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on 2 May 2014
The mount itself seems pretty sturdy, but alas you need to connect to your air vent,when this happens every journey is subject to the holder wobbling about with all the intensity of a flappy bird.
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on 18 November 2014
Very pleased
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on 19 November 2013
Saw this and bought it for my wife for her IPhone 4S. Saw the other reviews re it not holding a phone in place and it falling down and not staying in position. This isn't true - it's not being applied correctly. Firstly, the spring clip holds much better than crocodile clips and is easy to attached and remove if needed. This is the only part that should go in the air vent. The other part (padded gripper) actually opens wide and should be used to support the holder under the vent itself. The picture is misleading as it gives the impression that both the clip and gripper should be applied to the air vent. Rotate it 90 degrees, open the gripper wide and all will become apparent. In terms of holding a phone in place; there's a tightening wheel behind the holder. Rotate, tilt and then tighten when you're happy with its position. It works great and well worth it's money! One star off for not coming with instructions to make people aware of how it should be used...
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on 16 June 2013
Quality is reasonable and sturdy for the low price paid compared to some which are £10 more. The holder was steady, easy to fit and held tightly onto my heavy Samsung Note 2 with case even on bumpy roads. It fitted perfect into the air-vent and the viewing angle was flexible as you can tilt from side to side until you reach your desired angle with the ball adjustment, which is a bonus. I would recommend buying this product compared to more expensive brands as my last holder kept falling from the windscreen due to the weight of the phone but this holder is clipped securely to the vent so it won't fall off. But it did take about 2 weeks to arrive as it was shipped from HK. Nevertheless, it was worth waiting for.
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on 23 January 2014
This looks like a good product and is well built and seems to do the job, however what it lacks are some fairly simple instructions, so don't expect this item to fit any and every vent design without some adjustment. Firstly, and most importantly, the orientation of the spring loaded arm with the hooked end can be changed, this is not obvious. All you need to do is loosen the Philips screw on the end of the small barrel and the metal arm can then be rotated to match the orientation of the vent slots and your car. Once these adjustments are made then it will probably fit the vents in most cars. Other than that its a good price and a well made item.
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on 30 November 2013
Arrived promptly, easy to assemble and fit. I like it cause other options adhered to windscreen and would obscure view.
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on 4 July 2013
For the price, this is a great mount. I purchased 2 by mistake thinking I was ordering the suction cup version, but these work great. It fits into the ventilation grill and a spring loaded grip keeps it held tight against it. You can rotate the part of the mount that holds the phone so that you can have it in a vertical or horizontal position. You can also change the angle, but not by very much. There's two main components to this mount: the piece that you clip onto your phone and the piece that clips into the vent. These two pieces are then connected by a smaller connector that slides/snaps into place. There is also another small piece that slides/snaps into the vent unit, but not sure what it's used for, because it doesn't fit into the phone clip. In fact, neither piece is needed, because the two main parts connect directly (if anyone knows why they are included please let me know).
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on 12 March 2014
Headline says it all, the fixed 90 degree angle of the metal arm meant the device did not sit properly after fitting.

The large hook at the end also had to be forced through the slats of the vent to mount the device risking damage to the car.

Mount is overly large, and would only fit at all on the vents either side of the steering wheel, when mounted in either of these access to indicators, wipers etc was impeded.

Build quality is quite poor, my HTC One did not feel secure in this device, had it fitted perfectly I still would not have risked using it.
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on 30 December 2014
I bought this item for use in my 2006 mk3 Mondeo, a bread-and-butter car, so to speak. This cradle isn't suitable for the car.

As others have said, it lacks instructions to tell you to open up the plastic crocodile clip and use that to steady the cradle. I failed to notice this at first, which led to me trying (and failing) to get the clip to hold the cradle in place. So fail for me, and fail for the manufacturer for not including a quick diagram on the packet.

But once I went back to the reviews, read them and set up the cradle properly, I still wasn't impressed. For one thing, the cradle sticks out way too far into the cabin. I initially put it into the driver's vent just left of the wheel, and kept catching the thing with my hand whilst driving. The Mondeo vents rotate vertically and lightly lock in place, as well as having a slider to aim the air flow left and right. Whenever I caught the cradle with my hand, it would cause the vent to unlock and rotate downwards. The clip stopped it from falling down completely, but it still shook around once this happened. So then I tried to remove it from the driver's vent. The horizontal slats are very close together and the gaps are smaller than the height of the metal hook, making it very difficult to get the thing in and out. To get it out, I had to twist the metal hook 90 degrees and force the slats apart to get it out, and ended up damaging the vent slider in the process. So cheers for that, Bingsale.

But even after this I persisted and installed it in the passenger vent, leaving it far away enough to avoid catching it, but still within reach. I even put a tiny vent air freshener in there to halt as much vertical movement as possible. At first all seemed well, but when I started driving it quickly became apparent that it still isn't very good. As it sticks out so far, putting a big phone in it (in my case an HTC OneX+) causes it to wobble slightly while driving, even after tightening up the adjuster wheel. If the cradle is empty and you drive, it rattles. If you try to use the phone's touch screen whilst it's in the cradle, the whole cradle moves from side to side unless you hold the phone steady yourself and then operate the touch screen. Which ind of defeats the object of having a cradle. And yes, this happens even after the steadying clip had been opened, the spring clip pushed up to the vent slat and the adjuster wheel tightened.

So all in all, this cradle has nothing going for it. I imagine it'd work better on a car with fixed vents with wider gaps between the slats such as an Astra, but even then would still have the problem of sticking out too far and wobbling. I can't recommend this product. I've binned it and gone back to a window sucker type holder.
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on 10 October 2014
This is the second one of these I have bought.

I have found this to be a rugged piece of kit, very impressive at this price point. In my case the holder grips the vent slats well and the little feet stabilise the phone with the pads perfectly placed to stop the steadying arms from damaging the dash, all cars are different so I can't comment on all applications but works on a BMW X1 (bit of a fiddle to get the top arm through the grille) and a perfect fit on a MK3 Range Rover.

In all, very pleased with the product, the only reason I have needed a replacement is that, although sturdy, it won't take a full weight sideways impact from a fully laden laptop bag ... who'd have thought. In fairness it had survived previous glancing blows. In the final case the phone holder broke at it weakest point which was brilliant, rather that than have to replace the air vent at who knows what cost.

You may find that on some phones the bottom supporting shelf blocks the charge point (iPhone 5) but I have found that the side arms hold the phone perfectly securely with the shelf folded away. The iPhone 6 is a better fit with the shelf out and the side arms not quite as tight (or it puts pressure on the charger plug).

All in all a good buy and when it came to buying this replacement I was pleased to see that the product was still available.
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