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Oh, my goodness me. . .

Right, so I was looking for a little speaker to take on holiday. I browsed Amazon, read loads of reviews and finally settled on this one.

Now, I was very dubious about this, but trust me when I say - IT IS AMAZING.

For it's size and price the quality is truly amazing and the volume is great. You can get it really loud with no sound distortion. So much better than my phone's speaker. LOVE the fact that it's Bluetooth and I can leave quite a large distance from the two devices.

The construction is much sturdier than I'd been expecting too.

Just a GREAT product. very, very pleased.
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on 28 August 2013
This speaker is well worth the money in my opinion. I'v had a few portable speakers before and this one is a great deal better and that's because; Its loud enough to fill a larger room or have outside in a noisy atmosphere and still here the music, the range is good - I can leave the room with my phone in my pocket and still be connected (around 15ft) and the best feature in my opinion is the battery life - it stays connected and playing loudly for hours I'v had mine on for 5 hours straight and it was still going strong (I am yet to lose battery life while in use). I would recommend this speaker as it does exactly what it says on the box and it does it well! 5 stars.

**UPDATE** - After having this speaker for years now I can only confirm what I said before but add that it has survived two festivals (beer soaked), being dropped many times, the rain and most recently survived a good chewing from the dog (it has the scars to prove it). Even after all that the sound quality and battery life is persistent. Great purchase.
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on 23 October 2013
I bought this to enhance the sound output from my ipad without having to use headphones, and so I could listen to podcasts and itunes in the car, and on holiday on the beach and in my room, using the bluetooth connectivity. I read a lot of favourable reviews on Amazon and decided to give it a go - hey it's only £17 after all!

It arrived promptly from Amazon (great service from them as usual) and is very nicely packaged, ideal if you want it for a gift for someone. The box even has a magnetic clip for opening and closing!
On opening the box I was struck firstly by how small it is, and secondly by it's funky appearance.
It's well made, nice to hold, and I warmed to it straight away.

Charging via the included USB cable is via your computer and takes only an hour or so. You can also purchase a mains charger if you want one. There is also an included 3.5mm jack to jack cable included if you want to plug it in to non bluetooth devices.
Connection / pairing to my ipad via bluetooth was dead easy. Then all you need to do is go into iTunes or one of your radio, tv or podcast apps and you're off!

For it's size and price the audio output is quite surprising. It produces a great and solid sound for such a small device and you can alter the tone to taste using the equaliser function on your ipad, or simply by how and where you position the device. Don't expect stunning bass performance obviously, but the overall performance over the whole dynamic range is quite smooth and pretty good for something which to be honest is tiny. I wouldn't say I'm an audiophile, but I am quite fussy about my audio, and I like it! You can enhance the base a bit more if you want by opening it up and expanding it a bit like a little accordion.

This is such a compact device, ideal for anywhere around the house, taking on holiday, putting in your pocket, or blu tacking it to the dash of your car. Some people had grumbled about the bluetooth range, but I find it perfectly adequate, giving great connectivity anywhere within the same room, in adjacent rooms, or even through the closed door when I take it into the bathroom. It's probably best to try not to get it wet though - they don't claim it's waterproof!

I'm giving it 5 stars because you can't fault it for such a small, relatively inexpensive device. Don't expect a piece of top quality hi-fi, but if your expectations are within reasonable bounds I think you will love it!

Steve Holman (Leicester)
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on 22 December 2015
This is by far one of the best bluetooth speakers I have heard on the market. The battery life of this thing is amazing and the sound quality is crisp (unless you pump it to the absolute max where it can distort). The product is of great quality and for its size its actually amazing because it plays music louder than my laptop which is great if you're in a private gym or simply watching a film on your ipad. I would definitely recommend this product and the delivery on this was spot on. Arrived in the time stated on the order. Thank you Betron.
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on 15 September 2014
These wireless speakers are amazing. Just about everyone I have demonstrated them to have bought one through Amazon at the current very good value for money price. I have also demonstrated them quietly in restaurants and people on adjacent tables and even a waiter ordered them there and then. American friends took 3 back to the USA. I estimate that I have sold 20 of these little marvels over the past month. Buy one you will not be disappointed.
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on 2 September 2015
This is a superb speaker, i bought to go on holiday with, it works great with my mac book pro,iPad and iPod shuffle.

I found that using the bluetooth on my iPod drained my battery so i just used the supplied aux cable and it worked great.

You get a better and fuller bass sound with it opened up. My main use was paired with my iPod shuffle which gave me a tiny music station with a great sound and was plenty loud enough for my hotel room!

I fully recommend this speaker, from a full charge i got a good 8 hrs of play back
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on 12 September 2014
After seeing one of theese in action I felt the need of having a portable speaker for myself, while some of my friends bought them in shops for more money and less performance I am very pleased with this one, it's reliable and relatively cheap, as a couple if reviews mentioned the if you crank it up to max it may screech a little, but I found that the power output is more than enough in any indoor space (and also my roof) so there is hardly need to max it out. Also the bass Is very good, especially when you open it.
Prompt delivery is also a bonus.
Recommended to anyone looking for an affordable yet reliable speaker
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on 23 March 2014
This is amazing ... First of all it's about the size of a tangerine ... And it's loud ... Don't expect IMAX quality floor rumbling bass ... But for its size it's fantastic... I use it for my iPad 2 because when I'm watching sky go the on demand stuff for some reason the volume is much lower than the live stream stuff I've had other Bluetooth speakers and when watching my programmes the audio always seemed out of sync... Not with this little power beauty... Honestly it's well worth the cash and I suggest if your looking at this then your looking for a Bluetooth speaker then don't look anywhere else you won't spend your money better anywhere
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on 27 November 2013
Scepticism is a wonderful thing and something I was guilty of with this purchase. I bought this speaker for going on holiday as it was small, weighs very little and allowed me to leave my main docking station at home for fear of it getting damaged.

I bought this based firstly on the price and secondly on the positive reviews.

I wasn't expecting a great deal from it, but the unit is fantastic. It comes well packed in a flip lid box, the speaker itself is contained within polystyrene which keeps it from being damaged in transit. Also within the box is a charging cable and a separate link cable to allow you to link multiple speaker together.

Setting up the device is so simple. The speaker actually had charge in it straight out of the box and I turned my bluetooth on on my phone and it found the device immediately and allowed me to pair it with ease. All you need to do now is select a song from your playlist and enjoy.

For the size of it (somewhere between a squash ball and a tennis ball) the sound is amazing, very good bass sound and not tinny as I was expecting.

There is a small circular rubber strip on the base of the unit, this helps the unit to stay in position when it is in use.

I tended to leave my phone close to the unit when playing music for the best reception however I tested how far away from the unit I could be and it was around 10m before the signal started to drop.

If you are looking for a cheap bluetooth speaker then you will not be disappointed, the sound and portability are both fantastic and the ability to link multiple speakers together is a bonus (I have not linked more than one together so I can't comment on the sound quality). Finally the unit itself is very robust, it has fallen from various tables etc and casing protects the speaker very well.
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on 19 October 2015
Excellent little speaker that has performed well since I received it, using bluetooth or (the included) USB lead. It really does punch above it's weight volume wise and doesn't sound tinny at all. It's compact when closed up and seems sturdy enough.

The volume rocker switch is a little sensitive as it doubles as the track FF/REW switch, but you get used to it and it's debut in a Mexican resort for the period of our holiday was a total success. The range from my mobile was good and if you are a technophobe (like me) fear not, set up is a doddle.

I'd happily buy another one and probably will, just for a little sound 'spread'.
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