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on 20 September 2013
This is a very enterprising ORGAN MUSIC recital production by PRIORY RECORDS, offering 2 audio visual playback standards and one audio CD sound only!
AS I have "state of art' Bluray video reproducing equipment I was quite excited to purchase this offering!
Frankly I find some of the ORGAN compositions chosen by Richard Lea not particularly attractive in perspective though ,no doubt, extremely well played. This organ, in my opinion ,is the 'AIR BUS" of church instruments in the UK, with un-inhibited capability!
Granted EVERYONE puts lots of J S Bach into recorded recitals and quite often very little else!
However Mr Lea's mixing of the programme content over such wide extremes tends to offer the listener/viewer almost a "SAMPLER" experience but NOT I'm sorry to say at a sampler price tag!
Personally knowing the size and instrumental capabilities of the Grand Organ of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral I would have expected more large scale Saint-Saens or Cesar Frank compositions etc etc
Further more there are dozens of beautifully crafted and exquisite shorter compositions from the the Bach family which would show off some of the extreme capabilities of the Liverpool Cathedrals Organ technical layout and Pipe registrations!
Perhaps as this was Priory Records first venture into the higher technologies of Blu-ray disc engineering we could hopefully see some more in this direction from one of UK's most respected Organ Music recording specialists.
Anyway well done Priory for a first in UK organ Blu-ray video releases, so lets have a lot more Please!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 24 August 2017
This DVD gives much enjoyment for the inspired programming and the beauty of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Its organist, Richard Lea, gives a very good introduction to all the stops using a lot of Durufle, among other contrasting pieces by Sweelinck, Pachelbel and many others. The programme seems to be very well thought out, leading up to a magnificent performance of Liszt's Fantasia and Fugue Ad Nos, Ad salutarum undam. Lea's love of the piece comes across well, positively blazingly at times. The shorter pieces which precede it are all remarkable in their way and tie in well with Liverpool's history: a piece by Bonnet called Titanic mourns the loss of life in that disaster a century before the recording was made, and is highly effective, preceded by a Bach Prelude and Fugue that is one of the few concessions to tried and tested paths. Most of the composers are not well known but this makes the disc all the more surprising. It starts with the joining of two pieces by Susato and Purcell; another highlights George Martin's Theme One which pays tribute to The Beatles and many others, but without trying to turn the instrument into something it isn't. Instead he treats the music very much for the organ, and achieves a grand effect in conjunction with his assistant organist, playing four hands. Meanwhile you can never tire of seeing this superb cathedral from many different angles, and Liverpool as well - Theme One has an inspired video treatment starting off inside a jukebox and casting a vivid eye back to the city in around 1970. I'd say this is one of the best in the series, and Lea is very engaging as well as an outstanding player.
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on 28 May 2013
I have all of PRIORY's DVDs so far that relate to the organ.

Because the TV/Video is in our living room and my Wife enjoys good organ music in Cathedrals, concert halls but not at home - I use my computer to play the DVDs. Another reviewer has already made positive comments, and I would agree. My first action was to play the CD - an interesting programme and to the standard I always get from Priory. Next action was the DVD played on the computer - unlike earlier DVD's the initial titles seemed a little fuzzy to me, but I suspect the light was very difficult. The rest was very good. Being Liverpool to have music by George Martin and Paul McCartney is highly appropriate - a pity no transcription of "Yellow Submarine" or similar [I have heard that on a London cathedral organ some years back, so I know it adapts to organ]- maybe that can come later. The programme has all periods of music, including a great favourite of mine - the Liszt "Ad Nos". I had to wait for a quiet moment to try to get to grips with our new Blu-Ray player - part of the change last year to digital TV, but we had not used. The clarity of the DVD in this format has to be seen to be enjoyed - it is superb - and a good surprise. Well Done Team! I have suggested directly to Priory that the printed information should include running times for the bonus features - one has no clue as to how long they are - and it think it would enhance the information for the listener. The instruction letter enclosed with the pack was most helpful - and VITAL data because I am sure many will need this help with this latest technology.
A really superb production.
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on 18 May 2013
I received my priory dvd10 on 18.5.2013 and i am very pleased the picture and sound quality on the blu ray disc is of very high standard as with all the others in the series and i think it is a must have for all classical organ music lovers the dvd and cd is also very high quality EXCELLENT !!!!!!!
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on 27 January 2015
I was disappointed by this. The organ seemed to be in a bad state of tune. The demonstration seemed strangely impersonal and the constant changing of scores, irritating. Surely a brief improvised phrase of music would have sufficed to demonstrate the various stops & combinations? The recording seemed very distant and it was difficult to hear with any focus. Not the best of this very fine series.
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on 20 May 2013
This is an amazing disc, or should say discs! I have only viewed on standard DVD disc, but blue ray disc is also included in the price, and a CD version. Sound, camera work, editing all first class, and a great selection of music which shows off this marvellous organ and the skill of the cathedral organist.
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