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5.0 out of 5 stars
Transformers: Regeneration One Vol. 2
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 20 January 2015
The Regeneration One rebirth of the original Marvel US Transformers comic strip picks up straight where Volume 1 left off. With the climactic battle on Earth over, the Autobots are left to pick up the pieces of a shattered world they're ultimately responsible for. This crisis of consicence makes Optimus Prime stay behind to help rebuild the planet - but there are more ominous problems than the resentful humans led by 'Circuit-Smasher' to overcome...
Elsewhere, we catch up with Grimlock on Nebulos and his trip back to Cybertron - but what is really on his agenda? Also, with Optimus on Earth, can his protege Hot Rod shoulder the weight of leadership? All these problems and we haven't even begun to mention the 'neo' Decepticon movements of Soundwave, Scorponok and Bludgeon!
This volume is very Dinobot-centric which made me very happy and should be great for the other, older fans too!
The artwork is again superb and exactly the same as Volume 1. Indeed, this may be the most consistent run of artwork style and quality the comic has ever had!
The only problem with this this volume is that - if you're anything like me - you'll need a dictionary to keep up with some of the dialogue, especially Scorponok who seems to have evolved into a Cybertronic Shakespeare using Stephen Hawking's words! Granted, people who are very well-versed in the English language will probably find this a breeze, but it is definitely diffcult to understand at times and I can't see kids or even most teenagers fathoming some of the soliloquies!
Apart from that minor issue, another superb addition to the Transformers' comics legacy with more than a few nods to the old comics and the original G1 cartoon series and Movie to keep the die hard's interested!
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on 19 July 2013
Collects #86-90 with all the covers collected in a cover gallery gallery at the back for Geoff Seniors covers while Cover A B are used has book ends for each part.
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on 4 September 2014
For me, it's G1 Transformers or nothing as everything else came after !
But for 'NEW' fans , i would highly recommend these books so that you get a real taste of how was, and how Transformers should still be now !
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on 14 December 2013
Part 2 is as good as the first part. Great story, great artwork that makes me remember why I loved transformers in the first place.
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on 21 June 2013
Excellent narrative arc and artwork. A very well told story into what happened after G1! Highly recommended and I cant wait for the next instalment!
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