy Clyro lately. I got Puzzle as soon as it was released, but for some reason only got Only Revolutions a month ago. So I gave that a proper listen before deciding (without listening first) to buy Opposites. A gamble for sure, but based on Biffy's past offerings one I knew would pay off. This is a fantastic collection of songs, and because it's a double album it's excellent value for money. This, without a doubt, will be my soundtrack of the summer, will be excellent at festivals everywhere. A particular favourite at the moment is Little Hospitals, but to be honest picking a favourite track from this album is a bit like choosing your favourite child - all marvelous but in their own individual ways.
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on 25 May 2013
I suppose you have to be a hardened Biffyite to fall in love with this album. Previously I have quickly grown into their albums but this one I am having a hard time with. It tends to drag, be a bit samey and I got bored halfway through the first disc and it was a long time before I went back to it. There is nothing in there that fires me up like previous albums. A little bit disappointed especially as I purchased the 20 track version. Not quite sure what all the fuss is about. Still, give me time and I might come round and actually like a track. Harsh!!!!
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on 13 February 2013
Biffy Clyro, one of my favorite bands currently evolving. This album truly embarks their reputation and representation as a whole as being probably the best thing to come out of Scotland (..Bar Drew McIntyre, but that's a whole different story).

I'll begin by just elaborating on how epic, pleasing and truly phenomenal the introduction to this album was. It surprised me a little too. I'm a big fan of styles like Coldplay echo and ore, I didn't see it coming from Biffy after their 'Only Revelations' album, but they produced probably one of my favorite ever pieces in their opening song. A Wicked pop-like voice over a wizard-like guitar ring, which eventually led to an awesome guitar riff that shook this album and what made me believe that this album could possibly be the best I'd ever listen to. I can not express fully how much I love this intro, I still have butterflies over it. STILL.

Eventually though, what does go wrong for the album is the repetitiveness of morale's, lyrics, meanings, tones and song structure. I lost count of songs that had played and was completely drenched in thinking;"this surely has to end soon?" When an album does that to you, you know something went wrong. In a sense however, this could be criticized in a positive manner, not many albums get you in complete puzzles for a whole 50+ minutes, perhaps the intention was there to be different, because it is different, it allows the listener to explore stories of themselves enamored with their thoughts and relate them to Simon's lyrics.

I would love to give this album a 5 star, but among reasons already given, another is that I could not actually pick a strong single out. I would not be able to get just one song a say "Here, this will have 70,000,000 hits on Youtube. Get it a sweet music video and let it release." Some may argue that there are plenty of songs available for a hit-single, but I believe the single is the album and that's the way I like it.

By the looks of things now though, I can't see Biffy Clyro going much further now. With the ideas and attitude that they sense and reenact through this and previous albums, it looks like the morale hygiene has been flushed. Excellent album over-all, easy 4 stars.

*For those wondering about the title of this review, it basically means a loop with just that something missing, but plenty of taste and (if you want) sprinkles. Simon keeps repeating the word baby.*
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