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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 17 June 2013
The music and performances on this disc are marvellous. Most of the time the picture quality is incredible although there are some dodgy moments to be fair. All in all, this release seems to be everything Macca fans were hoping for.
The sound on the Blu-ray disc is also fantastic. At least it is until the bass drops out of the mix for a few seconds (DTS 5.1 or PCM - it doesn't matter which one you choose). Then it happens again, and again, and again , and again........ You get the idea. It's hugely distracting at best and, for me, effectively ruins what would otherwise be an excellent and exciting film record of Wings in their heyday. Finding out through other websites and forums that this problem is affecting both DVD and Blu-ray versions, but NOT all copies is no comfort. This is an important release by most standards so it's a shame that quality control has apparently bitten the dust here. Despite the fault being widespread there's no comment from the manufacturer as yet but surely the affected discs should be recalled and replaced as quickly as possible?

I would have loved to have given this five stars and , without the soundtrack problems, I could easily have done so but it's hard to see past such a serious flaw.
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on 1 September 2013
Saw this fantastic concert at the cinema and couldn't wait to watch again at home. However I was very dissapointed as there is an error/fault with the sound, the base keeps dropping out. My brother experienced the same problem. We researched and this is a problem with several copies but not all. My brother e-mailed the production company but has not recieved a response. I wouldn't risk buying and pissibly wasting money.
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on 17 October 2013
I saw Wings many a time live. From the inception at the Hammersmith Odeon, when all they played were mostly tracks from Wildlife and Red Rose Speedway to finally at the Rainbow with Back To The Egg, et al. This was filmed during their most commercial and successful period, circa 1976. At The Speed Of Sound was the current album during this tour and overall, as far as Wings albums went, not one of their best. However with songs like Beware My Love, even that album has some very good highlights. I do recall those days and watching the Blu-ray reminded me how Denny Laine was not just someone making up the numbers. He did write the occasional song but he certainly fronted the vocals on a few here, such as Spirits Of Ancient Egypt, Picasso's Last Words, Richard Cory, Go Now and Time To Hide. Denny also used to introduce various numbers and as McCartney followers these days will know, that apart from, whoops, thumbs up and "oh yeahs", he's not really a front man at all. During the Laine and McCulloch vocals, McCartney could have a breather and when Paul did sing, the Beatle numbers were limited to just five tunes. I actually preferred those days to now, as he's become essentially a "tribute" of himself. This is a great Blu-ray and one I've waited years for. I wouldn't rush to see Paul live these days I'm afraid to say.
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on 12 August 2014
I saw this amazing remaster at the cinema,it's just a shame this Blu Ray release suffers from major drop outs in the audio soundrack,something that wasn't present on the cinema version.I emailed Eagle dvd about the audio problems,but they ignored the problem.It's a shame,as Rockshow is what i consider Mccartney at his best.

UPDATE - APRIL 10 2016

This is an update to the original review I did in 2013. Following some information I came across on the McCartney fans forum, I recently discovered that Eagle Rock video had now corrected the audio problems that plagued the first release,

I decided to take a chance and re order from Amazon, on the basis that it had been almost 3 years since my initial purchase, and I hoped the audio problems have been corrected,

So today I sat down to watch this new purchase, and I'm happy to report that the sound is perfect. . . and I'm so happy because Rockshow has to be Paul at his best, some would say that he peaked here, that is largely subjective, but what I will say is, his bass playing here is top notch and his vocal is like a powerhouse and now at last, the audio soundtrack has been corrected by Eagle Rock Video,

There is not much difference in the packaging to this Second edition, what I did notice though is that there is now a white box printed on the disc with a zero in it, and the cat/ref number on the spine of the blu Ray packaging is - ERBRD5189, that number is important because that shows the disc is a second edition with corrected audio,

To sum up then, Rockshow is a must for any fan because it shows Macca and wings at the top of their game an incredible concert that you must have in your collection,

Go buy it, turn the volume up and enjoy
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on 20 June 2013
Would give his 5 stars, but sound quality is abysmal. Bass drops in and out constantly, making disc unwatchable. Will be sending back and getting refund.
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on 23 June 2013
There are terrible technical sound problems with my Blu-ray - the bass appears to drift in and out of the sound mix and the volume levels are inconsistent throughout the disc.

I suspect there is a mastering error that has slipped through quality control at Eagle Rock.

Do not buy until this has been resolved - you will be disappointed and have now been warned.

I am waiting to see what Amazon UK are going to do.
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on 3 July 2013
This blu-ray arrives in Brasil today with the Lp. The image is fantastic but the sound is awful. The LP sounds fantastic. What's happens? I won't recomend and i can't return because i'm in other contry...

Update: the new copy arrived yesterday but it has the same problem... Now i give up... Very desapointed.
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VINE VOICEon 11 June 2013
I bought this on video around 83/84, cost more than this blu ray in 2013! It is the best concert I have ever seen on video/dvd until now. This updated version is even better. The picture quality, the sound quality (now 5.1 surround sound) and it is over twenty minutes longer. Absolutely brilliant. I know they used footage from several dates but it is put together seamlessly and feels like a complete concert. No messing about with backstage shots between songs. This is the complete concert and nothing else. Over two hours of continuous, superb music. Paul and the band were probably at their strongest around the mid 70's. They went on this tour after two huge albums, BAnd On The Run and Venus and Mars. In my opinion his music has not been as consistantly good as it was then. He had a great band with him, as he normally does, however it is difficult to find a better guitar player than Jimmy McCulloch (sadly no longer with us). I love the song he wrote for the Venus and Mars album and performs brilliantly here, Medicine Jar. Denny Lane gets a few songs as well which sound great. There is a mixture of Beatles and Wings. I think this tour was the first time Paul had started performing some of the old Beatle numbers again. Lady Madonna was missed off the original video for some reason, it is on here along with Yesterday, I've Just Seen A Face, The Long and Winding Road and Blackbird. That is it though, the rest is a strong set of Wings material. He does his best versions of Maybe I'm Amazed and Beware My Love. I thoroughly recommend this film to anybody who loves the Beatles\PaulMcCartney\Wings. Especially the people who enjoyed the original video, this is even better!
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on 12 June 2013
Great show but once again Eagle Rock have surpassed themselves with shoddy mastering of this disc. As with their 'Ladies & Gentlemen The Rolling Stones' release from a few years ago, there are a number of points on the disc when the bass signal completely drops out of the mix (most noticeably in 'You Gave me Th Answer' and 'Magneto & Titanium Man'), but this time it is on both the stereo sound option as well as the 5.1 surround mix.
I am very unhappy with this and urge anybody else who notices this problem to get in touch with Eagle Rock and complain.

After receiving assurances from Amazon that the sound problems had been fixed, I re-ordered. Surprise, surprise the sound problems are still there! Don't touch Rockshow with a barge pole until there is some official announcement from Eagle Rock that the problem has been solved. This is utterly disgraceful.

Just received my third copy from Amazon UK and the problem is still there. I'm totally dumbfounded and disgusted.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 February 2016

The songs of Rockshow first appeared on the 1976 triple live album Wings Over America, which reach No. 1 on Billboard 200 chart. The footage of the 1976 American Tour was not assembled for three years, and was not released in cinemas until 1980. An edited version was released on Betamax in 1981. Finally, in 2013, the full-length version of Rockshow is finally available on blu ray and DVD.


Rockshow is presented on blu ray, courtesy of Eagle Vision (an imprint of Eagle Rock Entertainment) and MPL (Paul's publishing entity), with a MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 1.85:1 encode. The entire concert was assembled from various sources, including the now demolished Seattle Kingdome. Without the high tech wizardry that regularly accompanies today's live concert video fare, things look at least decent, if not overwhelmingly fantastic. The entire video is rather soft. Some unfortunate lighting choices, including lots of red, rob the image of significant fine detail. But the concert is very well covered by 1970s' standards, and best of all, this was filmed in the pre-MTV era. (4/5)


Rockshow features both a lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix as well as an uncompressed LPCM 2.0 stereo track. There has been reportage that the backups for this concert were in fact prerecorded in a relatively early usage of playback technology. Whether or not that's actually the case, the bottom line is that you can barely hear many of the backups during many tunes. (Like the recent Super Bowl Half Time Show, pre-recorded backing and instrumental tracks were used, while the artists sang live – like singing karaoke) On the other hand, lead vocals here are crystal clear and brilliantly reproduced. The 5.1 track offers exceptional separation of the instruments and excellent low-end bass (no bass problem, as noted by many reviewers on earlier copies)(4.5/5)


Rockshow features Wings with its original members: Paul McCartney (vocal, bass guitar), Linda McCartney (vocal, keyboard), Denny Laine (vocal, electric guitar), Jimmy McCulloch (acoustic guitar)(who sadly died in 1979 at age 26) and Joe English (drums). One source of pure pop excitement is that a string of hit singles by Wings, many No. 1s, were played with true enthusiasm, and the second source of excitement at that time was that it was the first time Paul sang the Beatles tune live after Beatles ceased live concert in 1966. (5/5)

Since did not provide a track listing, I have compiled a detailed song listing (with chart position and year), which is as follows:

01 Venus and Mars Rock Show(12/1975)/Jet (7/1974)
02 Let Me Roll It (from Band On The Run, 1973)
03 Spirits Of Ancient Egypt (from Venus and Mars, 1975)
04 Medicine Jar (from Venus and Mars, 1975)
05 Maybe I’m Amazed (10/1977)
06 Call Me Back Again (from Venus and Mars, 1975)
07 Lady Madonna (4/1968)
08 The Long And Winding Road (1(2)/1970)
09 Live And Let Die (2/1973)
10 Picasso’s Last Words (from Band On The Run, 1973)
11 Richard Cory (from Wings Over America, 1976)
12 Bluebird (from Band On The Run, 1973)
13 I’ve Just Seen A Face (from Wings Over America, 1976)
14 Yesterday (1(4)/1965)
15 You Gave Me The Answer (b-side to Letting Go, 1975)
16 Magneto And Titanium Man (b-side to Venus and Mars Rock Show, 1975)
17 Go Now (from Wings Over America, 1976)(Moody Blues’ hit, performed by Denny Laine)
18 My Love (1(4)/1973)
19 Listen To What The Man Said (1/1975)
20 Let ‘Em In (3/1976)
21 Time To Hide (from Wings At The Speed Of Sound, 1976)
22 Silly Love Songs (1(5)/1976)
23 Beware My Love (b-side to Let ‘Em In, 1976)
24 Letting Go (39/1975)
25 Band On The Run (1/1974)
26 Hi Hi Hi (10/1972)
27 Soily (b-side to Maybe I’m Amazed, 1977)


After 37 years and for the first time, the complete Rockshow is finally available, now even on high definition. The previously omitted songs, notably Blackbird, Call Me Back Again, Picasso’s Last Words, Lady Madonna, The Long And Winding Road, My Love and Richard Corey, are now included. Rockshow also captures the most commercially successful line-up of Wings at its peak, and is now both entertainment and historical document. MTV would begin its broadcasts in 1981, the year the film’s New Year premiere, and the ways in which it would affect the visual presentation of popular music had not yet been introduced. There is also a 34-page book, containing rare pictures and an excellent and detailed essay by Paul Gambaccini, the UK guru who was responsible for the many British Hit Singles books. This set is a must-own for all music fans.
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