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on 9 January 2017
I bought these to extend my powerline setup and take some load off my wireless access point. My existing adapters are TP-Link devices, but I was assured they were compatible. They were, although it took me a good deal of head-scratching to figure out how to make them work together. Not the vendor's fault nor the device's -- I installed the TP-Links so long ago that I forgot my encryption settings. If you're installing this kind of thing, I guess it's easiest to do the whole system in one go if possible, or be self-disciplined and keep notes. If you need to use encryption -- and I imagine that almost everybody will -- it's worth bearing in mind that these devices won't talk to one another unless the settings match. However, the flashing red light turns green when plugged into the power when other devices are present, even though they can't communicate. I found this rather confusing when setting up.

I get about 50 Mbits/sec through these units, measured between two PCs attached to different network segments. That's a long way short of the advertised 500 Mbits/sec, but broadly compatible with what a standard fast ethernet line will give. Frankly it amazes me that manufacturers advertise a device as 500 Mbits/sec when they are fitted only with ordinary 100 Mbits/sec ethernet ports. But it seems this kind of dubious marketing is ubiquitous with this technology -- everybody does it.

These devices seem to be a lot fussier about location than my older TP-Link units are. I know that, in principle, all these powerline units like to be plugged into a wall outlet rather than some kind of extension, but I never had problems in this area with TP-Link. But even some wall outlets in my house don't work. Amazingly, the Devolo did not work when plugged into one outlet of a dual wall outlet, when there was a lamp plugged into the other. I was able to use some extension cables, but not others, and the deciding factor did not seem to be length. So it took me a while and a certain amount of cursing before I worked out how and where I could install these and have them work properly. They are working fine now, but I don't remember having these problems with the TP-Link units. Of course, perhaps I just got lucky.

Edited to add:

The speed of these devices seems to be related to the distance between them; I guess that is somewhat to be expected. In my original tests I was getting 50Mbits/sec or so between devices that were on the same mains ring. When they are on different rings, particular widely separated, then this falls to 20-30 Mbs sec. It's still better than I get from WiFi in these situations, but it's still only about one twentieth the vendor's claimed bandwidth.
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on 10 May 2017
so easy to setup, I plugged one unit into the socket next to router, connected one of the two included ethernet cables and the light went from red to green. Plugged the other unit into a socket in the middle of the house and connected my Tado and Hue hubs to it, within seconds it had found the other powerline unit and the hubs quickly found the internet moments later. Have had to connectivitiy issues and speed isn't an issue personally as it's only for bringing my smart hubs to a more central location to extend their reach. Got this on an amazon warehouse deal, made even better by 20% off promotion. Unbeatable value imho :D
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on 3 January 2018
Wifi is good in our house but the BT YouView box I got recently insists on a wired ethernet connection, so a powerline adapter set was the obvious way to go. After careful research I went for the German-developed Devolo 500 duo starter kit, which seemed to have about the lowest ratio of bad reviews at the time, plus a few reviewers saying that the Develo products worked in situations where others had proved troublesome.

Initially (and out of sheer laziness) I strung one of the adapters off an extension socket,and while this worked most of the time I did get occasional connection dropouts. These were self-correcting (no need to recycle the power to disconnect/reconnect leads). Once I plugged the adapter directly into the wall socket - which is after all the way you're supposed to do it(!) - connection became 100% reliable.

Installation was trivial; I literally just plugged them in, connected the ethernet cables and they found each other within a couple of secs. The cables that come in the box are excellent quality but only a 1m or so in length; I had to use a spare 2m cable I had lying around to achieve the necessary distance from socket to YouView box.

Let's hope that they last a good while. They run slightly warm but not hot, and with the advertised power management are obviously intended to be left running 24/7.
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on 1 August 2017
Great powerline kit
Another product that is "fit and forget".
The best products are those you don't notice you have.

Didn't need to pair them, they were ready to go right out of the box and the double ethernet connection on each plug is very useful as you won't need a switch as well if you have two items in the same room to hook up.

I have another brand of powerline also in my building and it paired with these without fuss or questioning. Just pressed the buttons and done.
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on 10 November 2017
Don't normally write reviews but felt compelled to this time. Delivery was lightning fast on Prime, same day delivery, internet connection now 32.5
Mbps download which is probably the fastest I can get for this area and my setup. Ordered dual connection for my PC and Xbox 360 which has saved me lots of space and saves me swapping leads around. VERY easy to setup, just plugged them in, waited a bit and that was that. Highly recommended!
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on 21 October 2015
This set is NOT Wi-Fi enabled, but many (including me) have no need to extend Wi-Fi from their Router, the signal being perfectly adequate as it. This set simply allows you to make a more secure - and faster, more reliable - wired connection by utilising the mains sockets in your home to deliver an internet connection. These are much less costly than the Wi-Fi enabled type of plug units - and much less temperamental - being wired only connections, they will work with any router with no Wi-Fi compatibility issues. These neat looking, high quality pieces of kit that work perfectly right out of the box. Just plug into your wall sockets as required, connecting one plug using the Ethernet cable supplied to your modem/router (or you can use your own Ethernet cables if preferred), then connect your computer/s to the plug/s you've used elsewhere in the house, and that's it. Job done. Perfic Rodney!
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on 22 May 2016
I've had mixed experiences with my Devolo dLAN plugs. I'm not using the wi-fi extenders on these plugs yet but rather just plugging in ethernet cables. What I've found is that they're fine when they work, by which I mean they seem to wire up a quick connection that serves up things like Amazon Prime without much in the way of buffering, but they are prone to dropping out of the network randomly.

I have no idea why they suddenly drop. To get it all working again I either have to reboot the router or unplug all the Devolo plugs and plug them in again. Often I have to do both those things. This sort of thing happens once every three or four weeks. It seems to happen on a device that hasn't been used for a while, although maybe that's just a coincidence. I dunno.

I know it's the Devolo plugs because I've installed the Devolo Cockpit app and it will show the lack of connection in its GUI.

So, over all, a mixed bag. Fine when it works but prone to frequent drops.
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on 25 November 2017
Was having trouble getting a decent wifi signal to my streaming box down stairs it was just stutter fest on wifi so i decided to give these a shot and guess what they work great no more stutter and the speed increase is really noticeable.

They will also work when connected through an mains extension socket too as this is how i have mine configured and not had any issues with disconnections or anything.

Using with a virgin media superhub 2 via an asus router btw.
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on 7 February 2017
I love power line modems and have one pair of TP Link modems and one pair of Devolo modems in the house. This purchase was of a Devolo 500meg unit with 2 ethernet sockets on it. One for the streaming of Amazon Prime Video, and the other for an internet radio. The instructions are simple - follow them. Plug in and press the buttons and the modems find each other. I usually do that side by side, to save on running up and down the stairs. Then I relocate the one that needs moving. Best speed comes when they are plugged directly into the wall - not into an extension lead fed from an extension lead. Good price and good service from Amazon, why buy elsewhere?
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on 2 October 2017
Very easy way to add wired Internet access to another room. Have added these to an existing devolo setup, didn't need them to be WiFi. Two units with 2 ethernet sockets on each. For twenty four pounds I think it's a clean easy and quick solution for connecting equipment that gets poor WiFi and can use wired connection, especially if the attached equipment doesn't need a gigabit connection.
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