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on 25 September 2013
This is a bespoke case by HTC and a genuine product. The case fits the phone perfectly and when closed allows access to all the switches, the microphone headphone jack and charging port so you can charge the phone with the cases closed for protection. This is not a bulky case at all it only adds a small amount to the overall dimensions, the phone still feels very small in the hand and is now not as easy to drop or slip. The front cover is not held in place with a clip but neatly folds down every time, flat to the phone screen. I will be carrying the phone in my pocket or a bag so the lack of clip, for me, is no problem at all. The front cover has a soft inside and the back of the phone has full protection even when the front cover is not in place. Phone can be used whilst the case is closed so the cover does not get in the way at all.
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on 27 March 2014
The case looks good and works well as a stand to begin with BUT as time passes its standing capability reduces so instead of standing at a proud angle it sags to a sad low flat angle.

But my main problem with this case is not its sagging, my main problem is that the cover of the case is falling apart, allow me to elaborate, the cover comprises of three parts: an inner red slip resistant cloth, a hard thin plastic middle and a black synthetic outer material. The red cloth and black cover are glued to the plastic middle and are glued to each other around the edges and this is where the design of this case fails. Because over time (in my case it took 4 months) as you put your phone in your pocket, bag etc the two outer materials will come apart, making what was once an elegant case into a shabby and sad looking thing.

I am having to buy another case to replace this...in my opinion this case has a design flaw, save your money and go for a different case,
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on 6 October 2013
The case was initially good and worked as expected. A month later the outer coating on the case began to peel off. The leather effect material has now completely come off. Avoid!
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on 3 July 2014
Shocking for an 'official' product.

Not sure if all the 5 star reviewers wrote their comments after one week which to be fair would have been accurate. Urge anyone looking at this (or indeed the "HTC Double Dip Hard Shell Case for HTC One") to avoid at all costs because the build quality is so poor.

To be fair the hard case fared a little better but when that broke after 4 months I settled for the flip case.

First one lasted 2 months, and I got Amazon (who were excellent) to send a replacement.
Second one lasted...eh yip, 2 months and I got Amazon (who were again excellent) to give me my money back

All those who got this case and it fell apart I suggest you get on to Amazon. Maybe that way we will get HTC to take a look at the quality of their official products.

On the hunt for a new case...any recommendations?!
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VINE VOICEon 14 February 2014
For my last smart phone I bought a succession of imitation leather covers. They did the job, but tended to look tatty quite quickly and sometimes the hard plastic holder lost a corner and then the phone was no longer held securely. (To be fair, that was probably when I dropped it, and without the cover that would probably have dented or broken the phone.

This HTC branded cover is a little more expensive but looks set to last much longer. It’s not trying to look like leather, which is probably a good thing, being made or a flexible but tough type of plastic, black on the outside, red on the inside. It’s designed so that both the headphones and the micro-usb cable can be attached when the cover is closed, and the camera and flash can both be used without removing the cover. You can also operate the volume control with the wallet closed and if you really wanted to you could remove the micro-SD card without taking the cover off. The cover doubles as a stand so you can set the phone at the best angle to e.g. view a video or listen to music over its speakers.

It’s early days – only been using it for a couple of days – but in short, it is perfectly designed for the phone, a brilliant example of minimalist, functional design.
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on 11 October 2013
Despite having a variety HTC phones over the past few years and being incredibly pleased with the build quality, I wanted to protect my new HTC One. Who wouldn't after spending £500 on a new phone. This case is brilliant. The phone fits snugly and securely, it's has a nice feel to it, and, despite folding in the middle of the back for the stand, it's robust. The front flap covers the screen nicely too.

I have found two down sides. 1: The added bulk. Normally you could lose the HTC One in your pocket. It's so slim, you forget it's there. With the case on, you have a constant reminder where you phone is. 2: Dust accumulation. The speaker slits in the front flap act like a razor as you draw it in and out of your pocket and collect dust and fluff, which then gathers around the speakers. This makes me paranoid that it's gonna clog the speakers.

My workarounds for these are to hoover my speakers (you heard me say I was paranoid, right) and to carry my phone like a clutch bag.

The best workaround I've found though is to not use a case. The HTC One is such a fantastic phone, and my concerns about the build quality are unfounded. It's as superior as usual. (I still use the case when going on-site though, just in case.)
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on 12 August 2014
The first product I bought in February, WHICH IS STILL INTACT, is good and should at least get a 4 star rating. THIS ONE HAS A SMOOTH OUTER BLACK COVER. I decided to replace it due to the discoloration of the red interior from use. I Bought a second cover in July which delaminated and fell apart within two weeks. After a proper review of both products, it became obvious that they are not the same.

The replacement which had a TEXTURED OUTER BLACK COVER appears NOT to be a GENUINE product. If you receive this product, please return immediately and insist on the case with a smooth black cover and you will have no regrets.

I have reverted back to the first case which not withstanding six months of use, is still better than the second one. I think Amazon should look at the batch number and black list the supplier.
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on 31 July 2015
Would never buy again....I had to buy 2 of these, first one i after <2months the black outer began to de-lamiate and come off the main body so had to get another one thinking it would possibly just be that one!? It wasn't the second did the same.

It does hold the phone well BUT,the clips/contact at the bottom is just in the corners and on both cases these are easily caught an both did crack!

Biggest one for me...NO SIDE PROTECTION AT ALL! I had always previously used the usuall gel type cases which covers the entire edge of the phone and i had NEVER cracked a screen....With this case having nothing to protect the side guess what...Cracked my screen first time ever, it was in my pocket and no idea how but it did.

Buy this case: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00P963D90?ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_1

Cheaper and will actually 1) Last and 2) PROTECT your phone.
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on 21 March 2014
I'm still not sure if I got a genuine product, or some fake, cheap copy. Either that, or HTC skimped on quality big time. The black PVC outer shell was already peeling away from the cardboard interior and red inside when I got it. The actual case feels like it can take a punishment before your phone starts getting bruised, but apart from that, buy something else. Difficult to use with one hand, stupid and cumbersome to put the phone against your ear, basically creates a lot of issues that weren't there in the first place. I resorted to using the HTC One without any sort of case, looks and feels much better. Fingers crossed I don't destroy it.
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on 29 April 2014
First off let me say how good this case looks on my Black HTC One. I dont think anybody would dissagree that this case is not pleasing to look at but however. I dont belive it reflects the care and attention that went into to the phone it protects and as an official HTC case thats quite unfortunate. The front flap deos not stay down when I place the phone flat on a surface and somthing about the quality of the finish to the edges of the front cover seems like it could eventualy fray as time passes. The cut out holes are brilliant I can fully fit my big headphone jack rignt into the headphone port without it popping out, a problem I've encounterd with other cases. The whole right side of the phone is exposed and I cant understand why? How much does plastic cost. The stand function works really well and I have found myself using it regularly. Overall a good looking case, needs refinement however well worth the price stated.
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