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on 16 June 2016
When my laptop started to run out of space at university I looked around for a new external hard drive to move files on to and be able to back up my computer. I came across this hard drive and decided to purchase it.

I am extremely happy with it as several years later it is still working and stores a wonderful amount of everything really. All my videos and pictures as well as a complete back up of my laptop and more. The drive stays cool even with the use and amount I store on it, also there is not a loud noise when I use it. Another advantage is drive can be free standing so takes up minimal space, and the cable is long enough that I can have relatively free movement with using it.

My one and only issue is that the cable, although long and robust, doesn't appear to stay securely in the hard drive. This results in the drive disconnecting and reconnecting randomly from time to time, especially if I'm moving my laptop (for example putting it to one side to get a cup of tea or a different book). However, this is a small flaw and easily remedied by making sure I only connect the drive when my laptop will be static for a long period of time.

Having had this for over two years without any problems I feel I can safely recommend this hard drive for purchase (and should I ever need another one I would be happy to repurchase).
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on 14 January 2017
With all the media files that I have been accumulating over the years, my hard drives have been struggling to keep up.
I had also recently installed a solid state drive to help my computer run faster.

So felt that I wanted to store the less often used files on an external drive.
These Samsung’s seem to fit the bill.

The transfer speeds are good and with the USB 3.0 connectors, speed is very good.

Granted, they can’t touch the solid state hard disc’s speed but is not bad at all. They also do go to sleep after a while so will have to “warm” up before data is transferred.

Reliability wise, once or twice my computer failed to recognise them but once unplugged and plugged them back in they have been fine.
Hasn’t stopped my purchasing another one of these for even more space.

Would recommend for those who need extra storage space at a reasonable price.
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on 24 March 2015
After carefully deciding which hard drive to buy, all my previous desktop drives had been LaCie build, I decided on Samsung, I didn't want Seagate as the revews that I read weren't favourable for long life. When I received it the first problem for me is that it didn't have a switch, so would be "on" all the time it's plugged in! I don't use an hourly backup with my iMac time machine and the drive would be on continuously and backing up unless I eject and unplug the mains plug or usb. This is quite a hassle for me, as I just wanted to switch it on to back up or store files. The other thing I discovered was that it has Seagate instructions so even though low cost, I had bought a hard drive that didn't fit my speciation. All my previous desktop drives had a switch!! I am disappointed and just hope it lasts a long time.
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on 7 June 2016
Loads of space, super-fast access, a slight hum and some clunky sounds when accessing the drive. Transferred my music and films onto this drive to use with a Fusion5 Quad Core Google Internet TV BOX Mini PC Streaming Media Player - Supports Netflix, Youtube, KODI(XBMC) and many more. 1GB/8GB, Fully Loaded Smart TV Box, Google Android 5.1 Lollipop, Amlogic S905 64-bit, Up to 2 GHz Quad-core CPU & Penta-core GPU, Bluetooth 4.0 over the domestic Ethernet network. Works a treat.
The Samsung Disk Management software is a bonus. I usually skip these types of applications but having tried the Automated Backup Option, I'm converted. If you use the ABO, customise it for your needs rather than going for the default blanket options.
There's also a Secret Area option, for encrypted, password protected data, but I'm not paranoid enough to need it.
Not sure you can get a better external drive at this price.
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on 20 May 2015
It doesn't seem long since hard dives broke the one Tb ceiling. Now with USB3 and faster downloads, 5Tb doesn't seem excessive for video storage. In my experience, I prefer Samsung to Seagate or WD though in this case, the warranty id actually for a Seagate drive so I have to assume they are building for Samsung. Anyway, it kooked up to Windows 7 without fuss and has proved reliable so far. It's quiet and it works.

I don't measure speeds but it works nice and fast on a hub with two other USB3 drives I also deleted any backup software as soon as it arrived, so no opinion about that. In practice it holds about four and a half TB and only loses a star because I would prefer the option to lie it flat instead of on end, and because of the lack of clarity on who built the drive inside the box.

Oh and don't expect to power this off the USB slot of course. It needs plugging into the wall via the plug provided.
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on 8 April 2015
Big, Fast & Quiet - this drive performs much better than previous USB3 desktop-class external drives I've owned or tested. Really fast transfer rates that I didn't expect to see in a device that was selected as being the cheapest 5TB external drive I could find on Amazon at the time!

I've always liked Western Digital drives, but have to say that this unit has really impressed me in terms of speed, quiet operation and cool operating temperature.

Great as a drive for big backup jobs, creating system images with the excellent 'R-Drive Image' tool and for anyone who wants huge capacity without needing the RAID-style resilience of a 'striped' or 'mirrored' NAS-type set up.

Some people not be keen on the bright white LEDs that glow when the drive is powered on and flash when reading/writing data - but to me, the LEDs are a useful clue that this quite, cool drive is actually doing something - as there are few other clues!
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on 22 August 2015
- noisey to the point it can be distacting if you dont have headphones or tv up loud
- lights on front are really bright and flash when reading/writing, ive taped over them

- extra 2tb of space, ideal for those games with gold downloads
- speed, i went for this as it was mains powered and a 3.5' hdd which should give yor faster transfer rates than a 2.5' bus powered hdd. I now load into world of tanks with 30+ seconds on the count down timer, was first to load into black ops3 games and have cut my load times from 2mins 9 secs for arkham knight (launching from dashboard to being able to move around in the game) to 1min 41secs. Around 35 seconds of that was unskippable logos.

Very impressed with this, well worth it as the xbox one internal hdd is so slow at loading i almost game up on playing batman.

-power management,It also powers on with the console (i use instant on) and off with it too. If you're downloading a game or whatever it stays on when the xbox turns off, finishes its download them turns itself off.

Very good hdd for the xbox one, recommended.

Happy to answer any questions.
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on 21 July 2014
Samsung 2TB D3 Station External Desktop Hard Drive - Black
As its backup disk drive for my data it meets its purpose, and for my needs will be adequate for PC backup off line.

BUT! The unit as it stands has a few negatives:

1) Its quite slow in copying and moving data about compared to other drives I have used. I suspect its the speed of disk rotation which I could not see published, but suspect its probably a 5400RPM which may affect users streaming large blueray movies from it to potentially more then one user on the network share.

2) It has the most annoying BRIGHT LIGHT LED's on the disk front (four separate WHITE LEDS) to indicate disk activity this leads to it "lighting up the room", and when dark causes the eyes to keep being drawn to the flashing during data bursts. Most other manufactures tend to use a single green lower intensity LED to indicate disk activity.

3) The most single annoying "FEATURE" is the connection to the USB cable which Samsung in their infinite wisdom have decided not to use a STANDARD Type "A" to "B", but a Type "A" to a special for their drive(s) only thus the very short cable cannot be replaced with a standard A to B but only extended using a USB extender cable, or no doubt ORDER a longer correct cable from Samsung.

All in all I score this 6 out of 10 for the two design issues, and slow speed of data copying.
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on 10 January 2015
Great so far. Speeds seem very good. Partitioned it into 4 drives for back-ups. It is quite a chunky drive. My guess is that it is a full sized 3.5" drive inside an enclosure. Probably a Spinpoint F4 2TB drive, which are very good internal drives.

I have one of the Seagate desktop 2TB drives for back-up as well and it is quite noisy and can be heard above the (admittedly quiet) PC case fans, but other than the initial spin up of the drive when you make it active, this Samsung drive is pretty silent.

I have been backing up large amounts of data to it over the last few days and everything seems fine so far, but I am reluctant to delete the originals until I am confident that the drive is stable. If I don't add an edit to the end of this review at some point, you can be confident that everything was ok.

The Samsung drives that I have bought in the past (SSD and mechanical) have been great and very reliable, so I am happy to recommend this drive as it stands.
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on 6 September 2014
Almost silent operation, simple to use and holds so much for such a good price. Sits nicely on the desk with no overbalancing ( as some others have done) no cradle to get broken (again had this happen with others) and doesn't get hot if I forget to unplug it - although rare as once pc is off a bright purple/blue light flashes over and over to let you know the external hardrive is still plugged in which is something I really like.

I am no techy but it does what I need it to, stores all my file, photos etc and has the option for you to auto back up in case you forget to do it manually.

Its actually a Seagate hardrive which I have always found good even though made by Samsung. Considering the storage capability its actually not that big - about the size of a small paperback and looks nice. It feels strong and is not that heavy.

Its quick to upload to and just as quick to download or search to find your file and reading or listening straight from it has not caused me any problems - am using it with windows 7.
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