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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2014
I am using this DVD writer with Windows 8.1. Its comes with a disc with various software such as Power2Go and trial versions of Nero and various other software including a firmware updater. None of the software is essential and these days WIndows 8.1 has built in capabilities to burn discs so this DVD writer is effectively plugin and play and requires no setup.
Its a SATA DVD Writer so just needs a power cable to be connected from the PSU and a free SATA port and cable. Its comes with a sata cable and a black,silver and white bezel so you can make it match the colour of your base unit.
As far as performance goes it is quieter than the LG DVD writer its replacing and has been reasonably reliable at burning discs at 24 x ( I say reasonable because its has burnt a few "coasters"). I found burning ISO's to disc no problem using this DVD writer.
Its not expensive and so far appears to be good value for money.
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on 6 August 2014
I got the drive installed it onto my Dell Precision 2006 desktop PC running Windows 7, which I have been upgrading overtime. Came with all necessary items, sata cable, screws manual and cd. The drive is pretty much a plug and play, install it, turn your computer on and there you have it! The disk that's included can give you some free trials and a version of Nero free edition, you will also get 2 extra bezels but I only needed black since the front of my PC is black. It burns disks very fast without noise, it will come out very good quality with no errors on the disk. I really like it and its a great component to have on my PC as my old CD ROM couldn't burn to disks and it ran on IDE, it was quite old.

So overall it's a very good drive, good price and I recommend it to other if you are looking for a new drive for your computer.
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on 6 September 2016
Great value here. Bought for a new PC build. Rarely use discs in PC's nowadays but sometimes when using items with software/driver discs included, it is easier to use them rather than finding the software online or using another system to convert ISO to USB-bootable.

Very simple, comes with a SATA cable, just attach a power cable from your PSU and you're ready to use it. You can install the driver/software included on the disc, but it is not a necessity, windows will automatically fetch drivers for you and you use the software of your choice is wish to do so.

Has written/burned many CD's/DVD's perfectly fine, no issues. Eject open/close button works great no issues. Silent enough operation.

Highly recommend this, Great value and quality you can be sure of.
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on 15 February 2016
I've had this for over 6 months. I returned my first as the under run errors meant 90% of the audio CD's I tried to burn weren't readable. The replacement was better, but still pretty poor to be honest. This gives an inconsistent burn. I HAVE to use the program nero burning rom for backing up my audio CD's as this burner produces multiple under-run errors, which Nero has to correct and adapt for. (I keep the originals at home and copies for car and work. Or sometimes I buy an MP3 download and put them on MP3 discs for my car) If you use any of the free or generic programs like MusicBee the errors lead to either an unreadable disc, or one that jumps or sticks after the 4th track. I have been using the same blank CDs for years without any problems burning before this burner. I did however try numerous different makes of Cds, just in case it was them, however 5 different makes without any improvement. The music Cds I burn with this tends to last only a few months usage? I do not understand that and never had this problem before. I have discs I burnt years ago that are listened to a lot and never a problem. The ones I burn with this burner now last about a month or two, then start sticking of last few tracks become unreadable. I have to throw them away and re-do them every few months. I really can not account for this, nor do I understand it. Again multiple types of Cds used. I have never had such a poor CD burner. With audio Cds I get a bad burn about 1 in 15, even using Nero.

MP3 discs seem to be fine however. Those I've burnt (again using nero - and with a few - but rare - under run errors) over 6 months ago still work fine, and no MP3 bad burns.

Data CDs seem fine. No under-run errors, no reliability errors, nothing at all to complain about.

I can not comment on the DVD side, as I don't ever burn those.
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on 27 November 2014
My DVD stopped working, after some fumbling about decided I needed a new one.
Ordered this Samsung from Amazon at 3pm, writing this at 2pm the following day with it installed and working fine.
Less than a day!

Lots of bits and pieces in the box, a silver front cover (if you dont want the black that it comes with), a power cable, a DVD, instruction, sheets, and stuff, frankly binned the lot, except the DVD drive itself of course.

Installation was literally under a minute. Powered off PC and unplugged power cord, took off side of PC, unclipped bust DVD drive, pulled cables off, put new DVD in, connected cables (Sata and power), put side of PC back on, plugged in power cord, pressed power on. Ok, so maybe 2 minutes, and then of course several minutes for Windows to boot.
Inserted a games CD into the drive, came straight up. Job done, sorted.

BTW This is on a Windows XP system, if that has any relevance.
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on 3 March 2015
Despite having read the number of positive reviews here, I had no great confidence that this would be a particularly good piece of equipment, given its price. I am pleased to have been proved wrong.

Installation was simplicity itself even for a mechanically illiterate person such as myself. I think it took me about five minutes.

I can only reinforce what people have said about the quietness of the drive. Read and write speeds are consistently good and the drive seems to work with all of the varied media that I have thrown at it.

The accompanying disc with trial software is not terribly useful and, on mine at least, the drivers were corrupted/unreadable. This wasn't a problem as Windows 7 immediately searched for and installed online.

A highly recommended product.
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on 28 December 2013
Great vale, easy to install and runs quiet... Would recommend this product to all... I have built a few systems now, always use these and never had any problems
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on 31 January 2014
Absolute magic. I had a computer DVD drive not working so bought a new PC in a panic. Then I looked at the problem on the old one, and found that I could buy a DVD drive and insert it INSIDE the computer. I did and it worked and is brilliant. The only hiccup was first of all I installed the new SATA lead and it didn't recognise it. When I put in the old lead it did. However it may not have been this, because at the same time as changing the lead, I of course turned it all off, so I think it was turning it off and rebooting which made the drive recognisable, oh and I also downloaded the Samsung Software which detected it. All OK. I am delighted that me as a not-strong OAP woman have mended my computer for £17 odd. I didn't need to buy the new one, but never mind , it's all experience. Tip - I found a little torch and wearing my glasses made the leads easier to insert. If you are not confident like me, pay the extra for the "Retail" one as it has all the bits, plus these gorgeous two spare bezel covers! Magnificent product. Thank you so much.
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on 2 June 2015
This drive does exactly what you want a DVD Writer to do, it's a good brand, good build quality, fairly quiet & well packaged.

The main reason I bought this is I wanted a drive with a silver bezel, this drive comes with the black bezel fitted, but is supplied with silver & cream/ivory bezels. Supplied with the bezels is a removal tool, which resembles a bent paperclip. Removing the black bezel is a little fiddly, I was a bit worried that if I applied too much force I would break off one or more of the clips. But as long as you take your time it's OK.

Overall, this drive is great value for money and comes highly recommended.
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on 12 March 2016
I know the need for an internal dvd writer is very minimal in this day in age. However it was pretty cheap and dummy proof. Comes with the ability to switch the front panel to white/silver. Doesn't run on an outdated molex cable and runs on a Sata power cable.
At time is can run a little hot and oddly enough runs hotter when playing Fallout4. Can sometimes be noisy but that is to be expected. I have yet to write anything onto a blank CD though. As soon as I do, I will update this comment
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