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on 19 November 2013
This review is for the the x86 edition not the ARM
-Extremely portable (Thin and Light)
-10 finger multi-touch
-Doesn't get hot except while charging or playing games
-Good enough resolution
-Extremely quick in booting

-Touch-pad click button sometime gets stuck
-Camera is terrible
-Keyboard strains my fingers
-Charger burns hot, also battery when charging or playing games gets hot
-Wifi has poorer reception compared to my other laptop.
-Windows 8 (plus most applications are not touch friendly)
-Wifi connection drops when on windows 10.
-Expensive replacement parts
-You can hear the speakers through the microphone which makes an annoying echo for the other person in skype calls.

Update: I take away two stars because:
- The screen stopped working even though i didn't mistreat the laptop and barely used it
- The charger died after a minor voltage spike that occurred
- It only offers 1 year grantee and replacement parts are expensive.
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on 21 July 2013
I am writing this review to help those who are thinking of buying this machine be well informed if what to expect.

I decided to go for the yoga since it is the only machine that has the following features
High end specd - i7 8gb Ram and 256ssd
Tablet and laptop modes
Long Battery life.

I have been using the machine for 3 weeks now. There is a serious problem with the realtek wifi and bluetooth card. I must say that this is really unfortunate, since i feel it riuns the whole system.

1, Wifi

The wifi will not work at all routers. From my testing pre-n routers will not work with this machine, unless you disable the n protocol on your router. Yet still most users state that even if it works, the performance is very poor when compared to other wifi cards. Personally i was able to stream hd youtube video without problems anywhere in my apartment so for me that is enough. Yet if u intend to do some intense data transfer do your research.

2, Bluetooth

I have connected the microsoft wedge mouse and the moore bluetooth headset. When listening to music on YouTube the sound cuts a few times, it does not happen much but face it - paying a high price for a new laptop in 2013 u expect that a basic service a bluetooth works well. The mouse also at times just stops responding for a few seconds.

Search on google lenovo yoga 13 wifi problems and chose the first link that takes u to lenovo forum and see all the details there.

If u search on the realtek card u will see that this card has been used on other machines, and there were problems on these machines also.

Its a pity that this card has been used on this machine as it is really a bugger.

Now i can accept the fact that things arent always perfect and when it comes to tech u are to expect such problems, yet what bothers me most is the very poor lenovo support.

What i would expect in such situations is that lenovo acknowledges such problems and then gives regular update on progress regarding finding a solution.


If u call tech support they just tell u to send laptop for repair - if u do they just send it back to u with the same problem, check the forum and see for yourself.
No one has any idea whether or not such issue is being acknowledged and whether anyone is trying to find a solution.

this problem has been mentioned from the date of initial release. this is over a year and till yet no solution
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on 29 December 2014
The update to Windows 8.1 (which I couldn't avoid) was a disaster and Lenovo didn't provide enough support. In fact, the Lenovo own update software doesn't even work and the other Lenovo software doesn't seem to recognize the computer. I have to check drivers updates one by one manually. The online info is also very limited and one can't find solutions for this version (specially after release of the Yoga 2). Basic issues, both experienced by me and reported by others, are too frequent (lid close doesn't put PC to sleep, PC overheats, too much noise, problems with sound and video board/software,etc.). For such an expensive PC (around 1500 euros at time of buy) it is hard to accept. Otherwise, the PC itself is not bad and works OK also as a tablet (except maybe that it is not fit to handwriting), if you are prepared to handle the extra weight of a small laptop (check the specs).
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on 7 May 2013
Since I couldn't wait for this to be in stock from Amazon, I went and bought it direct from Lenovo and spent £50 more. And it's worth it.
Hardware is excellent, very solid and well made device. Screen excellent, keyboard ditto. Does get quite toasty when doing things graphically intensive, but most of the time it's fine, with a slight warm breeze from the vent. Hinge too seems good, and it transforms between the different modes well; no dithering with screen orientation or disabling of the keyboard. The wifi issues appear to have been fixed, and I managed to connect to my network with no issues.
Boot time from power-on to the login screen is 9 seconds! No more drinking tea while your PC boots with SSDs.
Overall, a very good device. It's a little on the heavy side for a tablet, but supported on lap or legs, it's fine, and while it's tubby for a tablet, it makes any other laptop look extremely industrial and chunky. Not cheap, but you probably get what you pay for.

Update: 18/07/13
Been using this device daily for a while now, and it rarely disappoints. Hinge is still fine. I find myself tending to use it in laptop mode rather than converting it all the way around into tablet mode. It's OK for gaming, despite pretty disappointing 3DMark benchmark scores, and it does get very warm in the top left hand corner. In terms of build quality, there seems to be some movement occasionally between the the screen surround and the glass of the screen when you hold this part to close the screen. This may be due to the fact that I tend to pick up the whole device by this corner. The other point is that the lid has discoloured in a few places, obviously from where I've leant it on something. Not sure if it's colour from what I've leant it on bleeding onto the device (doubtful), or the coating of the Yoga rubbing off (seems more likely). However, this is purely cosmetic.

Overall, after daily usage for a couple of months, I would happily buy another one.
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on 11 September 2013
I loved it - for the first five days. Intuitive, nice to handle, shows all my MS office stuff beautifully, great keyboard. Then when I tried to boot up the screen was covered in vertical stripes and so the whole laptop is unusable. I can only use it when connected to an external monitor. An online search showed that this is a common problem with Lenovo IdeaPads, so I am sending it back.
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on 7 January 2014
I definitely would have given this laptop 5 stars had it not been for one small problem that let it down. The laptop itself is great. Very lightweight, screen resolution great. But for some reason Lenovo have place four magnets in the front corners of the machine. I found this very annoying, as my wristwatch and rings kept getting pulled to the magnets as I was typing. Seems a small inconvenience, but ultimately not user friendly and I returned it.
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on 30 August 2013
I am a web designer and developer and also a student, I wanted a high-end laptop that would be able to use all of the wonderful adobe programs and more, it works like a dream, it is a fantastic looking design and the build quality is wonderful.

The screen is bright and sharp, speaks are great, nothing to write home about but are lovely!

With this device I am able to be so much more creative and productive than I have in the past, with the addition of all the advantages of Windows 8 in conjunction with the touchscreen, it is brilliant, as well as a free update to Windows 8.1 in October.

The battery life is comparable to most laptops these days, if people want more than 5+ hours battery life you might want to wait to see if they make a Haswell addition of this laptop, which would be even more awesome.

The different positions you can put the laptop in are just awesome, I love using various positions for different purposes, for example I love hiding the keyboard by putting it in stand mode or tent mode so that I can be closer to the screen when using my digital tablet to draw.

I am loving this laptop a month on and I intend to make it last for atleast the next few years, also, the machine was delivered A DAY after I ordered it, fantastic service! Outstanding infact. I have been searching for my essential laptop and I found it here. The speed of the machine is also brilliant, ofcourse that is to be expected of an I7 3rd gen. Never the less, any questions about the device, just ask.
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on 10 October 2014
It was very good until the screen went. That was after 8 months. All I got were brightly coloured vertical lines of various widths. I followed Lenovo repair arrangements and it was collected for transport to Germany. After 4 weeks I had heard nothing. I contacted Lenovo and they promosed to let me know what was happening with the repair. A week went by.Nothing. I contacted Lenovo again. This time they said it couldn't be repaired and I should return it to Amazon for a refund (it coudn't be replaced as it was no longer a current model - not that I wanted anything to do with Lenoveo any more. A week later it arrived back. It did not seem to have been unpacked since I sent it off. Amazon were very good and within a week I had my money back. That's after nearly 2 months without my laptop!!! Lenovo's repair company, Medion, stink. Don't buy a Lenovo. They are a Chinese company by the way.
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on 21 February 2015
I feel it is only appropriate to express my disappointment and complain
about my recent experience with Lenovo and Medion.

I really don't think it's acceptable to charge €1,200 for a laptop, have it
develop a fault (admittedly at 18 months and a great experience prior to the fault), take it a way for over a month
and then return it unfixed due to not having the parts...

What kind of operation are Lenovo/ Medion running when they don't have parts for their own products.

Given this experience I will now be purchasing another brand of laptop,
never returning to Lenovo and I'll also be sharing my experience with anyone
who cares to listen.

This is an appalling way to treat your customers.
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on 31 March 2014
Its a brave attempt and I am sure future generations will be great. On mine the battery life is lower than expected. The touch screen sometimes does not respond and sometimes is way over sensitive and the browser jumps to places I was not expecting. Maybe I need to play around with some settings. I am making do with it though. Its very slim and light and easy to carry around.
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