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on 4 May 2013
I recently upgraded from a very old macbook (the white one that isn't even in production any more) to this great laptop. At 14", it is an ideal size and weight to remain portable whilst being large enough to still do productive work on.

I was hesitant at first about switching to windows 8 and it certainly takes getting used to. I would recommend looking at tutorials and videos if you are new to windows 8 as you will soon discover just how much the redesigned OS has to offer. It took time to get used to navigating the OS and having both a desktop and tile sreen.

Back to the hardware, it has a solid touch screen and although the resolution is not 1600x900, I find it crisp and bright. Thanks to the i7 processor and dedicated graphics, the touch screen is fluid and responsive without any lag. I absolutely love the design of the laptop, its chasis has a smooth metal finish and oozes with the exceptional build quality you would expect from lenovo.

I would be hard pushed to find any fault with this laptop, there have been occasions when the left click of the mousepad does not register when I click the lower left hand corner but this has only happened a few times. The keyboard has a premium feel with a satisfying feedback to your fingertips that makes you want to keep typing just for the sake of it. It would have been good to see a backlit keyboard as well which is unfortunately missing from this model.

There is definite appeal from having a touchscreen and I think for this price range it sets the bar high. Buy this and you wont be disappointed
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on 25 October 2013
This is a rather good laptop for its price. You'll probably won't see another one in the same price with this hardware. But after some time, the touchscreen got really useless, as i tended to use the mouse and keyboard more and more often. Windows 8 is just a toy system, for desktop users like me at least... The build quality also suffers a lot! It feels like a cheap product overall. I regret not buying a Dell or Sony. The built-in speakers' quality is poor (too low and too noisy), the resolution could be bigger (okay, I knew that when I bought, but now that I have the product in hands I have changed my mind) and the worst is the keyboard! It feels like it will fall apart when I type! It's not soft, it bumps and bends. Overall, I'm not that satisfied.
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on 2 March 2014
I can see that this would be a great computer if it actually worked. I have had so many 'error' notifications and most of the features that I bought this computer for don't work. I had to reformat it to factory settings after the upgrade to windows 8.1, the audio stopped working and now the Intel Rapid Start Technology no longer works and somehow my SSD is no longer there. This doesn't just mean that the computer is slow, it means that once it goes into hibernation it cant come back, it runs into an 'error' and must restart. Really, really annoying. I guess a lot of these problems could be easily fixed if you're a computer wiz but for the average person, it's certainly not easily fixed and really, really annoying. Did I mention that this computer is really annoying?
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on 17 July 2013
With the exception of the wifi, the U410 Touch is a great product. However, the wifi is dreadful. As the distance from the router increases, the speed achievable over the wifi decreases far more rapidly than with other devices. For eg., where my 6 year old Acer laptop was getting a download speeds of ~10Mbps, the U410 touch was managing a practically unusable 0.1Mbps. A replacement unit had exactly the same performance issue, so I've concluded there's an issue with the U410 Touch.
Lenovo had problems with the original U410, but say these have been fixed in all units manufactured since late July 2012. However, based on my experience, I can only conclude that the issue has resurfaced, and have returned the U410 Touch for a refund.
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on 9 January 2015
This thing is awesome, super fast. its the fastest pc ive ever had and good enough for gaming at least the games ive played. Laptops are usually useless for this but this one handles serious graphics and smoothly. Looks really stylish also looks more like a mac book than a PC. touchpad is big and very good in general, the buttons are underneath though and are awkward to use practically . 2 x 3.0 usbs, cheapest i7 laptop ive ever seen which decent spec.

on the other hand

It is a touchscreen but do you really need it on a laptop, touchscreen is more of a tablet thing but it is there if you need it. Battery life is not great, need mains most of the time for intensive tasks. keyboard is a bit flexy and feels a bit flimsy, this doesnt bother me though its types fine, not as bad as reviews make out. It feels a bit bulky and heavy for a ultrabook. 14 inch screen is nice size and larger than what im used to, but I quite like the extra space to be honest, the downside is it not the best resolution screen and the colours are a bit too contrasty even with adjustment, and brightness is also not that great.

watched some bad reviews on youtube and some guy slated it saying it was cheap and nasty, I will say it is not without it faults but in geneal I love it. Power and style on the cheap
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on 16 April 2015
I always thought Lenovo was a name synonymous with quality workhorse laptops. I bought the U410 model based on that presumption, but how wrong I was. Just after the 12 months warranty expired the SSD failed, fortunately Lenovo provide coverage for an additional one month grace period. So I returned it to Lenovo for repair, but had it failed just 2 weeks later then I'd have been left to my own devices.

Yet 18 months later the screen bezel near to the right hand side of hinge began to split away. With no warranty unfortunately I was forced to find a local repair shop which charged £70 to repair it. Now almost 2 years later the same has happened to the bezel near the left hand side of the hinge. Dejavu. All in all these laptops are very very poorly designed and built, save yourself the trouble and buy something else.
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on 16 December 2013
I loved this ultrabook. Cool ultrabook from every angle Except:

1. The hard disk sits (Not the SSD) just under the right hand when using the keyboard and sometime it gets hot which irritated me a little.
2. The battery life is expected to be about 9hrs but I didn't find this as real. It backed up only for about 3.5hrs while using in the balanced mode.
3. I am worried that the battery is built-in.

However the laptop is worth the money...its design like a mac book attracts me.. Good touch...excellent performance! I simply love my Ultrabook!
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on 23 August 2013
Just wasn't quite up to standard, although almost perfect. Looks great, keyboard nice to use, speedy at most tasks.

I didn't really start using this laptop for a couple of months, but in the first few months I was really liking it!!

Then when I began the heavier use I'd intended on purchase my disappointment began :

* The screen just didn't feel quite right, I suppose I'm spoilt by ipad retina, but just wasn't quite crisp enough and would really benefit from 1080p
* I was having issues with the Wifi as reported by others, if not in same room as router, the speed dropped.
* Biggest issue was battery life, "up to 9 hours" - turned out to be 3-4 hours web browsing/word processing, screen on low brightness.

The battery life just ruined it, so I had to return for refund, as the unit is sealed, it was not possible to just get a spare battery.

I certainly think the range could improve, and maybe with some slight improvements it good prove to be a fantastic laptop.
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on 3 May 2015
Year worked well. The problem was and is shiny screen out door. Ultrabook I broke down last week. Not help the restoration of Windows.
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on 6 August 2013
It only has a 10/100 Fast Ethernet Port, not Gigabit!!

Product is fantastic bar that one fault. I felt really bad returning it but it's false advertising stating it's Gig when it's not.

The trackpad is a little annoying where you end up tracking over the buttons at the bottom so no good if you're anything like me and always have 2 fingers on the track pad, one on the button and one on the scroll section. I couldn't find a way to resolve this (to disable tracking on the button sections of the trackpad)

Aside from that problem, it's incredible spec for the money. Screen is nice, form factor, keyboard, etc. Beware the 10/100 NIC though!
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