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VINE VOICEon 7 June 2013
As usual, the season got off to a relatively slow start, it seems to be the pattern that you have to give it a while to warm up.
As far as the books go, we're off the edge of the map now, don't assume that the books and the TV series are in any way related
other than the names of the characters.

I felt this was quite a strong series, if only for the fact that there was so much going on that there was no time to be bored,
you had to pay attention and keep up, or you were going to miss something (always an excuse for a rewatch). I found the vampire council
laughable (really, you've survived how long with minimal social skills and a tendency to trust a man standing behind you with an axe?),
but it gave Russell an excuse to vamp it up to such extremes that he'd make a pantomime dame look like Jane Austen. So the funny bits worked
for me, but I found it hard to take the drama seriously.

Bill and Eric did strong, silent plotting although Bill also seems to have taken an unpleasant direction into mumbo jumbo fanaticism, Terry did bewildered, Arelene did gormless, Sam dependable, Sookie psychic, Jessica and Jason gorgeous much as usual. Hoyt breaks my heart in his scenes. Pam got several new dimensions, which I love, because I think she's great. Tara has given up being the emotional punchbag, but this now seems to have become Lafayette's role, which is so wrong because Lafayette exuberant is just irresistible.

Not as good a storyline as some other seasons, but everyone got plenty of screentime, which made for an exhilarating ride.
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on 24 June 2013
All Acting, visual, design and music is completely fabulous story line matches it. I like the little humorous interactions between the subject actors interplay which makes it almost believable this whole DVD is really watchable entertainment I would think that it would appeal to a good majority of Syfy enjoyers. Most of all not smutty or sede but just excellent entertainment also the comments the actors make is quite entertaining too an added bonus.

The whole wardrobe completes the era and makes it all the most visually entertaining viewing.

True Blood's music is just right for the setting of the scenes and interplay,

I have read all of the books and although this has moved away from them it is still in the keeping of the idea and enjoyable.

In general films can have music that can be a little noisey if people are talking in the film but that is only a little bit of criticism in most films it is the actors you want to hear not over powerful volume of the music but with True Blood they have it beautifully balanced.
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on 3 August 2014
okay so i love true blood but the dip in quality is really showin after the great storylines of seasons 1-4 it now comes to season 5 which the storyline personally had me close tears of boredom im still to watch the final 2 episodes as i stopped and never went back to it as i ran out of interest.the only plus i can take from this season is taras revolt into vampirism and becoming pams little lacky aw dont we all think pam is awesome haha anyway i hope season 6 is alot.better as im still to get to .as alot of shows it seems like the writers jus run out of ideas and its a scrap show still if you are a true blood fan give it go .3/5 stars for me
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on 13 June 2017
Thought this series was pretty weak compared to the previous 4, however, there are some cracking one-liners, especially from Pam and Tara. To say this whole franchise is based on Charlaine Harris's books is very loosely based, as I have read these more than once which are amazing. But on the whole I think True Blood is harmless trash TV and enjoyable nevertheless.
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on 10 May 2018
Always been happy with the quality of DVDS I have received from Music Magpie however on this occasion the discs have arrived quite dirty and scuffed, time will tell as to if they all play well
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on 17 May 2018
Great value for money
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on 24 November 2015
Enjoyed this Season 5 of True Blood as much as all the others, if you haven't watched it yet you really must, it is addictive viewing, can't wait to watch the next Series.
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on 21 July 2013
Have enjoyed True Blood from the start and read all the books.. even though they are quite different in storylines. Enjoyed this series, but felt it was a little on the silly side, with maybe a bit too much going on, but also great to see other characters get more of a meatier story like Alcide and Pam.. still love Eric the most though..
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on 5 April 2018
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on 9 May 2014
As always a great season, I enjoy the whole thing and look forward to how the episodes develop the storyline. There is always an element of humour as well as clever twists to keep the viewer hooked.
Definitely one for the Fans. Long may it run!
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