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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2013
Always the same. Always different. The first 6 listens were a virtual torture. On the 7th I noticed tunes. From the 8th I am totally hooked. Brilliant.
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on 17 May 2013
Twelve tracks,40 mins 11 secs,MARK E. SMITH/KEIRON MELLING/DAVE SPURR/PETER GREENWAY/ELENI POULOU: TIM PRESLEY plays guitar on tracks 1,3,7...produced MES,single sheet CD insert. Most years we can expect one "new" Fall CD,sundry live retreads,expanded repackagings,designer collectibles.This is the new 2013 product...should you buy it? Well,if you've already bought half a dozen "new" Fall CDs this century then it's a yes.If not then you have the sample-surfing option before deciding.With such a veteran iconoclastic audio streaming,long term Fall fans have such diverse and distinctive personal value criteria that the liking/not liking of specific tracks/albums should be kept to wittering forums..."Sir William Wray" sounds the obvious single here...album production a little crisper than "Ersatz GB",the overall tone a tad more settled.We still hear palate-whistling,and more of that avuncular growling you'd expect from the MGM lion if he'd saluted as many Prestwich happy hours as Mark.
The current stable line-up is at odds with established Fall protocol,and some believe that the regular traditional band implosions are a necessary bulwark against artistic stagnation...continued P.94
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on 30 May 2013
Great album, challenging, difficult at times, as with them all. Always rewarded.

Classics everywhere Sir William Wray, Hitite Man, Victrola Time, Irish, the fabulous Jetplane and rocks out with Loadstones - pre-mdma years is a great addled ramble - MES is on top form - growls, psssts,tsssssts, teeth falling out, gold medal standard wheezing and a landmark cough along the way.

Fingers crossed I get a chance to see them tour it, 5 stars
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on 28 May 2017
Excellent quality and speedy delivery.
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on 27 May 2013
This is a fantastic album. A lot of people didn't like Ersatz GB but I loved it and this is a continuation of it. Mark E Smith should be reported for still releasing great albums year after year. Or he should try and bottle his genius and sell it; he'd make a fortune. It's got everything: great tunes, musical doodles and obscure lyrics. Stand out tracks for me are No Respects Rev, Hittite Man and Victrola Time. Do yourself a favour and get this.
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on 23 June 2013
This album has had a bit of a bashing in some quarters, and people are entitled to their opinions, but I really like it. I have already played it more times than the last three Fall albums and I enjoy it more. There is a sharp, bright sound overall, with the emphasis on a 60s garage band sound on many tracks - if you like loud primitive, thrashing guitar stuff like Strychnine and Mr Pharmacist you will like this album. But that is not the whole story - there is also some electronic experimental Germanic sounds on tracks like Noise and Victrola Time.

After an instrumental intro the album really takes off with a powerful Sir William Wray. This is followed by one of the many tracks on here previewed by the band live last year, neolithic tune Kinder of Spine - not sure I quite know what this one's about but sounds like a bit of a diatribe against reality talent show judges, urging spiders and captains to help under the duvet, or something! It is quite short, almost like MES got bored of it half way through and pulled the plug, thinking job done, probably right. This is followed by an experimental "song?" - more like a primitive soundscape - called Noise, with strange and threatening stream of consciousness words about guitarist Peter fretting on his f fret. Then we are into the real classic of the album, again played live last year, the mighty Hittite Man. We are in traditional Fall territory here, HP Lovecraft horror story atmosphere and chilling Mark E. Smith vocals, the best on the album, as the reanimated representative of a long dead civilisation emerges and he don't sound too happy with what he finds has been done with the planet recently - "death does not exist". It ends in a strange gurgling sound from MES which is quickly replaced by the weird noises of Pre-MDMA Years.

As usual, MES has given the sequencing of the tracks some thought and it is no accident that the album builds and builds, each track working its magic on the back of its predecessor. The chilling and screeching eldritch guitar riff of Hittite Man is still ringing in your ears however until it is then replaced by another driving garageland guitar boogie No Respects rev, an interesting feature being a great MES cackle at the end. Victrola Time is next and is driven forward by a strangely addictive keyboard sound - we are in krautrock territory again but it is fantastic. Like Hittite Man, the moment it finishes you want to press the repeat button and hear it again. If The Fall produced a TV science fiction show, this would be the theme tune - maybe the gang should start looking to build a soundtrack career sideline like Nick Cave and Warren Ellis? Irish is next, more garage rock, before the entertaining and amusing story featured in Jetplane, notable for some great drumming, the experimental Jam Song with more bleeps and buzzes than R2D2 and the album clincher, the epic Loadstones with plenty of Mark's trademark chorus shouting and other vocal stylings, coming on like Lee Perry producing a drug-crazed doppleganger of Boney M.

And there you have it, cock, another triumph from The Fall, the perfect soundtrack to an English summer, in this ra-ra-reviewer's humble opinion. Some reviewers seem to think Mark just knocked this one out in the studio without much thought. I disagree - I think he has thought a lot about the sound, the track order and the overall effect of this album, thought about it as a whole not just a collection of songs, and it shows. And it is a good thing.
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on 23 May 2013
The genius of The Fall or other words Mark E Smith is that he is always able to divide opinion and even annoy listeners with challenging material, which if nothing else, provokes people to critically question why they like or dislike a piece or a whole album. For me RE - MIT is more enjoyable than the previous two albums, Ersatz GB is ultimately lacking, Mark's growling style becoming tedious on every track, and the metallic rock heavy production and sound grates.
This album is a return to form, Mark varying his vocal style and delivery widely over the album, and pleasingly the band sound very much like a lot of the old Fall line ups. I won't go through it track by track, because nobody can ever agree on the best or worst track on a Fall album.
As always Mark E Smith pulls one out of the bag, and he has done it with Re - Mit.
You may of course disagree.
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on 14 May 2013
There is always a feeling of excitement and trepidation around the release of a new fall album this arrived from amazon today as a belated birthday present and went straight onto the stereo ersatz GB was a great album and easily there best work for a few years this keeps the same line up and label and the consistency shows mark e smiths lyrical assaults show no signs of mellowing but there seems a willingness to share the load than on previous albums and it works allowing his delivery and vocal style to hit you with piercing accuracy and although there is no lyric sheet to check what you think he said (although I'm sure that his printed lyrics have been a bit tongue in cheek at times) he still remains the best British poet for many a year never allowing himself to sell out or diminish and the result another great fall album and a potent stab at the bloated complacent factory farming methods employed by cowell et-al buy it if you don't know the fall you won't be disappointed and if you do you won't need this review as you will already know how good they are
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on 30 May 2013
The famous headline remains - " always different, always the same" and this is no different. The Fall are one of Britain's greatest institutions and this is another excellent record. If you like The Fall you'll like this.
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on 7 February 2014
Really cheers me up every time I listen to this album. And I play this album, a lot. 'Nasty noise'. Perfect.
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