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on 3 July 2015
An excellent expansion. For any newcomers to this game i would advise you to get this expansion with the base game. It adds a lot to an already great game. And will give you some more scenarios and difficulties to deal with.
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on 5 April 2017
Amazingly I hate that purple disease! Horrendous thing that keeps mutating. Also the bio terrorist is d!@k!!!
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on 23 February 2014
This adds so much to the base game of Pandemic that it is simply a must buy.

I held off on this until Pandemic had gotten a little stale for me and my friends. Then by getting this add on it was like I fell in love with this game all over again.

There are three new ways to play the game;
A virulent strain, which adds an extra twist to the epidemic cards. Some of these are one off events, but others stay with you the entire game.
A mutation, this adds a 5th cube colour that does not spawn in the traditional fashion and is therefore much more unpredictable.
A terrorist, which is where one person acts in secret to try to bring about your destruction by placing a 5th colour cube all over the board. The main effect of this is to add some competition to this classic co-op game.

Although I'm not a fan of the terrorist game it is nice to add a third way to play the game, but saying that the other two additions are simply awesome. I doubt after playing virulent strain you will ever play normal epidemic cards again. And just when you think it is getting easy you can combine mutation and virulent together to really challenge you!

In all, quite simply a must buy
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on 6 July 2015
This is a really flexible expansion pack that allows for several different modes of play.We haven't tried the Bio Terrorist role yet, but the Mutant Strain (purple cubes) and Virulent Strain (alternative to normal epidemics) make the game much more challenging - we haven't won it yet! We haven't tried all the new roles, but they seem to be more supportive and less powerful than the original set, but all unique and interesting leading to different ways of playing. Compared to the original Pandemic, this expansion makes the game much trickier!
The quality of the pieces is really nice - the petri dishes add a nice touch and the new box insert is set up to store all new and old pieces neatly in one box. They set provides you with a sticker or a card to put on your board for the cure spot for the new disease so you can choose to keep your old board pristine.
If you hadn't realised, this IS an expansion and you NEED the original Pandemic to play it!
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on 26 March 2017
Such an amazing game - I got it for my teenage brother, as I already have a copy of my own but don't live at home any more. It's great for all ages - the neighbour's child plays it with us and she's in primary school. I play it (20s) with my partner all the time. The cooperative nature of the game is great - so unique. I didn't think I could love Pandemic more than I already did, but this expansion brings all sorts of new dimensions to it!
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on 22 February 2017
Very disappointing components for the price paid - a few cards, some counters and 5 petri dishes + a rule book. Difficult to see how popular this expansion is with many reviewers. I wouldn't recommend paying more than £15 for this and then it would compare favourably with other games on the market.
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on 9 July 2014
So you have been playing Pandemic 2013 for a while and have got a decent strategy together that pretty much guarentees success? We were in the same boat and the frequency in which we played started to drop before I was bought this add-on as a gift.

First impressions... strong, sturdy box (slightly smaller than the original). Open it up to find additional role cards, purple disease markers, a chunky pad for the bioterrorist and some additional player counters. Oh, not to forget some bespoke petri dishes to keep all your disease cubes in. The best thing? All of the original components fit into the new box, which is more durable and takes up less space.

The add-on brings additional scenarios to the game - the virulent strain (different epidemic cards with special effects and remains in play features for one virulent strain), the purple mutation disease, and the bio-terrorist for those competitive souls in every gaming group that just do not want to play as part of the team...

The scenarios have breathed new life into the game for us and it is benefiting from its own little renaissance. I think it will be a while before we need to get Pandemic In The Lab.

5 stars for Z Man Games. This is a high quality, affordable add-on for a great cooperative game that lasts a reasonable time but is complicated enough to keep the group thinking. The quality of the components and the positive impact on and reinvigoration of gameplay makes the expansion good value for money.
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on 26 June 2016
An exciting expansion to Pandemic that brings several new elements to the game. Petri dishes are now included, which is far more convenient that the plastic bags used with the original game. It is extremely satisfying to be able to close the petri dish of a colour when you have cured and eradicated it!

The game has two new main elements, the first is a set of cards which replace the original epidemic cards, which have more brutal effects on the game, as well as the inclusion of the virulent strain rule. The new, purple, epidemic cards now have more information on them, as they have effects on the virulent strain, as well as the traditional epidemic procedure.

The second main element of the game is a new competitive set of rules, where one player plays as a bio terrorist. This player doesn't take part in the conventional sense, instead keeping tracking of his or her movements on a move sheet (a pad of which is included). The remaining players need to defeat the bio terrorist, or be defeated! The game advises that this game is for three or more players, but we have managed to play it as a two, with one player as the bio terrorist, and the second player as two separate players.

The only downside to this expansion, as we see it, is that it makes the cooperative game incredibly difficult at times. It can some times be frustrating how incredibly difficult it is to win, especially playing as a two, or on anything higher than the lower few levels. That said, a fantastic game and expansion, which adds some great rules to the game!
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on 18 September 2013
In my opinion, this expansion is essential if you enjoy the base game.

Three new scenarios are added which make the game feel different. Mutation and Virulent Strain adds a fifth disease to make everything worse - in both scenarios it acts in different ways.

A Bio Terrorist mode is added, where one player utilises secret movement on the board (recorded via a pad) and can spread disease. It's up to the other players to try and catch the terrorist whilst also eliminating the diseases.

Other odd changes are made - a fifth player is added, as well as multiple roles and several new difficulty levels if you're feeling brave.

Personally, this is the ultimate shine to an already brilliant game, adding nice little variations so that you don't feel the game getting too old if you play it too often.
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on 5 January 2015
Adds three new scenarios to the game (virulent strain - definitely the best of the three), mutation, and bio-terrorist. All are good fun, and definitely enhance the game and cause you to approach it differently. My only qualm is that I have the original version of the base game, and hence the new cards do not match the expansion cards. I've decided to buy opaque sleeves for the cards to get round this, but it's worth bearing in mind if like me you have the original version of the game.

As a side note, you can get the original version of the expansion second hand, but because it's so rare, it's now very expensive. Secondly, Z-Man have also offered replacement cards to US/Canadian customers who have the original version but as yet have not rolled this out to the UK.
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