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on 19 December 2014
Great to find a high sided tin to make farmhouse shape loaves. I used this for two recipes, each with 500g of bread flour and they rose almost to the top of the tin giving a really good shape. Having oiled the tin before use, the loaves both came out easily.
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on 27 April 2016
Arrived very quickly,very pleased with this high sided loaf tin been looking for a long time for one, unable to buy in shops,I used 500g flour and it was perfect would definitely buy again
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fine for baking and it is a good non stick surface BUT this is metal wrapped around a frame, the frame rusts and water gets stuck in the rolled tin.
you think you cleaned it and dried it and then later when you least expect it rusty water splatters out over your counter.... could be very good if they used better materials throughout.
alternative is NEVeR wash it.
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on 3 July 2016
Well, this is the exact size I wanted, and the shape is perfect. My 450g loaves come out over the top by an inch or so and so are perfect for sandwiches.

However, I was expecting a much heavier tin than this, especially at this price). The title and description (British Made etc) make you think: HMM...a bit extra money but this thing will last me for years..I don't think so. I have worked in a bakery and these are flimsey coated steel (yes, it rusts too) folded from the bottom to form the sides, which are wrapped around an oblong frame at the top, so effectively sheet metal, folded then spot-welded.

So, verdict: great design, pretty awful, non-heavy duty quality.
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on 26 March 2018
The tin is fine, not quite what I would call heavy duty and it had a small dent in it on arrival. As I was baking that day I used it as couldn't be bothered returning as likely to get dented in any case. The 3lb tin is a little small and not sure what this is based on. My normal loaf tins are slightly longer and wider and heavy duty. On reflection the 4lb tin would be better. I currently use a standard mix of 750g flour, 500g sourdough starter and 400ml water. This makes two good sized loaves, and the same mixture made a loaf that was almost 9 inches at its peak and my standard loaf. On this calculation I could easily make 2 loaves using 2 4lb tins. With care I am sure the tin will last. The bread came out of the tin easily as described.
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on 5 June 2017
Try as I might I couldn't find a non teflon pan that was very deep so I compromised and bought this. I bake gf bread so normal loaf pans the gf dough would just mushroom and plop over the side. (you need deeper pans to support the rising of gf dough) The 450gr flour doves farm bread recipe fit perfectly in this, the dough just rises to the edge. The baked bread slides out astonishingly easily and pretty much not a trace of dough remains so it is amazing and just needs a wipe down but then I have no other teflon pans for years.
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on 28 January 2017
I originally gave this tin one star. And moaned it was to small to make a good sized loaf from. After 2 weeks of use I take back all I said. 500grams of flour mixture is perfect for this size tin. Nice solid heavy duty tin. Was worried that the Teflon coating would come off and end up in my bread. But this hasn't happened. I don't grease my tins. And I don't use a knife to get it out of the tin. If you don't scratch it . The teflon won't peel . One of the best tins I've baked in .
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on 2 March 2014
The 3lb tin is sturdy, with a strong steel frame to which the pan sides are attached. This is where the tin loses half a star because the seams are not sealed, otherwise, a lovely piece of kit destined for many years service.

This pan was bought to go alongside its larger 5lb brother which isn't non-stick and a little too large to make a loaf for two people. I usually leave the dough proving in the tin and occasionally give the tin a quick boost on my hob, set to its lowest setting. The dough gets warmed slightly from the bottom and rises beautifully.

However, with the 3lb tin I found that the seams are a bit leaky and the oil I had greased the tin with, as per instructions, seeped out onto the hob. A minor annoyance and solved by placing some kitchen roll between the tin and my induction hob. Obviously you must not do this with any other type of hob.

Alternatively, make a liner from silicone paper folded around the inverted tin's base, like wrapping a present, then drop it inside. The liner will last three or four loaves.
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on 28 November 2013
At last, a tin big enough to make a loaf!,
I use a 500 gramm of flour recipe that just wont go into a normal 2lb tin, but this does the job great, no more mushroom shaped bread!. it,s non stick and doesn't need greasing - loaf just tips out every time. its already my favourite tin
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on 3 January 2016
No more "mushroom" loaves.... Nice high sides.
Maybe it could do with being a little longer, but it does a really good job.
The metal walls are perhaps a little thinner than some of my other tins and ideally I would like them to be a tad thicker, I have not noticed any issues with cleaning this tin as mentioned by some other reviewers.
My advice if you are looking for a high sided tin then get one of these it does its job well.
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