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on 5 November 2013
My wife bought me this station for my birthday. I am delighted with it. It has been collecting data now for just short of 3 weeks and gives a facinating insight into the "local" weather in my garden. Easy to set up and extremly accurate, i would recomend this to anyone with an interest in the weather.
The only two little niggles are that the mount for the rain gauge is a very small screw as opposed to a small bolt and nut as with the pressure reciever, anemometer and wind gauge. I have a slight worry that if i try and take the cover off the rain gauge to clean, on a cold day, the plastic could be brittle and the screw will fracture it. I have not yet got a web site on weather underground, and the instructions for doing so arte not the easiest to find. Apart from these two points this really is an excellent piece of kit.
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on 23 February 2014
Having worked with weather equipment throughout a teaching career I was sceptical about purchasing a mid-price weather station for home use. I read the customer feedback on Amazon and took a gamble on the WS3083. in advance of its arrival I received an email from Greenfrog Scientific offering an advice booklet on setting up a weather station. This was very clearly expressed and very helpful in its content. When the equipment arrived the instruction booklet included in the box was not as idiot proof and it could have been greatly improved by having a step by step approach to setting up the station. There is no substitute for following a numbered sequence of steps and pages 4 and 5 are very disorganised. Despite this it took only an hour or two to get the system working and it is now showing all of the data on the base station. The downloaded Cumulus software also works well. Only time will tell if the outdoor sensors are resilient but so far so good.
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on 16 September 2013
Great value for money, a top weather station. The Aercus Instruments WS3083 is my second station, I also have a Technoline WS2350 (also known as a La Crosse WS2350). I bought the WS3083 because I wanted the addition of the UV/Light sensors which is hard to find. The WS3083 ticks all the boxes and is an impressive piece of kit for the price. It's every bit as good as the Technlone plus it has UV/light and a bigger data logger. Here's some tips:

The wind direction sensor has a small `N' `S' `E' `W', on the base so make sure you line those up with North, South, East West otherwise you will introduce an error into your wind direction readings.

The best batteries to use are good quality Lithium batteries. Alkaline are good too as long as it doesn't get too cold. Rechargeable batteries cause lots of problems as they are only 1.2V so avoid those unless you want signal fade.

The WS3083 has quite long cables for the sensors to allow you to mount the wind and rain gauges separately (wind sensors like unobstructed wind and rain sensors work best sheltered from the wind and lower to the ground). An ideal setup would be the transmitter sited under an eave, the wind sensors on the roof, and the rain gauge sheltered from the wind but not obstructing any rain. The reality though is that a lot of stations get mounted on roofs or corner fence posts which is often the best compromise and works fine for most users (including me).

I highly recommend you connect up to Weather Underground so you can see your weather station readings on your smartphone or tablet.

You can't beat the WS3083 for functionality and price, an excellent station.
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on 10 October 2013
I have had other brands before what I like about this one is that all the sensors are mounted in the same place. I have them mounted 40m away and I have had no problems at all. There are all sorts of do’s and don’ts when it comes to locating the sensors but don’t get too hung up on those, at the end of the day you are measuring "local conditions" at your place and not regional forecast/conditions. It’s no Davis but you get what you pay for and this is a real good value for money.
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on 1 October 2014
Having done plenty of research on updating my old weather station at an affordable price. Set up was very straight forward so long as one makes sure each connection to the transmitter unit clicks firmly into place. An initial problem was caused by one not having clicked in its socket. Transmission to the base unit was immediate. The rain gauge was tested the other day. The 0.3 scaling is much improved on my old 0.7.

We live not far from our local official weather station and the temperature, humidity and relative pressure readings are extremely close taking the variables into account. As I work with Mac, I have had to purchase some appropriate software as the software provided is Windows based. However it all came as part of the gift. I'm delighted with the unit, the software and the Company service.

You must remember to set the time zone to -1 for the UK otherwise the clock will be wrong as it picks up the radio time signal and sets to that.
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on 9 August 2014
If you want this as a stand alone weather station then I guess it is OK.

However.....I bought this to link to a computer so that I could download the data and post information to a website. After two days the USB locked! Let me explain, the computer can't access the data on the weather station and reports errors. An internet search produced plenty of hits reporting this as a major issue with this weather station and telling me how to re-set the USB connection. This involves removing the batteries and the USB cable so that the station powers down completely. Since then I have had 2 more USB lock-ups. Most of the internet sites reporting the lock-up issue identify the firmware as the cause. I do not have the knowledge to comment.

On all three occasions some of the data that has been stored during the lock-up has been false. A UV index of 5 is not possible at midnight even here in Greece!

The data it collects seems to be OK apart from the algorithm for solar radiation which is simply wrong. The computer software corrects this on the Cumulus screen and database, but the radiation displayed on the station is incorrect (display says 95 wm2 software says 538 wm2).

I have also had problems with the time signal setting the station to the wrong time resulting in me needing to reset the time on at least 5 mornings so far.

The manual says that many issues are due to "incorrect setup" and invite you to visit their website to contact their support team who are "happy to help".

Well I have now visited their website to fill out contact forms 5 times in 5 weeks (they have no email address). So far I have had not a single word from their "happy to help" support team. Product problems I sort of understand and almost expect. Zero support however is totally unacceptable.

So the choice is yours. Stand alone, apart from the solar radiation and clock issues, it looks fine. The big BUT comes when you want to take advantage of the "USB Upload". It does not work properly and there is no support at all.
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on 28 July 2015
This is the second weather station I have had. The first, by another manufacturer, was left when I moved house earleir this year. When looking for its replacement I noticed the WS3083, I looked at several reviews - some from Australia and New Zealand, before deciding to try it out. I have not been disappointed.
Following the instructions I had two possibilities for locating - either on the roof of the building (rather high and inaccesible) or, the option I took, in the garden. Having installed the batteries in the correct order, and checked the sensors were working (and spent some time wrapping the wires around the support pole!) I set the sensors up in a clear area away from trees and buildings in the garden. A little tip for others doing this is to mark the wind direction sensor with a bright marker or sticky tape before setting up. The direction markings on the sensor are very small and a simple visual mark will help, with the aid of a compass, to easily set the sensor to North. Once set up the only other things to do is to check that the console is in range and can be read in its final location.
The console itself is very neat - large enough to be easily read, but not over-sized with clear readings for each of the sensors and a weather forcaster. There are plenty of options on the console for personalising the way readings are given - including metric or imperial measurements for the individual sensors - wind in Km or miles, rain in mm or inches etc. but once these are set there is no need for further tinkering (I like tinkering!!).
When complete the weather station gives accurate readings for barrometric pressure, indoor and outdoor humidity, U.V., wind direction and speed, light index and rain. I like to compare my readings with the regional weather forecasts, and although I have not yet set it up, I will be linking the station to 'Wunderground' as part of the nerwork of local weather stations. I am pleased that the ability to link to the internet and post data has been made easier with this station than my previous one - and even includes the USB leads for connection to a computer.
I also use weather stations in a practical way in my daily life. I have a medical condition affected by humidity and high pressure. Checking this by simply looking at the console helps determine what precautions and medication I need. I am also an amateur astronomer - and a check on the forecaster can help decide whether I set up telescopes or not.
Some conclusions: I have no connection whatsoever with the manufacurers, importers or retailers of this weather station - I simply like gadgets - but for me gadets have to be easy to use and have a practical purpose, and the WS3083 ticks all the right boxes.
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on 18 November 2014
This product is not working as it should. It gives random readings and keeps changing the date .Apparently we had a hurricane yesterday!! Not fit for purpose and a very expensive garden ornament. Only a 30 day returns policy so unable to return .We were trying to make it work.
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on 4 January 2014
Have set it all up. It was quite easy to do this but needed time to read all the instructions. The sensors are of ok quality but the wind direction monitor swings about a lot and could be damped. As we have had a lot of weather since Christmas, the sensors have had a good try out. The base station is easy to read and to set up, even for a non technical person. This was a gift and so far I am very pleased with it. I have not tried linking it with my computer yet so can't comment on that.
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on 14 November 2015
Weather station arrived on time and double boxed. As previous reviews have mentioned the instruction booklet with the weather station is not great. However, within 24 hours you receive a guidance document which covers alot of the potential pit falls you can is worth waiting for this guidance.
Fairly simple to put together but like many things, give yourself time. Also when I unpacked the various pieces I couldn't find the transmitter! Eventually I realised it was inside the therm-hygro sensor. When mounting the rain sensor and the thermo-hygro sensor they fasten onto a pole that is provided. Tighten these up so that they stay in position but leave a bit of slack to allow some movement when the whole station is mounted in your final place. sounds obvious but you will need a compass in order to position your station, otherwise your wind direction will not be correct.
I purchased a small wall clamp from Amazon, £4.99, which is ideal for mounting on an outside wall. Before mounting outside it is recommended on the additional guidance to test out the station and the receiver, preferably indoors. You do not want to mount the station and then find out one of the sensors doesn't work.
One of my biggest concerns was the wireless connection given interior wall etc etc. I connected the receiver with the sensors in the house and then positioned the station outside, and to my relief it all works perfectly. The station is approximately 35-40 metres from the receiver and the signal has to go through 2-3 walls, and it does this without any problems.
There is a software package "cumulus" that is part of the kit and this was easy to set up. In order to get the correct sunrise/sunset data correctly you will require to find out the longitude and latitude of your location and enter that information into the input screen. This can be easily found by going on to the internet.
In all I would say that the station is value for money, relatively easy to put together, data appears to be reasonably accurate
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