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Entity [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£2.75+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 2 August 2017
Not good at all. Didn't like it. Not scary.
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on 2 October 2014
a pschycic is taken to an area in Russia where 34 people where shot and to find ut why,but things go wrong.she is led to old work places ,down into concrete basements and cells and can see the people being traind to be spchycic and then being taken into the bunker rooms to be executed,meanwhile an evil spirit kills most of the 3 crew she was with and she is told by the spirits of the dead that they will never leave,not bad,its ok

WARNING;do not buy from dvds r us as they make slanderouse remarks to you
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on 24 June 2014
I was really disappointed with this film, it should have been exciting and terrifying but just wasn't.
I found it slow and boring.
The reason I feel it should have been good was the story, it was intriguing and not beyond the realms of possibility but the performances were flat and the script was stagnant and uninspired xx
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on 17 April 2014
This is "Entity" with the a backwards "N" so not to be confused by other films with the same name. In this film there are no women sexually abused by a ghost. Don't blame me, I didn't write it.

This film takes place in remote Sadovich, Siberia, Russia. We get a glimpse of some 1983 footage of a gaunt nude man in a cell with odd things going on, including levitation. We quickly come to the present where a camera crew is going to the same area. They were contacted by Yuri (Branko Tomovic) who claims 34 people were found in a shallow grave in a remote glade. With the help of Ruth (Dervla Kirwan) a psychic, he hopes to find out what happened as the authorities will not say. A camera crew comes along. Kate (Charlotte Riley) is the reporter/director who reminded me of Sandra Bullock. Charlotte Riley is a rising star. Matt (Rupert Hill) is the camera man and David (Oliver Jackson) is the token guy who needs to grow a set. Someone has to be the first to die.

Ruth is the real deal. Eleven minutes into the film you have ghosts, no waiting. The full plot, i.e. the function of the building they explore for most of the movie, is explained half way through. The movie is a mixture of found footage and regular filming with the found footage aspect not being too bad except for a poorly shot night scene.

The feature starts to get numb as we see much of the same stuff, then when Kate reviews the film...BAM! A nice little twist and surprise ending that made the numb worth while. Definitely worth a view for found footage fans.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, male nudity, no sex.
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on 4 September 2014
brilliant thank you.
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on 22 October 2014
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on 26 July 2015
great thanks
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on 4 August 2015
First of all, I am an avid horror film fanatic. I have 400-500 horror films. Have seen well over a thousand.

This film? I have seen over 2 dozen exactly like it.

Mediocre acting, dull and unimaginative storyline, same old same old. Too many loud sounds that are supposed to "add tension" but are poorly done, instead they're irritating.


In a nutshell, as always, some investigators seek out this place of mass deaths. With a psychic. Psychic leads them to.. Suprise suprise... An old abandoned building. They look around, see something spooky, and as always, one member goes inexplicably missing. Then, as always, two members go looking for him, while two stay back at "base". Shock shock, there is a powerful presence in building, guess what? Yep, their friend is dead. Blah blah, their in this building, big bad presence, they all die. Only two slightly original components, both of which are incredibly predictable, one of them men has been in building before to look for some one, tries to make them all stay, dies. Other one? Yep, their ghosts are trapped in building. My friends 6 year old daughter can write more unpredictable, and original stories...

This is nothing more than a regurgitation of the same old rubbish, nothing about this is special. I am one of those people who HAVE to watch a film all the way through, 12 minutes in I was bored and already wishing the film would hurry up and end.

If you aren't a horror fan, and are easily scared then this might be ok for you. I personally wouldn't recommend it. I feel I have been cheated out of £2 odd for the rental of this. Would not sit through it again if you paid me.
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on 1 June 2013
(This review was originally written for ThisIsHorror.co.uk following a special screening of the film.)

The first few minutes of 'Entity' establish its style very quickly: the opening minutes show grainy, flickering video footage of a shaven-headed, emaciated man in a bare, dark cell with a metal-framed bed. First in an institutional smock, then naked, he sobs, moans, shakes, and finally levitates.

This is followed by an opening sequence consisting of shots of a bare winter wood, and a camera crew moving through it. 'Entity' is not - thankfully, in a period near-glutted with the things - a found-footage film. It combines sequences shot in that style with a more polished, almost lyrical terror built through more traditional `third person' filmmaking. To director Steve Stone's credit, it achieves a cruelly effective synthesis of the two.

Several years ago, at Sadovich, a remote location in Northern Russia, 34 bodies, male and female, were discovered in shallow graves. The police investigation was quickly closed, with neither victims, perpetrators, nor even the cause of death, identified. Now, a camera crew from the UK TV show Darkest Secrets, led by Kate (Riley) revisits the scene, with cameraman Matt (Hill), sound guy David (Jackson), local author-cum-guide Yuri (Tomovic) and psychic Ruth Peacock (Kirwan) in tow.

It doesn't take Ruth long to identify the field where the bodies were found, to start seeing the victims' ghosts, or indeed, to relive their deaths. It soon becomes clear the executions were carried out by the Soviet authorities. Ruth's psychic abilities lead her through the woods to an abandoned, grim-looking building. Further investigation uncovers evidence of appalling institutional torture and cruelty, and slowly Ruth comes to realise what Sadovich is: a Cold War experimental facility designed to transform people like herself into a weapons system for assassination and sabotage. When it failed, the facility was shut down and the surviving inmates executed. But while most of the dead are only anguished, there's one who's different. Known only as Mischka, he's full of rage and wants only vengeance, and he has the power to enact it. Meanwhile, it becomes clear that Yuri, the guide, has his own agenda for coming to Sadovich.

'Entity's storyline was apparently inspired by its locations in Riccall, Yorkshire and was written to be filmed there, much as Brad Anderson's Session 9 was written `for' Danvers State Hospital (although Sadovich's horrors - one hopes, at least - are fictional). Stone milks the grim, functional location for all it's worth, and shows a fine sense of when a glimpse of something is far better than a sustained look, or indeed when it's better to show nothing at all.

Another advantage of Stone's technique is that it's able to establish very early on the unambiguous nature of Ruth's psychic abilities, even though the dead of Sadovich are initially only visible to her, and thus extend the range of options he has to scare the daylights out of the viewer. Be assured that he takes full advantage of these.

'Entity' also features great use of sound - both in Dave S Walker's atmospheric score and in Mark Ashworth's superlative sound design which lays down a constant backdrop of noise - quiet and loud - the combination of which swiftly and lastingly establish Sadovich as a place of terrible threat. Special mention should also go to the haunting and beautiful Penitential Hymn that appears over the opening and end credits.

Dervla Kirwan is, as always, excellent in the role of Ruth, all haunted, glacial calm underlaid with intense, repressed emotion. The rest of the cast, particularly Riley and Tomovic, rise to the occasion admirably. Charlotte Riley's Kate is clearly in command, ruling the roost with a judicious mixture of personal force and manipulation. When Ruth falters, repelled by the Sadovich complex's malevolent atmosphere, Kate persuades her to press on by appealing to her compassion for the victims (`who's going to tell their stories?'), but with enough humanity and vulnerability to stop her being completely unlikeable. Tomovic's Yuri never becomes a stereotypical sinister East European, but manages to evoke compassion even when his real purposes are declared.

Entity is genuinely frightening. It combines dread-laden atmospherics with a wealth of `jump' moments'. Fine photography and use of sound, an intelligent script and strong performances add to the blood-chilling effect. Well worth a look.
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on 5 November 2016
A film crew along with a psychic travel to Siberia to investigate the unsolved deaths of 34 people, 20 years prior. They do not realise they have been lured there and end up finding a lot more than they bargained for.

What started off particularly well began to drag quite badly after about 20 minutes and never really recovered after this. When the team were out and about in the daylight things moved along well but as soon as they moved into the deserted government facility things seemed to go wrong. Although the film does deal with a paranormal incident and does demonstrate this there is far too much filming in almost total darkness with flashlights being waved about madly and running and screaming for little apparent reason. Many of the scares are not visual but you are supposed to imagine them with the screaming and the music score. Unfortunately, it's not enough and I actually found myself nodding off quite a few times, only to be brought back to attention by some more random screaming.

In the acting department, it's all a bit too melodramatic (bordering on cringeworthy) particularly from the psychic character.

Having said all this, the ending does have some originality although I can't be more specific without providing spoilers. Unfortunately, it's not enough to rescue this film.

The disk contains two sound options being a 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Surround. I initially chose the 5.1 but found that there was something wrong with the mix resulting in some odd sound effects and worse, being unable to understand what the characters were saying. A change to the stereo track rectified this issue.
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