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Size: 42-inch|Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
 ♦ Brief ♦

Having previously owned a much older Sony LED TV, I was quite excited to see how well this would compare and if it was actually any better in quality.

One things for sure, it's very light for a TV it's size and has a good weight distribution making it easier to lift.

It has a lovely design, the TV width is nicely thin and has very little frame in the way of the screen.

This TV also boasts an X-Reality Pro picture processing engine with 200Hz Motionflow to deliver smooth and detailed images.

♦ Box Contents ♦

Television | AC adapter & power cable | Remote control | 2x AAA batteries |
Wall mount kit | TV stand & bolts | Instructions & other paperwork.

♦ Set-Up ♦

All you need is a Philips screwdriver (Unless you are mounting it onto the wall, in which you will also need a drill).

As my walls are extremely flimsy, I decided to go for the stand option which took barely 5 minutes (except for finding the darn screwdriver which took me 15 minutes).

- Stand Set-up -

Fixing the TV onto its stand is simplicity at its best:

1) Attach the two metal fixtures onto the stand and make sure they are screwed on securely.

2) Place the TV over the metal fixtures and insure they go into the slots. *Note: it's always best to get someone to help on this part to ensure an easy installation.

3) On the back of the TV there are two holes, one on each side, make sure the last two screws are inserted and securely tightened.

And that's it!

- Wall mount -

I'm really impressed with Sony making the stand double as a wall mount with the provided kit, this gives consumers a set-up choice right out of the box.

Those who are wanting to use this will be pleased to know it comes with a big piece of paper that shows you the exact distance of where the holes need to be drilled, this will certainly make the installation less of a hassle.

♦ TV Ports & Sockets ♦

HDMI x2 | Aerial | SCART(AV) | Component | LAN | Digital Out (Optical) | USB | Headphone | Power.

♦ Usability ♦

The remote control included is not only comfortable to hold, it's light and has a decent button layout.

As for the home interface, I absolutely love it, it runs very smoothly with no noticeable lag; the menu is also broken into convenient categories making navigation a breeze.

♦ Internet Connection ♦

Whilst this TV has a LAN port for wired connections, it also has a built-in WiFi adapter which gets a big like from me; a lot of TV's which are "WiFi Ready" require a WiFi USB dongle of the same brand as the TV and are normally very expensive, for example; some previous models from Sony needed such dongle with a hefty price-tag of £50+!

Connecting the TV to the internet via WiFi was effortless to do and the results are great, I can stream YouTube videos directly on my TV in HD quality! (As long as the video was rendered in HD of course).

♦ Picture Quality / Viewing Experience ♦

I am in complete awe of the picture quality, my previous Sony LED TV is around 2-3 years old and I honestly thought it was the bee's knees and that the quality couldn't get any better, but how wrong was I.

When it comes to HD content, the images are sharp, crisp & very smooth, it really brings life to what your watching. The TV also has many different scene modes to choose from such as 'Cinema', 'Cinema 24p', 'Music', 'Sports', 'Gaming' and more, this will adjust the picture & audio settings that will suit what your watching better.

The other main factor which really adds to the viewing experience is the frame of the TV, as mentioned before there's barely any frame taking space of the screen which makes it look like the images are going to flow off the edge.

- Unfortunately I can't comment on the Freeview quality as I don't have the appropriate cables/antenna installed. -

♦ Sound Quality ♦

The sound quality is actually rather good considering how thin this TV is, now it may not be the best and of course wont beat a home theatre, however it does deliver well and don't have any qualms about it.

♦ Final Opinion ♦

This TV definitely heats up the competition in the TV market, not only does it look amazing, it has great online features and is more than able to deliver stunning picture quality.

The more I use the TV, the more I love it!

- EDIT 20th May 2013 -

I've now included a video that shows the box contents, how to set the TV up via the stand & an overview of the TV's interface.

*Music used in the video were the following: 'Speed of Light' &'No Regret' by Zircon.
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on 23 May 2013
I've had an olde worlde Sony TV for 13 years and following the death of my DVD player I decided to get a new everything so I could watch HD. I'm not a 'hang your TV on the wall' kind of person so I wanted a 32" and this seemed the best available. I'm really disappointed with the picture though. I was setting the colours using the BBC News channel (because you can see a person for longer to tweak skin tones) and even with the best picture I could get everyone still looks very airbrushed with little detail in their hair etc. Could this be a signal stength issue? There is no paper manual with this TV and the one that comes on the TV itself is worse than useless. There's no way to flick through and see what each and every setting is (or even a list of what settings are available). I can't get the HD channels - I've got the best aerial going and a top of the range signal booster - I think it may be down to the ancient wall cable. So I will get a TV person in to look at that. If that helps with the 'airbrushing' I will update my review.
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on 16 October 2013
I won't go into fine details about what this TV can do because there are hundreds of in depth reviews about it.
-I researched TV's for months. Very nearly went for a Samsung (F6400) but the Sony has a much better build quality, nice metal, thin bezel and better picture. You sacrifice not having 3D, but that's fine for me.
-I don't use the Smart features so much, as the laptop is more convenient. However it's good to know that the TV has those features if needed!
-You can use a phone/tablet as a remote control! Very cool, even my iPad works fine. With the App you can access all of the buttons that are on the remote control, you can select a program from the TV guide on the iPad and the TV will change channel, genius!. You can also share media (videos, pictures, music from your Windows PC wirelessly to the TV!.
-You CAN record on the TV but you need at least a 32gb USB memory stick (I use a 64gb one). It pops neatly into the back of the TV. Recording is very basic but it's there if you need it!.

I wanted to talk about WALL MOUNTING. The stand/base on the Sony doubles up as a wall bracket, handy but check that you can use it on your wall. You cannot attach a 3rd party TV bracket, as the TV does not have the correct holes in the back.
I was worried at first, because I have 2 power plug sockets on my wall, but luckily the bracket fits around the sockets. Also note that the TV has a speaker system which protrudes out of the back, at the bottom of the TV, this is fine when wall mounted, but make sure that you don't have anything on the wall that would get in the way. You also need to make sure you have room for the Power supply (which comes with it's own small wall bracket), it sits neatly behind the TV. So just be aware of these things before you start putting sockets and plugs in your wall.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 20 September 2013
I first spotted this tv in Selfridges at Trafford Centre, Manchester. I was surprised at the low price considering it was an LED Sony tv. I always find Amazon to be better priced so did a check and it turned out to be £100 cheaper! On top of that Amazon were offering a £50.00 credit reward. I divulge, moving back onto the tv itself I was impressed with the clarity and colour whilst in Selfridges. There was a HD movie playing and I was really taken aback. I was also shocked at how thin it was.

When it arrived I actually thought it looked smaller than the 40 inch Sony tv it was replacing. I put that down to the fact that it is almost a frameless screen. I can assure you the screen is indeed 42 inch Setting up was easy. I quite like the LED light at the bottom which flashes when you do certain things, you can change its actions through options. The sharpness, colours and clarity is just superb. Exactly the high quality you expect from Sony. However, be warned that if you have non-HD channels the poor quality feed really shows. I can get quite annoyed when watching ITV4, especially if the Europa matches are on. It is quite grainy and blurry BUT that is not the tv's fault. All channels ought to be streamed in HD!

I absolutely love this tv, it looks beautiful and the quality is superb. I was impressed with the speakers, bearing in mind it was so thin it doesn't look like it has speakers. However, we do have the Sony sound bar so we actually stream sound through that. I love football and the 200hz makes a huge difference.

It is an absolute steal at the current price.
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on 21 December 2013
What on earth is Sony playing at? I received my HD Sony Bravia 42" TV and was relieved when unpacking from the box that a whole lot of what looked like installation manuals were neatly bagged up. However when I opened the bag a whole bunch of what I would call wasted paper dropped out, I found a quick start guide that was of some use but the rest of the booklets were as much use as a chocolate fire guard. The Sony LCD TV Reference Guide has 2 pages of useless information and the other 200 pages or so are in 21 different languages. I can only assume Sony are trying to save the rainforests of the world by saving paper and not issuing a manual with the TV's but in my opinion they are wasting paper by issuing books and pamphlets that are of limited or no use at all. I can't access the abc buttons on the remote no matter what I try so at this point I am not able to access the internet and there is no guide. Its going to cost me more money on my phone bill calling Currys helpline and spend another 20 minutes in a queue waiting for someone to answer again.
The TV itself is a little disappointing as well. Starting with the good points, the picture is excellent quality, crisp and clear, the options and apps being very impressive. Have not tried linking phones and other devises as of yet but it sounds great if I can find out how to do it. Were the TV lets itself down is with the sound. I had a Sony TV for 10 years and swapped out my old one for this new Bravia but the sound on my old TV is better. No matter how much I play about with the sound settings it still sounds `Tinny' there is very little base even with the base boost on and I am now going to have to buy a sound bar to fix this issue. So the £200 I saved on the offer is now going to buy a decent sound bar. The volume on the TV is very strange one minute it's too loud the next I can hardly hear it, same with adverts the volume is louder when the TV programme switches to the adverts the volume goes up and I have to turn it down, when the film comes back on I have to turn up the volume again, very annoying to say the least. I purposely bought a Sony as I had no problems with my older Sony TV's but this one is a little disappointing due to the issues with the sound and lack of instructions. Come on Sony sort your act out.
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on 30 July 2013
You sent me the wrong remote-it wouldn't change from analogue to digital.Totally useless.I am still without a working t.v. and have to rely on my laptop,which is very inconvenient.
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on 9 October 2013
Don't buy this tv if the majority of your viewing is regular freeview.
It's standard definition picture is amongst the worst I've seen from UK on air broadcast TV.

Watching East Enders is painful the picture lacks definition and contrast shockingly bad many other programs will appear just as bad.

For HD and Gaming you can't fault it but it's really not suited to being a family living room tv.
For home viewing you are better going for a Panasonic as they are dedicated to making SD content appear at its best and the image processing they has on their led tvs is the best in the business. I opted for a 42 inch ET60B se and the difference is dramatically better not as good as plasma for SD but very good for an led.

If you're a gamer and only watch HD content via blueray this W6 is a good tv.
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on 26 June 2013
Despite some of the less than perfect scores, this TV is very good. I do not understand some of the complaints other people had about it saying it is confusing etc. It took me 10-15 mins from first opening the box to putting it onto my desk (NOTE: Screwdriver required). For me I knew what I was doing anyway but for people who have any problems, there are step by step instructions showing you how to fit it onto the stand, or a separate lot of instructions showing how to mount it onto a wall using the brackets.

Once you are all plugged in, when you switch the TV on it automatically goes into set up mode (NOTE: If you have speakers plugged in, make sure the volume is low as distortion happens for a few seconds while first running the set up). The set up is very easy which requires the usual language select and if your using a antenna or cable, but also an optional internet option if you want to browse the web via your TV. This TV does wired connection and wireless too depending on what you prefer.

Once the set up is complete you are hopefully now watching TV. The remote is simple enough to use saying normal things like "options" & "guide" etc. And this is where it confused me when someone said the TV Manual is bad.. there is a button on the remote saying "manual" and it brings up a page full of different topics you may need help with. It's simple to use as you use the arrows and the middle round button which is usually the "OK" button. It has topics including display to try and get your picture looking best as it can. And topics on anything you need to know about the features the TV offers. But you only have to use this if you are really new to these kind of TV's as I have found out they are all pretty much the same as each other.

One more positive thing about this TV I would like to add is the amount of options for the display. I was scrolling through a lot of different picture options only to find I was on the simple settings, and once you click advanced settings it brought up a lot more. It also has scene select so you can change different settings for different things like Games, movies, TV and music.

The only negative thing or things, one being quite big and the other being small is I cant seem to find any buttons on the actual TV to control the channels, volume or source. This means if your remote runs out of batteries then your a bit stuffed.

The small negative thing (which is in the description anyway) is this TV only has 2 HDMI sockets. I think it would of sold a lot more if they added at least one more which would attract more people to it. This can be easily solved though by buying a HDMI Switcher.


+ Great picture display & options
+ Easy to set up
+ Lots of internet apps
+ Good in TV manual

+/- Only had 2 HDMI's but if you need more you can buy a HDMI switcher.

- No buttons (or at least not visible) to change channels, volume or source - remote seems essential.

FINAL NOTE: I use this TV for PC gaming and you can get the highest resolution possible using this TV and it also has a high refresh rate so there is not jumpiness in the game, also the picture looks great!
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on 9 February 2015
All things considered I am very happy with this purchase. The display is great @720p, at 24" it really doesn't need 1080p unless you were wanting to use it as a PC monitor. SD looks great and the HD channels add noticeably more detail to it again. It's not the biggest difference because of its size, but both SD & HD are very nice to look at. The bezel is just right and it looks great.

I really like the guide. It displays 8 channels per page and loads snappily. I've read that Sony's menus aren't meant to be that user friendly but I've had no issues accessing and navigating them.

The stand isn't very well padded at its contact points. I wouldn't like to put it on a soft wood surface as it may scratch.

The remote is more practical looking than an excercise in design, but I like it. Although I do miss a swap function to go back and forth between your current channel and your previously watched channel (they added it on the 2014 Bravia 32" remote - see picture, it's the bottom right button next to PROG, that's labeled Media on the 2013 remote).

I'm disappointed Sony haven't done more to add ITV Player or 4OD to the apps. I've had it a little over a year now, and the 5 On Demand didn't work at first, but does a little now - fast forwarding or rewinding makes the program start again from the beginning which isn't great. You can watch ITV Player on it if you have a PC with Serviio installed and a router, but 4OD is impossible best I can tell, at least without screen mirroring from a device (Tried it about Feb 2015, 4OD have blocked screen mirroring its app to a TV - what lovely people they are - been that way a good while now from what I've read, Apr 2015 they changed their app to "All4" now and still the same problem). IPlayer works really well after it updated nearly a year ago (Update April 2015 - Problems with IPlayer being on pause for more than about ten seconds, it causes an error which means you have to start the program again from the beginning - you can FF back to the correct spot - but it's annoying)

Screen mirrowing from a relative's Galaxy S4 & another's Note 4 works easily and well.

One of the greatest plus points and simultaneously worst points is the stand/mounting bracket. It comes with all you need to mount it on a wall - the stand doubles up as a point of connection between the TV and the bracket that screws into the wall. So you're good to go without needing to buy a seperate VESA bracket or other bracket. The worst part is if you want the extra versatility of tilting and moving that a VESA wall mount brings or already have one, there are no VESA holes in the TV. So you will have to DIY a link between the Sony & VESA bracket.
review image
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on 13 May 2014
Picture quality is very good, but as a smart TV, it's very poor as it has only about 5 useful apps and the main one Netflix just refuses to work, constantly throwing up an error code straight out of the box.
The rest of the apps are a waste of time, and it lacks 4od and ITV player.

BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 apps crash lots, with no resume of the program you were watching.

If you want this to use as a screen for viewing TV or an Apple TV or Roku it's very good, but is seriously let down by the poor smart services, so don't buy this TV if that is your aim.


After now getting apps like Netflix and BBC iPlayer following a recent software update from Sony, I have now changed my initial 2 star up to a 4 star. I would give it a 5 star if the TV was not sluggish upon initial start up, where nothing seems to want to operate for about the first 30 seconds, whether this is changing TV channel or changing source or accessing the apps.
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