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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2013
Sirenia is one of those bands where views on them are divided. There are a good chunk of people who like the darker, gloomier earlier stuff and never really like the direction Sirenia took since "Nine Destinies and a Downfall." And the other fans, I guess they don't care as long as the music is good. My position on Sirenia is mixed, I like the old stuff, thought "Nine Destinies" was average, really enjoyed the "13th Floor" and with it, thought Ailyn was a good addition to the band but found the follow up; "The Enigma of Life" to be a disappointment, it was boring and sounded full of rejected material from the "13th Floor." Therefore when Sirenia announced a new album, the question was: Will this be good or are they stuck in stagnation?

Well after listening to it, I think they have bounced back monumentally from the mehfest that was "The Enigma of Life". "Perils of the Deep Blue", is a very good album, the best album so far from the Ailyn era Sirenia. If you're exclusively a fan of old Sirenia, I'm not sure if you'll enjoy this, for everyone else, I'm sure this will be a contender for the best Sirenia album. It is more adventurous than any of the stuff they have done before, like Morten Veland actually paid attention to the negative reviews and problems within the previous album and went all out this time. Nothing sounds drastically different from what came before, but the music just feels alive this time around,which proves to be a big contrast to "Enigma", while there was nothing about it that made it a terrible album in any measurable form, it just seemed devoid of life and very soulless. Due to the improvement in the music (is it just me or do the drums in particular sound better?) and in Ailyn, herself, it means "Perils" holds up well without relying on the "Cherry" (the Choir) to make songs on the album interesting. The song Cold Caress is probably a good example of the above, the choir creates the atmosphere for the song to draw you in but doesn't hold the song hostage as the music is vibrant and Ailyn gives an excellent performance on that track.

The highlights of this album for me are, aside the aforementioned song, are: Seven Widows Weep; also the promotional song which was the first positive sign that Sirenia was really putting effort into this release rather than produce a clone of the previous stuff. It has the Sirenia familiarity but is thematically different to the other promotional songs and showcases the band as a whole rather than just Ailyn/the female singer (which happens a lot in female fronted bands). Ditt Endelikt was also released before the album came out and while Sirenia have had male clean singing before, it brings something different to the table and I would like to hear more like it in the future. My Destiny Coming to Pass is a solid enjoyable song. Profound Scars, has elements that hail back to the older Sirenia albums making it a little bit like a mix between old and newer. Stille Kom Døden is the epic track (the long one) it holds up well, not boring or anything but doesn't feel extra special, the purpose of a good epic track is to make it the (or a) main highlight of the album, it is a good song but many of the shorter ones are better. There isn't really any bad tracks on this album nor any that screams outright filler either.

"Perils" is a surprisingly excellent album from Sirenia. Around 7 or 8 out of 10.
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on 1 July 2013
This album is massive improvement to Sirenia's previous album which even though enjoyable was not amazing vocally or instrumentally and generally has been seen as very weak and many thought that the band as a whole were going down hill from that point. Despite this, this album is the complete opposite with massively improved and now trained, incredible vocals from lead vocalist Ailyn but is also instrumentally amazing as well. This album also makes much better use of the harsh vocals from Morten Veland and also adds a very enjoyable clean male vocal from the band.

The album starts with a track called 'Ducere me in lucem' which is a very calming and a softer song which is already very impressive and a great start to the album. The first listen to the first single and second track of the album 'Seven widows weep' came before the album was released and it a very memorable song which has been stuck in my mind for weeks now as the vocals from Ailyn simply blow you away and instantly everything has been improved from the previous albums as the harsher vocals and instrumental parts really pack a punch as well and make the song in my opinion the strongest on the whole album and one that really portrays Ailyn's new vocals skills and training. 'My destiny coming to pass' is again a very enjoyable song and again a stand out track on the album further portraying the new skill of Ailyn vocally but also instrumentally from the rest of the band and from first listen the chorus became stuck in my head and gladly so.

'Ditt endelikt' is track four on the album and a very surprising but again enjoyable song as it contains clean male vocals which have never been seen on a past Sirenia album before and so really brings something new to the table and it is a success as they work very well and mix from the clean female vocals also very well to produce a very enjoyable track.

'Cold caress' is the track which gets a lot heavier than the previous ones and any past work from Sirenia and this really enhances the track and makes it sound so much better in addition to the again exemplary vocals from Ailyn who has obviously learned many new techniques so that her voice no longer sound 'plain' or 'boring' like some used to call it. Track 6 on the album called 'Darking' is a very similar track to the previous in a good way but it also quite distinguishable due to the impressive harsh vocals by Morten Veland on the track which really do stand out on the album in this track.

'Decadence' again brings something very new to the table as well and something which in my opinion must have been a massive risk for the band but one that turned out well. This is the use of lots of more electronic elements on this song from the start of it which in my opinion do brilliant things to the already impressive Sirenia's sound but also enhance Ailyn's voice. That and the very impressive instrumental parts of the song make this track one of my personal favourites and s stand out track from the entire album. People should not be put off by the electronic elements as many may be because they enhance the song to a very high standard and I hope that it is something that they use more in the future.

Track 8 on the album is named 'Stille kom doden' and a massive song as it is a whole 12 minutes 42 seconds long and therefore I had very high hopes for it that it would be the stand out on the album. When it came to listening to it as the rest of the album had been it had very impressive vocals but the instrumental parts really did stand out on this track and the song did manage to keep hold of you for the whole 13 minutes which in itself is impressive. However I didn't really think that the track was very special which I was hoping for considering the length of the song which is the only drawback but overall still a good listen.

'The funeral march' from the opening impresses instrumentally and also throughout the whole song but as the vocals enter from Ailyn the two really work well together to produce an exemplary song which again is one of my personal favourites and a very memorable one as well on the album. This opinion is also true for the last two tracks on the album named 'Profound scars' and 'A blizzard is storming' which are both very heavy songs and portray the vast improvement instrumentally of Sirenia from their past work as they are both songs which are incredible vocally instrumentally and vocally that are able to end this excellent album just as well as it was started.

I also want to talk about the cover artwork as it is very impressive and very fitting for the name of the album. The artwork was found by Morten Veland on the internet and was produced by an English artist and he felt that it was perfect for the album and that is my opinion as well and I believe that it again exceeds the artwork of their previous album by far. Morten Veland also said that he felt something very special about this album and the music on it and Ailyn also expressed similar opinion when talking about her newly trained vocals and that is an opinion that I fully agree with as the music on this album far exceeds anything in Sirenia's past discography with much heavier instrumental and electronic parts with vocals from Ailyn which are far stronger and impressive that her voice in previous albums and also in my opinion of the voices of previous Sirenia vocalists.

Overall this album is something very special and bring a breath of fresh air to the genre of Symphonic metal, metal in general and also to Sirenia as it really stands out from other albums in all ways and where Sirenia may have blended into the backround of this type of music, this album brings them out and so really deserves huge success. Critics of Ailyn who on the previous two albums who described her voice as 'whiny', 'plain' and 'boring' must be silenced by her vocals on this album as her voice has developed so much and makes this album what it is.

Strongest tracks : Seven Widows Weep, My Destiny Coming to Pass, Decadence, The Funeral March, Profound Scars
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on 9 July 2013
Despite "The Path to decay" being my all-time favourite single, this album is awesome! I don't dislike their previous albums, actually I like commercial stuff and enjoyed the albums (but admit "The End of It All" was a BAD single, compared to others.)

I still don't understand why the two last songs are "Bonus tracks" because they are in my favourites. The chorus in "Chains" is epic! It's the first time Mortem and Ailyn both sing simultaneously, and "Blue Collen" is a little gem.

Favourite tracks:
Ducere Me In Lucem
Seven Widows Weep
My Destiny Coming To Pass
Ditt Endelikt
The Funeral March
Blue Colleen
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on 9 July 2013
Wow i am so impressed by this album. New material, very refreshing. Great vocals, great instrumentals and masterful production!! Awesome!. In particular, absolutely love "The Funeral March" but they are all fantastic tracks. 10/10!!
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on 13 July 2013
Scary but true... Ailyn is now darker, more evil and wicked than ever. In fact Sirenia is now heavier and darker with better arrangements all probably thanks to the united front. This is by far the best Sirenia album to date. Ailyn sounds great and I'm impressed by her new outstanding vocal approach. And when an album sounds better with each playing, you know it is a good album. Horns up! Sirenia.
review image
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on 21 January 2014
For those who felt "The Enigma of Life" was too stripped down, streamlined and simplified, "Perils of the Deep Blue" provides more progressive and experimental elements whilst still remaining melodic. "Seven Widows Weep" is a stunning comeback track, comparable to the band's best. On a couple of occasions, tracks unexpected move into electronic poppy sections before returning to symphonic metal. "Stille Kom Døden" shows that songs don't have to be sung in English to sound impressive. It also shows the virtue of extended instrumental passages. Although not perfect, this is plenty of impressive material here for a Sirenia / symphonic metal fan.
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on 28 August 2013
Sometimes one really needs to listen to an album a good few times before making an objective summary, especially with albums such as this where there are many layers and a lot going on within the music.
The best work of Morten Veland has never been instantly accessible; the first two albums by both Tristania and Sirenia bare this out. The last Sirenia album, The Enigma of Life was good but I have always felt Sirenia are better than good and when on form can produce some classic Gothic/symphonic metal to rival the best of Nightwish etc.

I think Perils Of The Deep Blue comes very close to being the best so far delivered by Sirenia. An album that although does not veer from its Gothic metal roots very much has enough variety to keep it interesting. A better blend of vocals is a big plus and there is some mean bass work which is not often a feature of this type of music. The orchestral and choral samples are superb and give the album its grand anthemic moments and provided depth and texture to a fine array of songs.
All in all, a very good album.
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on 19 July 2013
This is not one of Sirenias' best albums but is right up there. All the parts are here and the key is it grows on you. That means it is one you will come back to again and again.
David Wilson
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on 5 July 2013
This album is amazing and I love it. The vocals are powerful and I also love the album artwork. Great work Sirenia.
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on 6 August 2013
This new album has better sound like the latest albums, the first half of songs is excellent , but the other last songs of album is low boring, maybe because that rhytm guitars repeat, and some songs could be as shorter as longer. On the other hand, I think that Sirenia is still good on underground scene with modern sound. I recommend other fans to hear it !
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