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on 24 April 2015
I recently purchased this Gaming PC. Unfortunately it didn't come with a wireless interface card (witch didn't allow my to use internet through my PC.)(UK) Also this PC won't be able to pick up. sound out of a USB gaming headset. On the other hand this gaming PC is amazing to start off with if you are buying your first gaming PC. This PC in NOT high end so this may/may not be able to run every game in high quality/resolution. Overall this is a really good gaming PC that can run some gAmes at high FPS e.g (minecraft , COD.) Like I said before this is a really good PC to start off with and I recommend this to anyone who is willing to upgrade. A good PC at amazing price.
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on 19 October 2014
Worked absolutely great for a few months and then the power supply surged or something and killed the mobo... Absolutely useless now so I'm forced to buy new parts e.g a new motherboard and power supply
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on 3 January 2015
I've had this PC for a month now and I've been using it every day so I'm going to write what I think so far.

Packaging - Arrived very quick, highly protected, air bags outside and inside which surprised me, the cables are found inside the PC. I had a personal issue with my packaging which was the box was torn, they conveniently put the PC in a bigger box surrounded by air bags so I wasn't too bothered, it's nice that they care unlike the postal service.

Gameplay - I'm not the type of person who needs amazing graphics and performance but this PC gives me all the power I need for the games I play, I'm currently playing through Saints Row 4 on high settings with no issues at all, I can play Fallout 3 and New Vegas on ultra, TF2 on the highest settings and Skyrim on high which really surprised me especially for the price, previously I had a laptop for £500 which would play TF2 laggy so for the price I'm actually gobsmacked.

Noise - Now this is a huge issue for me, my PC is silent for the most part but once I open up a game and get into it the fan goes crazy and makes a loud as hell noise, I have opened up the PC and checked everything and it just seems like the fan is cheap, I didn't even notice the sound until my boyfriend pointed it out since I never use my PC without wearing headphones so It isn't really THAT loud or too big of an issue but I'm pretty certain it shouldn't be so noisy, this also might be a problem with my PC and not all of them so I can't guarantee if you buy this it'll be as noisy, other reviews say theirs were silent, I guess it's a hit and miss.

Problems - One issue I found was one of the USB ports on the front of my PC doesn't work at all, I personally don't care as this PC has 6 in total and I only use 5 at most, but I was quite disappointed about it being an issue in the first place, I'm sure if this problem happened to you the PC could easily be returned for a fixed one but personally it didn't bother me too much, I just wish everything was tested at first.

Also another huge problem, once I got the PC and started it up Windows 8 just WOULDN'T work, it would reboot and take me to a menu, which would give me the option to re-install Windows 8 or just to restart, the PC does come with a backup Windows 8 which was very helpful, once I re-installed I bumped into even more issues including Windows 8 failing to prompt the registration settings meaning it would ask me to log in but log in details didn't even exist, Eventually I had to reset the PC to factory settings AGAIN, this in total took me at least 3 hours to fix. It eventually got working and everything was fine but I really wish it wasn't such an issue, if someone bought this and wasn't insanely tech savvy or was new to Windows 8 they'd probably have one hell of a bad time.

Case - Literally can't complain, it's beautiful, it glows, has a window, I can see everything without having to open the case which gives me relief, I can also see how dusty it is which helps me know when to clean it, the case is really big too, I mean HUGE, enough room for any future upgrades, I was actually shocked at how empty it seems, I can't wait to eventually upgrade some parts.

Cooling - This computer stays super cold, which is amazing.

Final Thoughts - Other than all the issues I ran into this PC is hands down the best I've ever owned and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to play games but has a budget like I did, the only thing I have to say is be prepared for issues, don't expect perfect like I did because I was highly disappointed until I eventually sorted everything out.

*Update 26/10/16*

Computer still running wonderfully, haven't run into any issues at all since writing my review, still boots up extremely quickly.
Wanted to add this since I saw so many reviews saying theirs stopped working after a while.
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on 30 October 2013
I was initially sceptical about buying this as there were some negative reviews regarding the windows 8 activation not working. When I received my PC, I thought I also had a similar problem as the key I received would not work at all! After calling the very helpful Amazon support + trying to contact microsoft, I finally realised the problem was that I mistook an 8 for a B.

For all of you that complain about the key not working, please make sure you have typed it correctly.
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on 9 May 2015
I bought this PC back in October 2013 and have been upgrading it ever since. To start off it was good but i immediately bought a graphics card as it doesn't come with one. After that it was a beast and could run every game i got. It even runs GTA V if u use a decent GPU. I definitely recommend it but i also highly recommend getting a graphics card as well. I'm currently using a GTX 750ti and before i used a ASUS GT640 and both work perfectly with this PC
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on 2 August 2013
This is such a great spec for money.
Played Crysis 3 perfectly as well.

added my SSD drive i had to this as well!
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on 4 May 2015
Recently purchased this and it lives up to my expectations! It's beautiful designed and runs like a dream. It is practically plug and play! This was definitely a great purchase.

The only small thing that I've found is the power cord is a little loose. It's perfectly fine as it is, but when it came to repositioning it lost power a few times as the cord was being moved with the unit.
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on 28 June 2014
To begin with it was excellent, it worked perfectly, however that was two months ago. About two weeks ago I heard a rattling noise and I thought it was nothing more than a faulty fan so I wasn't too bothered. Upon discovery I saw that the fan was cheap and just horrible as a fan, it was rubbing against the side of the fan casing. However I load up the PC today, it worked well for the first ten minutes, I loaded up google chrome, next thing I see is a flash from the back of the tower and the screen cut out, meaning that the PSU pretty much cut out, the fuse has been replace and hasn't solved the problem so I suspect that a trip has occurred within, meaning again another cheap part used.

However I personally think that this is just my certain PC as with all batches there has to be a few that don't work or have a short life. Though I am disappointed in this product I'm not going to knock it as a first buyers choice. As I've noticed so many times with this wonderful site of amazon there is no chance whatsoever of compensation after a month, so I shall spill out to buy replacement parts and just hope that the rest of the computer isn't fried. But all in all I'm very dissatisfied.
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on 13 December 2014
In all honesty this computer is terrible. It's great as a generic computer for home use but not for gaming. I'd recommend building your own or going to a better supplier like Mesh Computers or RevibeComputers...

Must admit the computer stays really cool and is aesthetically pleasing but other than that It's not worth the money.
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on 31 October 2014
This pc is great. It can run most games I wanted to play and it was just all round great. I've had a problem though as it cannot boot up anymore. Doesn't get past the loading screen so im literally unable to use anything to fix it. Not sure if it's just me who has this problem but definitely annoying!
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